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  • Graphic Design Inside Web Design: Improving The Bits Of Quality

    For a website to appear great, it's not always about how well the web designers can implement their skills. Graphic designers can also take part, but as they take a minor role, their job is to assist the tiny bits by making them as astounding as their bigger counterparts.

  • Stop Focusing On Numbers And The Process. Focus On The Outcome

    Having many visitors is every website's dream. It's one of the biggest aim to be on the web, and it's the target of being online in the first place. But what's the point of having that huge traffic you always wanted but without having the ability to convert them?

    Although you have to have some traffic to succeed online, shouldn't you also be focusing on something much more important?

  • When Designing A Website, Don't Make Things More Complicated That They Should Be

    With the many technologies and features for a website to use, it's fairly easy to over-complicate a web design. You may want many things to make your website more usable but for maximum user-experience, one simple and clear interface is usually all it needs.

    Since you shouldn't fix something that isn't broken, you don't need to do things you don't need. Don't make things more complicated than they should be.

  • Web Analytics Data You Should Be Tracking To Increase Traffic And Sales

    When talking about analyzing the performance of a website, people usually use web analytics software. There are many web analytics software available to use, but when explaining a site's performance in overall, we need to see a bigger picture.

    Web analytics are indeed important for web owners and webmasters. They provide the measurements, collections, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. With the information they have to give, people can understand how their websites are performing it terms of exposure.

  • Creating Your Logo, And Make It Able to Stand For Something

    When your logo is your presentation, it should look good and appealing. Should your logo be interesting and powerful, there should be some reasons that need to be understood.

    When creating a business, your logo should be sitting somewhere, describing your products/services with its image identity. Before using your logo to represent something to sell, you should like it. Why should others like it when you don't?

  • Tips In Finding The Best Keywords for Your Website

    The web is indeed growing. As a business that is having an online presence, having an active website/blog is essentially not enough. For small businesses, most of their web visitors come from search engines. And when it comes to SEO, keyword research is a thing you should never forget.

  • How Google Search Works, And How It Can Show You The Things You Want

    Google Search is one of the most used web services on the internet, and it's holding that title for a very good reason.

    By allowing people to enter queries about anything they would like to know, Search replies with 'answers' that are just fractions of a second away. How does Search actually work? How can Google manages all information on the web, and make them ready whenever someone asks them?


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