Services that web and SEO consultants offer may differ from one business to another. Their services are aimed to get a target-oriented website that represents a company's professional identity, and an increase performance of the professional site in the eye of notable search engines.

Web and SEO consulting services when properly implemented, have the possibility to exponentially increase a website's potential among its competitors and attract more consumers from various places. The actual results can be seen by using website traffic monitoring tools.

Some monitoring tools also tell how long each visitor has stayed on the site, which link or location they came from and various other important metrics to determine if additional traffic is being directed to the site. Our consulting service will help you determine and interpret the various metric results that these tools generate.

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Some main services that our web and SEO consulting can offer are:

  • Company Identity Research: The service will use the your profile, visions, missions, values and background to create an online identity that is distinguishable without altering what you are already known for.
  • Website Analysis: We will ensure that your website is SEO and user friendly, mobile ready and secured. We can also advance your site with cloud compatibility and social media.
  • On-site Optimization: We will observe the inner workings of your website. The components of your website will be examined and optimized to ensure that the actual website is SEO friendly, aiming it towards getting high rankings on the agreed upon targeted keywords.
  • Off-site Optimization: This service is to help distributing the information about your website, product and/or services throughout different social media platforms, targeted directories and various other appropriate authoritative sources.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying the most relevant keyword phrases you can use. The keyword will not only be relevant to your business, but also to the general audience. We will have a thorough research on how the specific keywords perform on the market.
  • Content Creation and Writing: Consulting service that focuses on the creation of contents that will create interest among your readers, consumers and web surfers. These will in turn, give additional revenue and/or start a new marketing campaign.
  • Adviser Program: We scout the web manually and through our crawler to identify websites. If we see fit, we will send email with suggestions regarding website improvements.

After you have the compelling content in place, and your website has been properly optimized both externally and internally, you will see an increase of traffic from search engines. The next thing you should do is convert those increased traffic into paying and repeat customers.

Our consultant service will help you create a distinguishable and professional online identity, optimize your site and help you reach your goals, whether it's an increase in daily traffic or an increase in revenue, or both.