'I Can’t Tell The Difference' Between Newer iPhones

Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder of Apple Inc.

Unlike many other things in life, technology is something that many people want to keep up with. This is because each time a newer version of some technology is introduced, there should be some new things there.

From new design to new functionalities, to even new gimmicks. And these changes tend to correspond to the trends.

Apple is the giant tech company from the U.S., and it's among the handful of tech companies that can really control the ecosystem they are conducting their business on, in a market where the world is depending on.

And for Apple, its business in the mobile industry is well established.

But for its co-founder, Steve Wozniak, is not really impressed with newer versions of iPhones and Apple Watch models.

Speaking to Yahoo! Finance, he said that:

"I got the new iPhone. I can’t tell the difference, really. The software that’s in it applies to older iPhones, I presume, and that’s the good part."

"I got the new (Apple) watch, I can't tell the difference. And there's the new computer I've been so busy I've had no time to open it yet."

Steve Wozniak

Wozniak was the tech mastermind, who founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976.

As someone who built the first Apple device and the Apple II computer, Wozniak knows for sure that creating innovative product is the key of success.

But as Apple matures and at times, Apple may fall short of expectations.

When asked that from a product design perspective, that "there were a few complaints with this latest product cycle," referring to the newer Apple products, which some people felt didn’t offer "enough new bells and whistles," Wozniak agrees.

And when he is told that "it’s hard to reinvent the wheel every single time," Wozniak again agrees.

He said that "in technology, you always want to kind of keep up with the newest, and sometimes you’re five years behind, seven years behind […] and that’s where the sales come from."

But still, Wozniak remains true to Apple's vision, and that after seeing the company he helped built became one of the most profitable in the world, Wozniak couldn't feel less proud.

"I’m glad that Apple is such a healthy company," he said.

"We’re a company that actually managed to keep our name."

While Wozniak has left Apple since a very long time, he is still busying himself with technology.

And because of that, he is never afraid to express his opinions, even when at times, his thoughts can go against Apple.

For example, Wozniak once suggested something that Apple should make an Android phone, and that big tech companies have gotten too big that they have "taken our choices away".

He even went against Apple's power-driven monopolistic mindset that is keeping repair technicians from tinkering with its hardware.

Even as a person who has his name closely tied to Apple, Wozniak is not shy to voice his thoughts

Unlike Jobs, Wozniak has a deep passion for technology, especially in engineering, and is not a marketer.

Despite saying some things that may not be the best interest of Apple, Wozniak still thinks Apple is "the best of the companies."

Among the reasons, this is because much of Apple's revenue comes from selling products rather than tracking people.