• The Common Practices Of Web Design With Speed In Mind

    On the web, speed is everything, and that is for a very good reason: we're all familiar with the speed of the many big online services we use, and pretty much everything that is practically slower, won't get any competitive advantage to compete.

    You have a website running, and that is probably why you land on this page. Before wondering how you can get more visitors and decrease that bounce rate, ask yourself: is it slow? Can it load faster? Web wanderers and visitors are demanding fast websites that load quickly to continue delivering content without noticeable lag.

  • When Machine Learns, It All Started With A Human's Dream And A Good Imagination

    Technology has no end, and what makes it great is that it overcomes dreams that once was impossible. To achieve those "dreams", tech companies large and small, are racing to make them a reality, From machine learning to deep learning, neural networks and natural language processing; we are all dreaming.

    The concepts of all the above is creating the thing that's called artificial intelligence, or AI.

  • Managing Your Online Reputation In Order To Manage It

    Google is a search engine that wants to connect businesses with customers, and potential customers with the companies they need. Its ultimate goal is to reward companies that are most popular and prominent within their market, to those that are most highly regarded as potential customers.

    Google wants to be the person in between that connects them.

  • Backlinks Are Important. But Don't Let Them Bother You Too Much

    Inbound links, incoming links or just backlinks, are important in SEO and no questions asked. Webmasters and web owners have been struggling to get as much backlinks as they can to increase their websites' presence on the web. However, despite there is no argument that can describe backlink-hunting as not important, there is good reasons why you shouldn't stress them out too much.

  • Making Traditional Businesses Relevant In The Fast-Paced World Occupied By Startups

    The world advances faster than most people think. As the world of startups continue to bloom, the more traditional companies which already had presence long way before them, could have their entities disrupted.

    To compete with those fast-moving businesses, traditional companies need to stay relevant in order to have that competitive advantage. And that is by creating delightful, intuitive experiences for end users and customers.

  • Increase Your Website's Traffic By Updating Your Existing Contents: Giving Them A New Life And Chance

    There are many ways to increase your web traffic, and the most common are: building appropriate backlinks, increasing your site's authority and adding new contents frequently. While those could increase your traffic to a margin, there are other ways to increase traffic without doing any of those.

    And one of them is by leveraging what you already had.

    To extending the reach of your existing contents, you're felling the gaps where you have previously lacked.