Google Is 'Crazy' And Apple 'Must Be Stopped'

Tim Sweeney
Founder and CEO of Epic Games, Inc.

On mobile, the market is pretty much conquered by two titans: Google with its Android operating system, and Apple with iOS.

The two tech companies are in a never-ending war for supremacy. However, in the war waged between the two, the two companies are also in it together, having each other's backs in the largest duopoly the tech industry has even seen.

Billions and billions of dollars can be made in this industry every single year, and the two companies are sharing their trophy.

While both Google and Apple have created the foundations where developers can thrive with their businesses, the industry is pretty much a one way street.

And that street is only for Google and Apple to earn a fortune, regardless of how the millions of mobile apps perform and compete.

Epic Games is the developer of Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale game online game.

And its CEO, Tim Sweeney, is not a big fan of either Google or Apple.

Tim Sweeney

During the Global Conference for Mobile Application Ecosystem Fairness in Seoul, South Korea, Sweeney said that:

"Apple locks a billion users into one store and payment processor"

"Now Apple complies with oppressive foreign laws, which surveil users and deprive them of political rights. But Apple is ignoring laws passed by Korea’s democracy. Apple must be stopped."

And as for Google, Sneeney said that Google that charges fees on payments it doesn't process is "crazy."

During the event, he praised Korea for leading the fight against anti-competitive practices.

"I'm very proud to stand up against these monopolies with you. I'm proud to stand with you and say I'm a Korean."

"What the world really needs now is a single store that works with all platforms [...] "

"Right now software ownership is fragmented between the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play marketplace, different stores on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, and then Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store."

Epic has been locked in a legal fight with Apple and Google after it forced the issue of how payments within their app stores are handled by releasing a version of its global hit game Fortnite that included its own system where players can buy in-game items.

Epic did this in order to not pay for the fees.

While from a business standpoint, Apple and Google do have a very successful business model, from Sweeney's perspective, the two just greedy.

When Fortnite was removed from both the App Store and Play Store for breaching their rules, Sweeney started suing the two operators.

Sweeney argues that Apple's and Google's "policies are so restrictive that if the worldwide web had been embedded after the smartphone, then Apple and Google would have blocked all web browsers from being released on their platforms."

"There’s a store market, there’s a payments market, and there are many other related markets," he said. "And it’s critical that antitrust enforcement not allow a monopolist in one market to use their control of that market to impose control over unrelated markets."

On their defense, both Apple and Google have consistently said that the fees that charge from users' purchase via their respective app store are meant to provide the security needed for users and a global audience for developers.