The '40-80 Rule' Battery Charging: Dealing With Lithium-Based Chemical Problems

Technology advances very fast, and one of which, is the inside of the mobile devices we use.

While their hardware and software are becoming more capable and more powerful, the source of energy that powers them doesn't advance as fast. It does improve with research and time, but considering our use of mobile devices increase, the pace batteries is advancing cannot keep up with our habits.

Employees Who Get Promoted Are Often More Loyal, LinkedIn Study Finds

Employees work for their employers for a variety of reasons. It may be because of the money, the career, the knowledge and experience, or the connections.

But many job seekers are motivated by the opportunity for continued growth with their employers. Part of this is because switching jobs may be easy, but adapting to new working environment may not be the most pleasant experience.

What this means, employers need to offer their employees the chances and options to move up the career ladder, or at least giving them the opportunity to learn new skills.

How Facebook Lite Managed To Squeeze Facebook, Down To Just One Megabyte

Facebook's main app is a big one. And that is obvious considering that Facebook has a lot of features and functionalities.

Over the years, many online services like Google, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Twitter and others have been trying to engage with the 'next billion users'. These people are first-time users of the internet, and most of them do this using low-powered and low-end smartphones.

Winning over this audience can be difficult.

SMS Vs. Messaging Apps, And What Should You Know About Their Security

With the internet in more places and smartphones becoming more capable, many people still use SMS to send messages.

As a matter of fact, billions of people still use the short-messaging service to communicate with their loved ones and colleagues. On the surface, the ubiquitous method has nothing wrong. But when seeing through security perspective, that's a different story

The truth behind SMS is that, the service isn't at all secured.

How To Easily And Quickly Spot Deepfake Whenever You See One

Fact or fiction? Reality or fake? In the modern days of technology and internet, the line that differentiate the terms are blurring.

With computers becoming more capable and AI becoming more advanced, deepfakes have become a public concern. Introduced by a user on Reddit, the technology has evolved far faster than many people have anticipated.

Because the technology is providing the ways for people to fake videos, the implication is terrifying.

Explaining The Types Of VPN Services And The Protocols They Use

Virtual Private Network, or 'VPN', has become a term almost synonymous for internet security. There are a lot of things going on during a VPN connection, making the term complex to explain.

VPNs as a matter of fact, come in many different shapes. It can be overwhelming to distinguish them all and also between the technologies they use, let alone knowing what type of VPN is the best choice for your needs.