Technology Changes Trends, And Trends Will Change Technology. It Is How Time Forces Us To Move Forward

Hafiz Rahman S.
Founder of Eyerys

Not that we've hated something before that will prevent us from liking it in the future.

Trend changes, and so does technology. When a something that we've never seen, heard or thought of before, has been introduced, most of us will become alienated by it. While it's an innovation created to aid us, we may feel threatened and scared. We put on our defense mode to prevent that particular thing to disturb us.

We were curious, but also intimidated at the same time. We were familiar with the world we lived on, and that didn't necessarily make us able to embrace new things we had no idea what it does or what it's capable of doing. Some of us go further to even hate it.

But as time passes, trends will change. And by that time, the thing that scared us, may eventually turn into one common thing. It's becoming a hype. We're not hating it anymore, in fact, we may fall in love with it.

So trends can change technology, and in turn technology will change the trends. This is why our society kept on transforming. Powerful trends are reshaping our views on things as well as how businesses work. It drives new technologies to emerge, shifting the talent needs and most of all, changing our behavior and perceptive.

Here we see that us humans tend to overestimate what we can do in a day, but underestimate what we can do in a year, and have no idea what will happen in a decade.

Hafiz Rahman Sukarni

One example is when Google that built its empire by creating a search engine. As the most sophisticated of its kind, it made us curious but happy. But it scared us of what it can do.

When it introduced location-sharing for its Maps app, we're happy. But that feature is similar to Latitude, a product Google had in the past that had a very similar feature, but scared us. The same goes with Snapchat's glasses. It thrills us and made a great debut. But that moment wasn't long after Google failed with Google Glass due to privacy concerns.

As time passes, new technologies that are based on older technologies rise, decaying others that won't follow. There is no reason to say that trends don't have a role here.

We demand faster things. Better and most sophisticated but yet still simple to use. We want automation to aid tasks; we become happier as we become lazier. We develop and pay for things that put us forward to the future by introducing more distraction.

This is the race to connect everything. We have smartphones, and yes we are having IoT. We want self-driving cars and robots to do our labor. There is no doubt that technology is giving us a greater sense of independence. The influence of technology towards trends is keeping us glued to screens.

Not just to specific fields, closer analysis conclude that the scale of technology affects everything that include economic growth, globalization, political and individual change.

Regardless of your industry, it's essential to consider the impact of these changes on your work. Changes happen, happened and will happen. They can start either from new emerging technologies, or the needs for us to change because we just want to move forward.