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  • Start Small, Aim Big: Time Will Make You Reach The Stars And Keep You There

    Everything in life starts small. When a baby is born, he/she will need to learn how to walk before being able to run. To accomplish that, the child must learn that falling is painful.

    The reference goes the same for businesses. Big companies and brands have had their times being small. They had struggled hard to climb their way up. If getting there is already hard, staying up among the clouds isn't any easier.

  • Online Advertisements, Between Love and Hate

    Whether you like it or not, advertisements are everywhere. You can find them almost everywhere you go, anywhere you eyes see, from the most crowded space to even the most unthinkable places. The first thing ads do is to promote something. But at each given time, more and more people are getting frustrated by them. However, no matter how much people hated advertisements, they need them more than they ever think.

  • A Sense of Community, a Sense of Common Sense

    Technology has advanced into more places and has become a norm for aiding people's needs. But there is no technology that is able to make people better in creating a community. Technology has made community easier to build, but apparently not better.

    With the help of technology, almost anything is possible. But with the variety that increases with it, people has become more distracted. And the chances in succeeding in building a solid community has been reduced.

  • Using Nofollow Links to Boost Awareness and Engagement

    The internet is a network consists of networks that are all connected with tiny pieces of links that made them united. Most web owners can do almost anything to get their sites listed and linked to popular websites by wishing a dofollow links to follow them and boost their ranks. However in reality, dofollow is usually not the reward given. Most people have to settle with just a mere nofollow link. This might come as a slap in the face, but nofollow links can represent you just as good as its counterpart.

  • Negative SEO is Nothing to Worry About. Or is it?

    Having website that is having a good rank with adequate traffic is one of the main reason for SEO. The better you're seen on the web, the higher the chance you can convert those incoming visitors to purchase your products and/or services. But the competition is not seeing your success as something that you can get away with alone, and they want a piece of it.

    In term of SEO, there is a the positive SEO that is aimed to build your reputation on the web in the eyes of search engines, and there is the negative SEO that is aimed to do otherwise.

  • Humanize Your Brand to Build Trust

    When a company, or a brand, can create a powerful bond between themselves and their customers, many things can happen. Beyond the immense impact they can make, they can create a long-term advocacy, customer's loyalty, reliable connections, and strong foundations.

    Advertisements are everywhere. From the newspapers and magazines, to billboard, television, and of course, the internet. People roughly see thousands of ads messages each day, and that is overwhelming to even the most powerful media consumers.

  • Engage with Influencers: Making You a Future Influencer Yourself

    To influence means to promote something. People that have influence can boost any idea, content or brand in their field. Knowing when and how these people are best engaged is important if you want to make them your brand partner.

    Before finding any influencer, you need to first have your product finished and ready to be marketed. This is because you need to be ready to dominate your niche before doing any promoting.


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