Apple Should Build an Android Phone

Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple Inc.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, referred frequently by the nickname "Woz", does not work for Apple since a very long time. But Wozniak is known to comment on technologies, including Apple that he co-founded with Steve Jobs. And he's never afraid to express his opinion.

Wozniak suggested something that may be a "horror" to Apple fanatics: He said that Apple should make an Android phone.

This isn't the first time in which Wozniak has spoken openly about his thoughts on Apple and Android-related affairs, but his perspective on the tech industry is always interesting to hear.

"We could compete very well," he said. "People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings. We could play in two arenas at the same time."

Wozniak also spoke about artificial intelligence and gadget innovations. But that part about Apple crossing the border to implement Android is like accepting that Google is doing better (or at least as good as Apple).

According to Wozniak, Apple has been rather fortunate in the last decade with the massive success of the iPhone and iPad. "A whole new category of product doesn't happen very often," said Wozniak. If it can’t create another new category, then Apple will have to face some tough decisions - such as releasing an Android phone.

Wozniak thinks that BlackBerry could've saved itself if it had been using Android, rather than developing its own OS. "BlackBerry’s very sad for me. I think it's probably too late now [for an Android-based phone]."

Whether building an iPhone with Android would be a good business or not, Apple would never allow it. Not to mention Steve Jobs personal "hatred" with Google's executives and his fight against his adversary Microsoft and Bill Gates.

The open nature of Google’s mobile operating system allows for brands like Samsung and HTC to modify Android into different OS versions of their own (customized front-end touch interface). iPhones and iPads can't do that. In fact, no Apple mobile device or Mac computer, meanwhile, has ever been built to run a third-party software platform. Instead, Apple is known for maintaining synergy between hardware and software development, with both designed in-house from the ground up by Apple's team. For that reason, iOS and OS X are not licensed for use with other hardware manufacturers.

Wozniak's comments has certainly raised eyebrows. But this isn't the first time Wozniak said controversies. During the unveiling of iPad Air and iPad Mini, Wozniak stated that "I am constantly following the gadget world but I was on a plane and missed all of the keynote but when I finally took a look at the devices, the iPads didn’t hit my needs."

When he was asked whether he would be in line to have one for himself during the launch day, Wozniak that had received the National Medal of Technology from U.S. President Ronald Reagan said that he wasn’t so impressed with how thin the devices were, and that he was hoping for a 256GB model.

In February 2013, Wozniak told German economic news site Wirtschafts Woche that Apple is "in my opinion is somewhat behind."

"Others have caught up," he explained. "Samsung is a great competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products."

But, even with his willingness to speak his minds out, Wozniak's support and mind dedication seem to remain with the company he co-founded in 1976. In the recent chat with Wired, he explained that innovation and packing in features are not necessarily synonymous, this time criticizing Samsung.

This can also be seen from Wozniak's harsh words for Microsoft's lack of innovation: "Microsoft sat there for decades, saying, 'We’re the company of innovation, innovation, innovation.' And I never saw anything compared to what Apple was doing."

"You pick up a Samsung phone and say smile and it takes a picture, but how much innovation is that? That’s just throwing in a lot of features," Wozniak said. "People don't really choose their smartphones based on features. I think Apple is superior at being able to say no."

Although the chances that Apple to ever produce an Android-powered devices are most likely to be impossible. But what Wozniak is trying to say is: If there ever comes a time when Apple realizes it has to make an Android phone to survive, it might already be too late, just like BlackBerry.