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  • Steps for Building Your Small Business Online Marketing Strategies

    Creating a marketing strategy for your small business is not an easy task. Many people fail, but many people succeed.

    Small businesses may have the advantage of flexibility that big companies don't. But without marketing strategy, small businesses would not be able to survive as well as big companies. Tapping into your potential, despite your industry, location or personality, you can use the internet to be an effective medium for your campaign.

  • Rank Higher with the Best Keywords that Matches Your Contents

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that aims in putting your website up on search engines, is said to as important as the fundementals of web design. Before people ever visit your website, 90 percent of them use search engines for searching things they like.

    With about 30 percent of all search engine traffic comes from websites that are on their first page, it all begins with words typed into a search box.

  • Getting Press Coverage For Your Small Business, And Own the Crowds

    Businesses and entrepreneurs often ask how do they convince journalists to write about them. The answer is simple: get the journalists' attention.

    Being featured in press coverage that include newspapers, magazines, on radio and TV, can be great way to build influence, authority and awareness. However, many small businesses and first time entrepreneurs don't have the budget to hire in help with their media relations. But with some knowledge, you can do your own PR (Public Relation).

  • Online video for Creating Your Content Marketing

    As the internet grows larger and online connection speed increases, more websites are capable to put more elements of design and articles in a single page without having their audience noticing any page load issues. And by that means, video contents that were once neglected because it takes more bandwidth than it gives conversion, are becoming yesterday's problem.

  • Creating a Budget Business Website by Eliminating Some Aspects

    The internet is a growing phenomenon, and it's already becoming the ultimate tool to influence people's decisions. There are more than many times that people browse the web to get more information about their interest. The good news for businesses and companies is that making a professional website isn't as difficult or expensive.

  • Preparing Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    Over the years, the internet continued to expand to more places. As more and more websites are put online, contents are struggling to get the opportunity to be "seen". Here is where content marketing comes, and it has come a long way throughout the existence of internet marketing.

    The term "content marketing" is already a part of the core marketing in many business on the internet. The term is no longer a growing trend, it is now a way to drive more revenue.


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