'Try Not To Think About Competitors' No Matter How Fierce They Have Become

Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI, former president of Y Combinator

Business is business. But those that don't adapt to the changes will be left behind others' business dust. Nothing is personal.

Google was literally untouched and unrivaled. Its core product, Google Search, is no match by pretty much everything else out there, until generative AI came into play.

When OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, it struct fear deep into Google's heart, that its CEO, Sundar Pichai, had to summon its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in a "code red" situation.

Now that Google is catching up fast, OpenAI, backed by the likes of Microsoft, doesn't want to be bothered.

At least that is what OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman is trying to say.

Sam Altman.
"I try not to think about competitors too much [...] "

But that statement comes with two photos, comparing OpenAI's event, and Google's event.

Whereas OpenAI opted for a more dimly-lit, mid-century modern office space, highlighting a sleek and intimate setting, Google's event is much larger, with brightly-lit stage.

The side-by-side comparison shows OpenAI's understated presentation against Google's more colorful setting.

Altman has sparked controversy that criticized Google during the height of competition in the AI sector.

When OpenAI and Google held their largest events of the year, with AI as their main focus, OpenAI introduced its flagship AI model, the GPT-4o, which can process audio, visual, and text data in real time.

The following day, Google unveiled updates to its AI models, including an AI agent called Project Astra.

Instead of directly challenging Google's immensely fast AI advancements, in the post, Altman critiqued the aesthetic of Google’s event, and he tries to think (and say) that he doesn't want to really care about his company's rivalry with the tech titan.

In response to Altman’s critic, Google engineer Zachary Nado noted the timing of OpenAI’s announcements relative to Google’s.

"Interesting how all your launches are timed with ours then," he commented on X, adding that: "to be clear I have a lot of respect for the researchers at OpenAI and all my posting is just bantering "

Nado simply added a touch of rivalry to the conversation.

It's worth noting that Google released a demo video showcasing its multimodal AI, in just 30 minutes before OpenAI's own even began.

Google is a much larger company, older, and with a lot more experience.

It's kind of rare for a company that large to even really 'care' about competitors.