Cloudflare 'Magic Transit' Wants To Make Networks Smarter, Faster And More Secure

Security and speed are probably two of the most requested luxury users of the web need in the modern days of sophisticated computing and data transactions.

Cloudflare, the web infrastructure and website security company, has been one of the few sitting at the forefront in this business. And here, it announced the launch of a yet another security product it calls 'Magic Transit'. What it does, is allowing organizations to reroute their entire traffic through Cloudflare.

Magic Transift can then secure the connection and data through its optimized network with IP firewall and against DDoS attacks.

And on top of that, Magic Transit also provides speed boost.

"Magic Transit is a software-defined networking product that offers IP transit with DDoS protection, next-gen firewall, traffic acceleration and more for your on-premise and data center networks from a single, easy-to-use interface."

Magic Transit supports any IP protocol or standard, allowing users to easily set up connection just like they normally would when using a standard web server. It's "built on the standards and networking primitives you are familiar with, but delivered from Cloudflare’s global edge network as a service," wrote Rustam Lalkaka from Cloudflare, on a blog post announcing Magic Transit.

It works by ingesting traffic through Cloudflare's Network with Anycast and BGP, to announce users' IP address space and extending their network presence globally.

Traffic is then passed through Cloudflare’s network of data centers, which spans on 193 cities in more than 90 countries around the world.

And once packets hit Cloudflare's network, traffic is inspected for attacks, filtered, steered, accelerated, and sent onward to the origin.

This is where Magic Transit takes its role, as it connects the data back to users' origin infrastructure over Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels, private network interconnects (PNI), or other forms of peering.

Cloudflare network - anycast

The tool's suite of network security should appeal high-demand applications, as it features load balancing and traffic management.

And because Cloudflare has long used AI to intelligently route packers to reduce latency, Magic Transit which sits on top of Cloudflare's network, should be useful for those users who work on performance-sensitive applications, like games servers or high-frequency trading bots.

Marketing the product, Cloudflare said that enterprises are often forced to pick between performance and security when deploying IP network services.

Magic Transit here is designed to minimize these trade-offs, just because "performance and security are better together".

"Magic Transit deploys IP security services across our entire global network. This means no more diverting traffic to small numbers of distant 'scrubbing centers' or relying on on-premise hardware to mitigate attacks on your infrastructure."

According to Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, in a statement:

"We have gotten very good at securing and accelerating anything on the web, but wanted to extend our capabilities to everyone. With Magic Transit, customers can use us to secure and accelerate any packet for any protocol, across any path.

As for the price, Cloudflare determines it based on a per-user basis. The price varies as it is based on the size of network footprint, and the levels of traffic sent through Cloudflare’s network.