Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Infuse All Of Software

Jensen Huang
CEO and co-founder of Nvidia

With AI becoming the trend in the tech industry, many tech companies large and small as well as investors, have been piling up their money to advance and make use of AI.

Among big tech companies that are into AIs, is Nvidia, the manufacturer of computer chips.

Here, the company's co-founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, believes that "AI is going to infuse all of software."

Nvidia itself has seen an increasing revenue since it started creating hardware dedicated to machine-learning algorithms for use cases such as autonomous cars. At the company’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California, Huang explained how the machine-learning revolution is just starting.

"Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software," he said.

And since we know that the technology is of extreme value, we are also getting a better understanding of how to apply it.

Jensen Huang

"AI is going to eat software and it’s going to be in every aspect of software," he said.

"Every single software developer has to learn Deep Learning. Every single software developer has to apply machine learning. Every software developer will have to learn AI. Every single company will use AI. AI is the automation of automation and it will likely be the transmission."

"We’re going to, for the first time, see the transmission of automation the way we’re seeing the transmission and wireless broadcast of information for the very first time. I’m going to be able to send you automation. Send you a little automation by email."

However, the AI supremacy is a race for someone to conquer.

While AI is going to eat software, it still needs software to run, even if it's designed specifically for AI. As computers don't run on flesh and blood, it needs something to contain it. And that wouldn't be on thoughts. So here, Huang predicted that the future when AI can really work on its own, is still a long way from happening.

Two industries that are affected the most, include the automotive industry and healthcare.

"We can't ignore the impact of a technology that brings 10 or 1,000 times better results. I have confidence that reasonable minds will realize the benefits of this technology and put it in the hands of doctors and clinicians and radiologists so that they can do better work."

"The ability for AI to transform industries is well understood now." So indeed, the machine-learning revolution is starting.