Apple Vision's Weight And Motion Blur Is 'Not What We Aspire To'

Mark Zuckerberg
CEO and founder of Meta Platforms, Inc.

A CEO of a company is the head of the pack, and is in the position to embody the essence of the company's vision and values.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Meta Platforms, the company that owns and operates Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp, among other products and services.

While Zuckerberg's role involves selling the company's vision to investors, stakeholders, and the public, and that he's constantly pitching ideas, forging partnerships, and negotiating deals to propel his company forward, he is also a chief that needs to be there to showcase the company's strengths, capabilities, and innovations.

And when his company is having a direct competitor, especially when that competitor is larger that itself, he also needs to become the ultimate salesman, but in a broader sense.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Meta, wearing the Meta Quest 3 headset
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Meta, wearing the Meta Quest 3 headset.

Meta Platforms was once a company named Facebook, before Zuckerberg rebranded it, in an attempt to show the world that it's no longer a social media company.

By rebranding its focus shifted to virtual reality, and it calls it the "metaverse."

Zuckerberg envisions the metaverse as the next evolution in social connection, succeeding the mobile internet. He wants people to use the digital spaces to socialize, learn, work, and play in a more immersive environment.

Meta’s Horizon Worlds is one of Zuckerberg's ideas towards creating a metaverse, where users can hop into different settings to hang out and play games.

While Meta's VR headsets initially made waves as pioneering mainstream devices, now, with Apple stepping into the arena with its Vision Pro, a profound philosophical rivalry is brewing between the tech giants regarding the future of technology and the metaverse.

However, unlike some competitors that Meta could easily overshadow, Apple poses a formidable challenge. With its immense size and diverse portfolio, Apple presents a unique obstacle for Meta to navigate.

Zuckerberg finds himself in the position of needing to make a compelling case for the Meta Quest 3 to stand a chance against Apple's Vision Pro. It's not just about matching power and hype; it's about crafting a narrative that captures the imagination and loyalty of consumers in this dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape.

"I don't think we're saying the devices are the same. We're saying Quest is better. If our devices weigh as much as theirs in 3-5 years, or have the motion blur theirs has, or the lack of precision inputs, etc, then that means we'll have regressed significantly. Yes, their resolution is higher, but they paid for that with many other product tradeoffs that make their device worse in most ways. That's not what we aspire to."

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As the ultimate salesman, Zuckerberg may say things subjectively. But still, as the CEO of a mega company, if there is anything he cannot do, is blatantly lying to the public, or saying something without good reasons.

So here, all Zuckerberg could do, at least at this time, is to say things objectively, which means that he must say things based on facts.

And among others, Zuckerberg stressed that some features the Vision Pro currently has is something that Meta doesn't have to have in the foreseeable future.

If in the few coming years Meta can only come up with something similar to that of Apple, Zuckerberg considers this a regression.

Comparing Apple's Vision Pro and Meta's Quest 3 is like comparing an apple with an orange, meaning they only have little in common.

But again, the differences are there because the two devices are on a whole different level and not at all on the same league.

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Meta Quest 3
The Meta Quest 3 is cheaper and lighter, and comes with controllers. These are some of the things the Quest 3 excels over Apple's Vision Pro, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg also responded to the public's perception regarding Meta Quest being called "a games device," and clarified that some of the top apps on the Quest are social, browser, and video player apps, saying that:

"Actually, 3 of the top 7 Quest apps are already social apps - Horizon, VR Chat, and Rec Room. Browser and video player are top apps too. Fitness isn't as high up there, but has a passionate community as well. So I think the narrative that these headsets are only for games is out of date. And yes, more resolution is better - but trading off ergonomics and motion blur isn't a clear win when Quest's resolution is also quite good."

Meta's Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro are built for different purpose and experience.

He commented about this, after the public considering the Vision Pro as a a device focusing on spatial computing and mixed reality, whereas the Quest 3 is more focused towards VR enthusiasts and gamers.

But regardless, the public's enthusiasm over the Vision Pro is greater than the Quest 3, and for this reason, Meta expects Apple to "reinvigorate" the public's interest in virtual reality headsets, in order to help it boost the sales of its own Quest 3.

And Zuckerberg is the man for the job.

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