Apple Will Continue To Invest In AI Because It 'Will Shape The Future'

Tim Cook
Industrial Engineer, Developer, CEO of Apple

AI is the hype, and pretty much all tech companies are either experimenting on it, or use it to empower their products.

Apple, considered one of the largest tech companies of them all, also use AI extensively. But unlike most others, the company doesn't really use the term that much.

Besides being its marketing strategy, Apple also lacks using the word to focus more on its products' capabilities, and trying to avoid hype and the rivals tend to generate. After all, as a company known for its sophisticated simplicity, Apple is also known for emphasizing human-centered design that focuses on experience and making technology work seamlessly.

So here, highlighting "AI" may be able to shift the focus towards the technology itself, and not to the human at the center, or the experience itself.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

But in the world where the market expects Apple to have at least an interest in generative AI, CEO Tim Cook finally speaks about the technology on his own terms.

During a prepared speech delivered at the opening of Apple's 2023 fourth-quarter earnings call, Cook said that:

"As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future."

"That includes artificial intelligence, where we continue to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we're excited to share the details of our ongoing work in that space later this year."

His comments came on the eve of the launch of Apple's $3,500 Vision Pro headset, and during the time, Apple announced changes to its rules, which govern third-party browsers on iOS, game streaming apps, alternative app stores, and sideloading.

But it's the revelation that Apple plans to unveil its generative-AI efforts is sending investors to a long-awaited euphoria.

AI has dominated the conversation around the tech sector since the launch of ChatGPT, and following that, the technology's presence on Apple earnings calls has even ballooned.

But again, unlike many others, Apple is known for not using the term AI, and that the company is known for not talking about anything publicly unless it's ready to be shown off.

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"Our MO, if you will, has always been to do work and then talk about work and not to get out in front of ourselves."

In other words, Apple does plan to make a foray into the generative AI hype with its iPhone.

Cook's statement suggests that, while Apple might not frequently use the term "AI," the company is actually actively developing and implementing various AI-powered technologies in their products, such as facial recognition, image processing, natural language processing, and personalized recommendations.

And not to mention, generative AI, the technology pretty much everyone is talking about.

It's only Apple chooses to communicate these advancements in its own, specific way.