Sponsored Post Guidelines

Search engines to social media networks, mobile apps, blockchain, AI and more. The world is evolving with the internet.

As enthusiasts, we create the Articles section on our site so people can learn how this particular technology affects our culture.

For individuals and businesses, the internet helps with their presence. And in this web-driven world, we hope that we can help inform about what's going on the internet, by encouraging people to be the healthy part of the growing community.

On the Articles' pages, we also share our expertise in the field, in a way that they are easy to understand.

We want learning to be fun. And one of the ways to do that, is by making educational content less scary.

Sponsored Post on Eyerys is paid, created for advertisers who wish to have their products and/or services showcased with us.

We wish that by welcoming you onboard with us, together, we can deliver your message to the audience. We know you're special, and that is why we're more than happy if you include us in your campaign.

We can write a unique article for you. But if you wish to write one on your own, or if you have one ready, let us know.

Here's what you need to know.


We accept topics about:

  • The internet and the trends that are caused by its development.
  • The web in general, and its protocols.
  • Search engines and social media networks.
  • Mobile technology and mobile apps.
  • Artificial Intelligence, and fields related to machine learning technology.
  • Blockchain.
  • Internet marketing, e-commerce, and businesses on the internet.
  • How-to guides and strategies.
  • Product reviews.
  • Privacy and security products and services.

We don't accept topics about:

  • Things that aren't tech related.
  • Things that aren't related to the internet, or anything that doesn't involves the web.
  • Violence and harassment.
  • Misleading content that is either: misinformation, disinformation or malinformation.
  • Promoting illegal products.
  • Obvious product placements and overpromotion.


Writing can be fun!

It's an essential communication skill, and builds discipline. It also allows you to think creatively, use both sides of your brain, and help you think about finding a solution to a problem.

With writing, you can influence (and entertain) the society using your own words.

After all, the world's history is either etched in rocks or written in papers and books. It's only after computers were introduced that people started to digitize things.

And most importantly, everyone has a story. And writing is the best way to tell that story.

If you have an article ready, or if you're willing to write one for us, you can reach us through our Contact Us form.

We may ask you to have it submitted through either: Google Docs, Dropbox, or via link.

Since we're a text-heavy website, we ask that you provide us with at least 500+ word article. Images and videos are acceptable, and can be either embedded (existing) or uploaded.


We have thousand of pages online on our Articles section, and they are divided into different categories.

For Sponsored Post, we offer three places for your post:

  1. News section: When you have time-sensitive content, or a news from your company you want to promote, this section should suit you best.
  2. Articles section: Do you have something to teach the audience? Maybe some how-to's, or tutorials? Showcasing your products can also be done here.
  3. Timeline section. Not time-sensitive to showcase lists of events. This can be your perfect place to tell your company's history and what it does over the years.

Sources and Citing

The web is big, and no single entity is good without the help of others.

This is why posts that need backing up must at least provide their sources for information. These sources must be credible and authentic.

All external links will open in a new tab (target="blank"). And if requested, can also use the sponsored attribute.


Yes, we're geeks. But unfortunately, not everyone follows the same path.

The tech industry that is related to the internet, is growing rapidly as more influential people and companies introduce new things. As a result, new terms and jargons are introduced on a regular basis.

If you must use some geeky terms, we suggest that you provide explanation to the terms.

We want people to know that learning can be fun. For that reason, your post must at least deliver that positive energy.