Website Builders Aren't Built For SEO And Branding, And Here Are The Reasons

Not everyone has the will to code. And when building websites, this is why there are website builders in the market that are meant to do the job for them in the easiest manner possible.

Using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), even people with the least knowledge for coding can create websites.

This software application is designed specifically to allow people to use drag-and-drop functionality many people have familiarized themselves with, to position graphics elements and text to where they want them.

How 'Deep Entity Classification' AI Helped Facebook Remove Billions Of Fake Accounts

As the giant of the web, the social media Facebook needs to deal with a lot of fake accounts.

But with billions of users, it's certainly impractical if not impossible for it to police everything. This is where machine learning technology has proven useful, in which in Facebook's case, it was able to eliminate almost as many fake accounts as they are new ones on the site.

According to Facebook, it has what it calls the 'Deep Entity Classification', or DEC.

Learning How Adult Websites Keep People Hooked For Hours With Its Web Design

Most people on the web would probably know that Google, Facebook and other giant platforms are owning the web. But not many apparently know that porn sites generate web traffic that cannot be trifle with.

According to Enough is Enough on its porn industry statistics page, there are at least a thousand of porn searches per second from people around the world.

In every minute more a little less than 100,000 new visitors arrive at Pornhub.