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  • Earning People's Trust to Leverage Your Content Marketing Efforts

    Some of the most successful and big companies in the world use their website's contents to approach their consumers. Beautifully crafted content in a well-designed and contained environments, posted by a respectable brand. What can go wrong?

    A content that reads good with its pieces delivering energy to the readers, is not a guarantee to be a successful one. The content can be great, but becoming successful is another story. Many big companies and brands put a lot of their efforts and resources to create a message that actually become lost in the internet's ocean of information.

  • The Preparations to Dominate Your Niche to Benefit Your Internet Marketing Campaign

    Successful marketing was used to be known as getting the right message at the right time to the right audience. But in the current fast paced world, there are many others that is doing the same thing, competing with you to get attention. As a balance, to get a better marketing, you also need to reach you customers and make them engage with your brand.

    Better marketing strategies usually translate to better sales, more customer engagement, and more brand establishment. To make it perform better, you must get attention to spread the awareness.

  • Creating a Content that People Like to Share

    Every website has contents that want to go viral. As the online space gets overpopulated with ads, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands to differentiate themselves. There are some that can create viral content every single time while most can't. What do these people have that others don't? The answer is, they can create something that is contagious.

  • Creating a Long-Term Social Followers that Benefit Your Business

    What does the word "follower" means to you? The term usually means a race towards "more people that listens to you". Social media is a great way to build a following, gain exposure and turn visitors into fans. But is more follower always means that your are more appealing? Apparently not.

  • Mobile Apps Asking for Permission: Grant or Deny?

    Since mobile device usage has grown into massive numbers, developers have raced once another into creating better and better app in each and every release. But when it comes to privacy, are apps actually getting safer?

    Android's Play Store will prompt you to accept the permissions an app requests from your device before installing it. Most people do not pay attention and simply download the app, and thus can open the device to possible data theft, spam and malware infections.



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