Adviser Program

People are glued to their devices. This is the trend that started when technologies merged with the society. When it comes to the web, most of us are users, and the rest are the providers of the convenience. But there are still many that thinks business is just business.

Our mission is to provide a better web experience for users. Not just to our clients, but also to the global providers.

So on one part, it's the technologies. The other part, is the business that works with them.

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Yes, we're not perfect - in fact, no one is!. That is the reason why we should learn from others and keep on improvising. We scout the web manually and also with our crawler to scan websites. We learn from their technologies through the available tools to see whether we can implement some of theirs to improve our own.

In return, we also want to give something in back to the community.

We believe that a technology should co-exist with one another, and this is the way we want to make the web a better place for its users.

With our Adviser program, if we found something that we want to share, we will send you an email regarding how you can improve your website and its overall user-experience. And if you wish for us to review your website, you may use our Contact page and we'll give you some advise for free!