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  • An Accessible Web Design To Benefit Everyone

    Anyone with an internet connection can access the internet. Web visitors come in different ages and genders, and to create a website that benefits everyone means that you need to have a web design that is accessible to everyone, regardless their conditions.

    Accessibility in web design addresses the issue of creating websites that are accessible to all users, despite if they have physical ability or the way in which they are disable in doing what normal people can do.

  • Exercise Your Creativity To Keep Your Imaginations Wild

    Creativity is something that is inside everyone. It's there but you don't see it, it's available but you can't feel it. But to make it usable when you need it, you have to make sure that it's always hot. Creativity is just like your body and it should be trained everyday. Lack of "exercise" can put your creativity out of shape - blunt - and darkens your imagination.

    Imagination is the first thing you need when you do a design. With ideas in mind, you use your creativity skills to put all the necessary elements you imagined to your canvas, paper, or screen.

  • Extending The Life Of Your Gadget's Battery, Prolonging Its Usage

    The digital world is growing, and to keep up, mobile technology is getting more extensive by the day. 'Smart' devices that include smartphones and tablets have rechargeable batteries that is trying to be as efficient, portable and eco-friendly as possible. But at the current fast pace tech growth, the progress for its improvement is not keeping up with its usage.

  • Creating A Great Web Design For A Greater Marketing Results

    Design is what pleases the eyes. We designers understand that the importance of visual can affect people's behavior to benefit a better result. However, web design goes much deeper than that.

    A good looking website does a lot more than plain looks. A great design is just like branding, and for that it can be a great marketing tool to deliver your wanted results.

  • Think Like A Child To Free Your Mind For Creativity Inspiration

    Creativity is the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. People may have their own talents, picked up from their parents. But most talents are learned not earned. And many people can really taught themselves to think in an innovative way.

    It all comes from observing. By looking something that we like, we are learning and attempting to replicate what someone has done by putting our minds into imagination.

    There are apparently no one can do best at these things in the aspect of ratio, other than children.

  • Your Customers Are The Best Brand Storytellers. Reach And Empower Them

    What people say behind your back is their most honest opinions. The better the things they say, the more they have respected you, and vice versa. In the modern internet world where people have become a self-publisher with the many available broadcasting tools, websites and blogs, your customers are the best brand storytellers.

  • Knowing How Search Engines Operate To Know Their Major Functions

    Search engines work in mysterious ways. But no matter what search engine tries to show you, they have two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing users with a ranked list of websites created according to their queries.

    The internet and the World Wide Web can be described as a huge network. The network is connected to other networks with many nodes - each representing a unique identity. As more people are using the internet, the World Wide Web is increasing in size.


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