This Twitter Owner Is 'Not A Serious Person' And That 'He Does Things For Sport'

Biz Stone
Co-founder of Twitter

In the growing internet where the web matures and social media platform thrive, Twitter is an underdog if compared to Meta's various platforms.

But regardless, it's extremely influential.

As a place where high-profile figures like government leaders and politicians gather, and where businesses and brands promote themselves, and where influencers expand their reach, it's also a safe haven for many of its human and bot users

While Twitter inadvertently became a toxic place, it's never in its right mind to alienate or annoy its users.

Biz Stone is one of the Twitter co-founders, who helped build the platform with Jack Dorsey and two others. And this time, following Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform, Stone shows that he isn't fond of the billionaire.

Stone appeared to criticize the platform's new owner.

Biz Stone
Biz Stone

In his apparent reference to Musk, Stone tweeted:

"He’s not a serious person. He does things for sport that have serious consequences for real people."

"This is an open, global service. US politics is not much of Twitter [...] Also, in other places lives are at stake."

His opinions were made after Musk originally teased the release of the so-called "Twitter Files," claiming that they would show "free speech suppression."

And later, some of the internal Twitter emails were leaked online by journalist Matt Taibbi, revealing among others, communications about the controversial suppression of a news story concerning the laptop of U.S. President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden's controversy involves a laptop computer that belonged to him, which was retrieved from a repair shop when his father was still Vice President of the U.S.. It's alleged that the laptop contained evidence of corruption and some other illegal and unethical behavior.

Stone even retweeted one of Musk's tweets about his plans for more of the Twitter Files, Stone tweeted that he is simply 'grossed'.

In another tweet, he also took aim at Musk's use of the site's polling feature to ask users whether to reinstate the Twitter account of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

It's worth noting that Stone didn't expressly name Musk in his excoriating tweets. But given the context in the message and a later reply, there's nobody else he could conceivably be talking about.

Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone
Jack Dorsey (left) and Biz Stone (right)
"It's heartbreaking. All the world events we didn't make public to protect brave people. Also, on the Trump poll, "The people have spoken!" How many Russians voted? It's global [...] "

"That's not what we made it for."

Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur and the richest man on Earth, has long been criticized for his thoughts and approaches, as well as his strategies and stances when dealing with his companies, his leadership, and how he voiced his words towards global issues.

Musk is is seen as a problem-solver and a visionary. But at the same time, he is known as a person who tends to speak and do anything he likes, the way he wants it.

Stone is quite a seclusive person, and his disagreement over the way Musk is taking over, can be traced back to earlier in 2022, one of which, was when he tweeted a photo of him and other Twitter co-founders, and comparing it with Elon Musk