How To Prevent Cryptojacking Script From Running On Your Website

When the demand and usage of cryptocurrency rises, so do cryptominers and the cryptojacking craze.

Some people have said that using scripts to mine cryptocurrencies when people visit websites could be a legitimate form of monetization, providing revenue so websites can live without ads. However, such feat requires websites to let visitors know that they are using the CPU resources of visitors.

But the thing is, it's not quite clear how effective this "legitimate" cryptojacking would work on a long-term basis.

Common Mistakes On Your Website That Will Ruin User Experience

No website on the internet is 100 percent perfect. With flaws here and there, website owners need to conceal them to preserve great experience and security.

But how about the things than can't be hidden? From slow loading website, broken links, non-responsive pages or poor design? Yes, they are all turn offs. These flaws can make visitors visiting your website to never again return. This is the main reason why you should always put user experience as a priority in your business' development strategy.

After all, what is a website that can't convert?

Your Competitor Violates Google's Webmaster Guidelines? Here Is How To Send A Spam Report

On the web, you need to compete with others on the same niche and be successful to thrive. However, while some play a fair game, some others don't.

You may have created a compelling post by thorough research; spent time and resources to just make the article possible. You may have even interviewed others and worked tirelessly on it. If you think your hard work's result is well worth your effort, that's a good thing.

Building An Online Community To Help Your Business Promote Its Brand

In the digital marketing world, brands can have a huge advantage over competitors if they build a community where people can engage, share and work towards one common goal.

Those people are bound by similar interests and thoughts. They may not necessarily your product consumers, as they can also be a group of people who share the same belief, or of course, a follower of your brand.

Understanding Adversarial Images That Trick Both Human And AI

Experimenting with AI can be fun, especially when knowing that they can see what we cannot, or failed to understand what is apparent.

But when life is at stake, like for example on autonomous cars, the fun ends.

To understand how computers see the world, we need to understand visual classification algorithms powered by a computer model called a convolutional neural network (CNN), which are commonly used to recognize objects in images.