• Cybersecurity For Your Business And Understanding What Your Vulnerabilities Are

    Once connected to the internet, there is no saying how and when you'll be the next victim. Whatever your method is, there is always a flaw that could be compromised sooner or later.

    There are many groups of hackers that are active in cybercrime. They're are either fighting to "free humanity and speech", rebel against something they dislike, or just doing what they do best. Hackers can come from different countries and demography: from a single fighter doing things he thinks is right to teenagers living in their parents' home.

  • How To Use Visual Elements To Appeal Your Website Even More

    The internet is indeed getting larger. With more visuals accompanying text contents, we are seeing more clicks and engagements on contents that have included compelling images.

    Images appeal and carry more influence than plain information, and that is the reason why the web is just so colorful.

  • Using Hashtags On Social Media, And How They Can Benefit Your Marketing Campaign

    Social media networks have billions of users. Having that much users hungry for updates and information, they're all potential targets for your campaign. To get the attentions of many those, many brands and internet marketers have used hashtags to boost their sales.

    Using hashtags is one of the many ways get attention on social media networks. But their existence have become one of the most prominent because of their effectiveness.

  • End-To-End Encryption, And How It Highlights The Growing Focus On Data Privacy

    End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is where communications are encrypted. The system that allows only the communicating users to read messages, has become something in common, particularly on services that want to prevent potential eavesdroppers.

    The system uses encryption keys that are only known by the communicating parties. To achieve this goal, the system must first encrypt the data using a pre-arranged string of symbols that are called pre-shared secret (PGP), or a one-time secret key using Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT).

  • Facebook's News Feed, And The Works Behind The Scene

    Facebook is a giant on the web. Pretty much ruling the social media sphere, the social giant is indeed a place where most digital socialization takes place.

    With massive amount of users, Facebook's "main attraction" is its News Feed. The endless stream of updates, shares (and ads), are what makes this particular feature engaging and interesting. While most of Facebook users use Facebook as it is, there are many people who are curious about how this News Feed thingy works.

  • Using Social Media Networks To Aid Small Business Marketing And Customer Relation

    On the web, people are becoming more active and more talkative. Those people that make up your potential customers, are wandering the web on their quest to share and search.

    Since social media networks came to a rise, users are just a few clicks/taps away from their favorite brands and celebrities. With the world shrinking to the size of everyone's hand, social media can be a great place for them to reach you, and for you to reach them.