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  • Give Your Old and Outdated Content A Second Chance

    In SEO term, new and fresh contents are necessary. But as long as you keep adding new and fresh contents, you'll eventually end up with old contents that were made weeks, months or even years ago. This happens more than often, and you may wonder what should you do to with them.

    One of the common issues when regarding old contents is having a "dead" content. This type of content is an old and so outdated that at one point of its life it was useful for visitors, but now it's just deem to be useless.

  • Having A Unique Web Design To Create a Unique You

    Designing comes from passion, knowledge and creativity of the mind. High-quality templates that are available on the web, design patterns that matured, automation of contents, AI, and mobile technology are signaling the end of web design as we know it. But in order to be unique, you need to be different.

    Web design is what catches the eyes first. When people browse the web, and finally found your website, the first thing that they see is how your website is designed. Web design takes your content to a new level, and it only needs a fraction of a second to do so.

  • Make Your Headlines Appeal More To Get More Clicks And Traffic

    You may have a great piece of content and a well-designed website. But you see that your traffic is not going anywhere up. You wonder where could be the problem, wondering why your page views aren't performing as expected.

    A good looking website is a must because design is what catches the eyes first. But having a great copy itself won't do much good if people aren't attracted to your content's headline. Without a compelling headline, the links you posted on the web won't be clicked.

  • The Differences Between Branding And Marketing To Make Your Business Works As One

    Branding and marketing are two words that have a totally different meaning. However, they are connected in many ways that they resemble one another.

    There are slight differences between those two. And as a business owner, you need to understand how branding and marketing can go in great length of detail, and how you can manage both to utilize the best out of them.

  • Getting Your Blog Noticed On Social Media To Increase Awareness And Traffic

    As more and more websites and blogs are put online everyday, there are no questions that the blogosphere is overpopulated. With millions of blogs aiming to get that same pool of audience, how can you be sure that your blog is noticed?

    As frequent users of the web, to some, having a blog is somehow a must. Despite being pushed over since the rise of social media, having a blog is still in one of the best way to get your words out to the internet world.

  • Writing SEO-Friendly Articles By Putting Your Emotions Into Them

    Most if not all internet marketing tips advice people to write for users, not search engines. At some point, this is true, but at other times it can be misleading. Writing for users on the web needs the present of SEO for at least a bit. But to aim more people in visiting your pages and read them to the very end needs more than writing for users only. you need to put your emotions as a writer.


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