The Rich And Famous Can Feel Lonely, And It 'Is A Natural Human Reaction'

Elon Musk
Founder of Zip2,, PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City, Hyperloop, OpenAI, Neuralink and The Boring Company

Most people work to make ends meet. Lesser people manage to have spare money to spend, and the lesser amount of people make money work for them, to make even more money.

The least amount of people however, don't really care about the money.

These people don't think about spending their fortune for their personal benefits, or to afford some of the quirks in life that can only the rich can afford. Instead, these people worry more about how to use the money they have to make humanity better and more advanced.

And apparently for those people, things can be quite lonesome.

And billionaire Elon Musk feels that.

Musk, considered by many as the richest person on Earth, is often under the spotlight. Almost everything that came out of his mouth can be newsworthy.

But still, things sometime don't seem like what most people think, as it can be quite lonely at the top.

Elon Musk.
Elon Musk

Speaking in an interview with Business Insider, the CEO of its parent company, Mathias Döpfner, got a glimpse into Musk's head and his personal feeling.

"I think it's a natural human reaction."

"I think most people are not happy being alone."

With more than 150 million Google Search results, 76 million Twitter followers, Musk is not only among the richest in the modern world of tech, but also among the most popular people on Earth.

But even after acquiring massive fame and fortune, Musk somehow considered this a liability.

He said that while it's difficult for him to walk down the street and go to a store or a restaurant without being noticed, sometimes he does feel lonely.

"There are times when I feel lonely, yes."

"I’m working on the starship rocket and I’m just staying in my little house by myself, especially if my dog is not with me, then I feel quite lonely because I’m just in a little house by myself with no dog."

There are a number of reasons for this.

Musk could have things in his mind, including his breakup with singer Grimes that’s been in the news. Then, there are pushed-back rocket launches and production timelines that do happen occasionally at his many companies.

Then there is his intervention in the Russia-Ukraine war, including Musk in providing his satellites for the people in Ukraine. Then, there is his acquisition of Twitter.

As the richest person on Earth commanding a number of companies, his behavior endeavor do attract regulators' eyes.

For many people, Musk is seen as an innovator, a brilliant mind on par with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

But many others also consider Musk as a troubled genius who struggled with his own mind.

With a net worth around $300 billion, Musk could afford almost anything.

But Musk doesn't really care about his status, and even called it "bonkers."

Let alone owning a luxury mansion or a yacht like many other millionaires and billionaires, Musk said that he doesn't even own a home.

This statement can be justified, since before, Grimes once said that Musk sometimes lived "below the poverty line," and refused to buy a new mattress even after her side had a hole in it.

Instead of being happy or sad about his net worth or what he has become, Musk would rather concern about his work and how his companies can change the world.

And if someone has put so much time and effort to pursue that, it seems that loneliness is the byproduct of that mindset.

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