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  • Your Business on the Internet: To Blog or not to Blog?

    In term of SEO and website traffic, having a blog does help you more than you can possibly think of. Blogging can increase your website's traffic, expand your reach towards your audience, improve your engagement, strengthen your brand, put you in a higher authority, and many more. Business websites should start blogging, and the sooner the better. But actually blog is not for everyone.

  • Writing for SEO by Getting and Keeping Your Audience's Attention

    Writing for the internet is a little different from writing for print media, and it's no longer as easy as it was earlier. The internet is where people and search engine gather to scrap all they want, and to be a great SEO writer, you need to know how your post can please both audiences.

  • Using .HTACCESS File to Manage and Configuring Your Web Server

    A website can be put online when it's hosted on a web servers so anyone, or people who are given privilege, can access it. But despite you have configured your website to do what you want it to do from the front-end and in its administrator section, there are still things that you can't do to increase its purpose on the web.

  • Sticker Characters: Doing What Others Can't

    Stickers have become all the rage on instant messaging apps like LINE. The popularity doesn't stop there when social networks are adopting in in their features as well. What makes these oversized emoticons any different from the old emojis people are used to?

  • Guest Blogging for SEO with a Purpose

    Guest blogging from blog walking has been a way many people do to increase their rank in Google. The method was widespread that many people implemented it, making it a spam. Google has been warning webmasters about guest blogging abuse for many years, and Head of Webspam Matt Cutts declared that this method is dead.

  • Becoming a Social Media's Power User to Enhance Online Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are just a glimpse of social networks available today. With the popularity social media and mobile devices, the current generations on the internet are the most active and influenced representatives.

  • Improving Your Web Design by Looking at the Aspects

    How your website is designed, what colors it uses, what fonts and images are present, can mean a whole difference between a successful website and a failure. One of the worst thing a website can have in its design is to be complicated. No one wants to see a complicated website, especially when they first know about the site and visits it.


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