After Elon Musk Acquired Twitter, 'It All Went South'

Jack Dorsey
Founder of Twitter and Bluesky

Twitter is one of those places on the internet where users can "find real-time conversations and information about every subject imaginable from across the world," the company once said in a blog post.

Since the first ever tweet that was posted back in 2006, Twitter has evolved to become a town square, becoming a place where world leaders gather, and celebrities speak their voices. It's also a place where businesses market their products, and where websites reach their audience.

Years after it was founded by Jack Dorsey, Twitter grew up, and managed to influence so many people around the world.

It managed to squeeze itself between giants like Facebook and Google, and remain relevant with its limited characters.

But after Twitter has been bought by Elon Musk, and that he's tweaking things like never before, Dorsey who was Twitter's CEO twice, is not staying quiet to see his brainchild abused by the changes its new ruler wants.

Jack Dorsey

After previously saying that Twitter "will never die" regardless of any circumstances, Dorsey backtracks his opinion regarding Elon Musk.

At first, when Musk was taking over, his Dorsey said that "Elon is the singular solution I trust."

"I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness," Dorsey said at the time.

Dorsey said Musk was the "only alternative" to Twitter being taken over by "Wall Street activists."

But after seeing he chaos at Twitter, and also Musk's leadership at Twitter, Dorsey suggests that the man has not proven himself to be the platform’s ideal leader.

At Bluesky, which is Dorsey's creation, meant to be a Twitter spin-off, Dorsey struck a far different tone concerning Musk.

When users on Dorsey's Twitter-alternative site asked if he felt Musk had proven to be the "best possible" steward for the site, the Twitter co-founder boldly said that he was not.

"No. Nor do I think he acted right after realizing his timing was bad."

"Nor do I think the board should have forced the sale. It all went south."

Musk made numerous changes because he thinks he has to.

"It was on a fast track to bankruptcy," Musk once said of Twitter. "So I had to take drastic action. There wasn’t any choice."

Musk, who took over Twitter in October of 2022 after amassing a sizable stake in the company, ultimately became hostile.

From the controversial, and the debated Twitter Blue, to how Musk's extreme cost-cutting measures, Musk made headlines because of the quick pace Twitter is introducing new features, and ditching them, just as quick.

Dorsey previously apologized for growing the company “too quickly” after Musk embarked on layoffs that reduced the company by around 50%, but again, Twitter is a company, and that it has to make profit.

Dorsey did not take responsibility for Musk’s acquisition of the company, arguing that “every company is for sale to the highest bidder.”

"If Elon or anyone wanted to buy the company, all they had to do was name a price that the board felt was better than what the company could do independently. This is true for every public company. Was I optimistic? Yes. Did I have final say? No. I think he should have walked away and paid the $1b."

"I wish the board would not have forced the sale. Maybe there was a chance, but now we’ll never know."