• Increase Your Website's Traffic By Updating Your Existing Contents: Giving Them A New Life And Chance

    There are many ways to increase your web traffic, and the most common are: building appropriate backlinks, increasing your site's authority and adding new contents frequently. While those could increase your traffic to a margin, there are other ways to increase traffic without doing any of those.

    And one of them is by leveraging what you already had.

    To extending the reach of your existing contents, you're felling the gaps where you have previously lacked.

  • Mobile Is The Future. Smart Devices Are Reshaping It

    People are on the move, and mobility is where everything is at. We have seen the evolution of technology, and the general purpose for them to exist is to ease how we live our lives. As times passes, we realize that the rising trend of mobile devices are undergoing a massive migration, and all of that is happening straight under our noses.

  • Growth Hack For Your Business On The Internet, And What Things Should Be Done

    It's very easy to think that the word "hack" in growth hack will help you in achieving an overnight success. The truth is that none of the "growth hacks" guarantee to work flawless. It may work fast to some, but to most people it won't.

    Startups can take off easy and fast because the founders are able to make them go off quickly. This is like having an engine to start and keep it going while constantly being refueled. While it may look easy, but the fact is that your business needs a lot of resources and labor to get things going as expected.

  • Using LinkedIn To Initiate Your Marketing Plan Professionally, But Not Too Hasty

    LinkedIn started out as little more than a convenient recruiting tool. It is not Facebook, but it's still having a special place in the social media sphere. The site has grown into one of the most powerful social media channels on the web. However, many marketers have no idea what to do with it.

    What makes LinkedIn unique here is it can act a both a social network and a content hub for distribution platform. The business-oriented and professional networking social network has millions of active users that are contributing to its growth.

  • Broken Link Building: How To Find Broken Links And How To Fix Them

    Have you ever browse the World Wide Web, clicking on links to find some of them have errors? To casual internet users, this is just a common thing. The web is made of links, and not every of those links do work. The web has flaws just like anything else. While not everyone is liking it, but to you that wants to build backlinks, this error can actually give you some benefits.

  • Smartwatches Against Mechanical Watches: The Smart Vs. The Mighty

    The thing we wear on our wrists is getting a new life, and that is tech. With touchscreen and sensors, watches are becoming "smartwatches." We're seeing an era in which everything wants to be improvised with technology. But how do these relatively new gadgets stand against the giants which has built their fame for ages?