A change is a must. Every businesses are built with purpose, and when they thrive, they did it with reasons. But business demand changes and we're seeing the internet and mobility becoming more pronounced than ever.

Eyerys helps you by providing dedicated solutions designed and tailored specifically for you. So if you want to take your business to the internet and have more exposure, we want to be there for you.

Who We Are

Eyerys is an Indonesian company based in Jakarta that offers web services, graphic designing and inbound marketing. We are people working together to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction while also helping businesses, other companies and organizations to achieve their unique goals.

The idea came in 2011 when three friends were looking to create something out from their common hobby: technology. But as the founders realized that people needed more than just web services, that is how Eyerys.com was launched. It later host Articles page and a Forum where knowledge and information about the web and its technologies are shared.

Now, as a team of passionate and experienced designers and engineers, we are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We laid our missions and values that would guide our way. Over the years, we changed, but our values will always remain the same.

What We Do

We provide professional services as a software development company by providing consultation as well as support. More specifically, we provide services to help businesses thrive using their own words, made professionally by us.

From web services, we also have a team of graphic designers and internet marketing experts. Eyerys has also gained experience in agile web development, SEO, web applications, software integration, technical and maintenance services.

Online marketing strategies are our focus. We provide complete web-related services made to create customized solutions. Each of our projects starts with careful listening and understanding of our client's requirement. We ask, we analyze, we discover. This is followed by strategy and planning.

Why Eyerys

Every commercial enterprise, company, organization and even individuals need an aid to promote instant public recognition. We give our efforts and imaginations to meet your eyes and provide results that fit your taste.

Trusted by 1000+ clients, we also love to share our knowledge to our fellow readerships.

The following competitive advantages allow our company to offer better quality of service to our customers.

Professional people

We are a team of professionals who give the best we can offer. Custom design to suit your needs and dedication to what you want.


Imagination creates a world of unlimited possibilities. We picture your mind to meet your eyes.


Quality is not always about the looks, but always about the taste. And the closest thing to your taste is your satisfaction. It is our concern to bring the satisfactions to you.