With An Update, Google Drive Can Finally Deal With Spammers

Google Drive, phishing

While not everyone uses it, considering that there are plenty of others providing similar features, Google Drive is one very capable service.

However, it's known to have spammers that can be at times, extremely annoying. As a cloud storage where users can share files and documents, there are those times when people just share things others don't like. And when that happens, Google Drive will pop up a notification to the recipients, and sending them emails.

Blocking those pesky spammers is possible, but users still have to see the spam when they click on the 'Shared' section of Google Drive.

The reason this happens is because Google Drive was not built with a proper spam protection system, as because back in the days of early cloud storage, spamming was not yet a thing.

This is why spam-management tools was not "a priority."

In the modern days of internet and sharing, spamming is now a thing, and this is why Google is updating Google Drive with the long-awaited, and the long overdue, spam protection system.

In the past, anyone can share a Drive file with anyone, as long as they know the intended recipient's email address.

And files or documents that have been shared with others, will show up inside the 'Shared' section of Google Drive, even without the recipient's consent.

There's no way to turn off sharing, to limit sharing to approved people, or to limit it to existing contacts.

Google Drive sharing feature is a very powerful tool, but it's also a free-for-all feature that definitely attracts spammers and alike.

Google officially acknowledged Google Drive spam issues back in 2019.

In 2021, two years later, Google is finally giving the spam tools Google Drive has long needed.

Users can access this tool by clicking the menu button next to the item and choose 'block user'.

Google Drive, spam block

This tool works in a similar fashion to email spam protection system on Gmail.

However, while Gmail has a very capable AI-powered protection system, Google-side filters for obvious scams, a "spam" inbox for questionable items, and advanced filter rules that anyone can write, Drive's spam tool is the most basic of spam tools.

It only allows users to block others.

However, this should still be useful, knowing that it can prevent others from sharing contents with users who wish to not be bothered by spam.

When the feature is turned on, Google Drive will automatically remove all shares between the user and the blocked person, and block them across several other Google services.

"Google Drive enables both individuals and organizations to store, share, and collaborate from anywhere. Drive’s sharing capabilities fuel productivity and collaboration, but bad actors can abuse tools that are meant to facilitate helpful sharing. That’s why it’s important to have the necessary security controls in place to fend off these sharing threats. Today, we’re announcing user blocking in Drive to do just that," Google said in a blog post.

"User blocking will not only preserve Drive sharing’s helpfulness, but most importantly preserve the safety of Drive users."