Teenage Girl Raped And Stuffed With A Hoe, And How People Memed It For Laughs


In Indonesia, an archipelago country in Southeast Asia, a girl was found dead, naked, covered in her own blood, and with her genital stuffed with a hoe.

Her name was Eno Farihah, a 19-year-old teenager, an employee of a plastic factory in Kosambi, Tangerang District.

The unfortunate girl was murdered after she was gang-raped by three men at her boarding house.

Because Eno was absent from work for three days, her friends decided to go and visit her, thinking that she was sick. Eno who lived alone, didn't return their calls, and her friends were worried.

When her friends arrived at the dorm and in front of her room, they found that the door was locked. They knocked and no one answered. Feeling suspicious, they decided to inform the security to break down the door.

This was when they found that the room was a mess.

Beneath the pile of clothes and pillows, was a bed at the corner left-hand side of the room. And this was where they saw a leg protruding.

This was when they found Eno's body, gruesomely murdered with a garden hoe up her genital.

Eno Farihah
Eno Farihah, a photo taken from her Facebook profile.
“Victim didn’t appear in her work place. 3 of her friends, Firtroh, Eroh and Novi then went to her house to check on her. They found the house in a mess…”

The police soon arrived, and Eno was taken for autopsy. And things from here go from bad to worse.

Analyzing her body, the police found semen, among other bodily fluids, proving that Eno was raped. And worse, the hoe that was stuffed deep into her genital, went up 60 cm to her abdomen, and even puncturing one of her lungs.

Tangerang’s Police had captured 3 suspects, where one of them was the victim’s boyfriend, Rahmat Arifin.

Rahmat and Eno only knew each other for about a month, and that one night, Rahmat decided to meet up with her in her boarding house.

After being investigated, it was realized that Rahmat, who was at the time Eno’s boyfriend, had the motive to kill her. This is because Eno rejected him when he wanted sex.

Eno, a Indonesia University of Education (UPI) graduate, refused her boyfriend's advances that day, because she was afraid of being pregnant.

At the tine, Rahmat who was still a student at a neighboring junior high school, their relationship was not recognized by Eno's parents.

It's worth noting that Rahmat went to Eno's boarding house because he heard that Eno's parents had a marriage plan for her with a man of their choice, and Eno was willing to go ahead with that plan.

At first, all Rahmat wanted was one last meeting and a goodbye kiss.

Eno agreed, believing that no harm would come from fulfilling such an innocent request. This was the reason why she invited him over to her room at her women-only dormitory.

But that night, the two were practically alone because the boarding house was quite vacant. And this was when Rahmat wanted more than just a kiss. Rahmat also wanted sex.

Eno refused him, just when Rahmat began to undress her.

This angered Rahmat so much that he left the house furiously. After awhile, he came back with two men he just knew that night.

Together, the men barged into Eno's room.

It was raining at the time, and nobody could hear her scream.

A photo of the X-ray image of Eno Farihah's torso, showing how far up the hoe went.
A photo of the X-ray image of Eno Farihah's torso, showing how far up the hoe went.

Eno was lying on her bed in her nightwear, which was a black tank top.

The three men who caught the unsuspecting Eno inside her room, quickly held her down, and started torturing her.

To prevent her from screaming, one of the men covered her face with a pillow, while the other started looking for a knife in the kitchen.

Because a knife couldn't be found, the suspect grabbed a fork, to then use the utensil to scar Eno's face. The person also took a garden hoe.

In the meantime, another culprit continued smothering her.

But realizing that Eno was still able to resist and fight back, one of the culprits who took the hoe hit her on the head.

This was when Eno lost her strength. The men took this as an advantage, and an opportunity to start raping her.

First, two men gang-raped her at the same time, while Rahmat stood guard. When the two were done and it was Rahmat's turn, he stopped short after seeing his girlfriend's bleeding face that turned him off.

So, instead of having sexual intercourse, he bit Eno on her breasts and legs. He did this hard enough that he left imprints of his teeth.

After they were all done, one of the culprits shoved the garden hoe, handle first, up Eno's genital. As far up it could go, the handle stopped when it hit the cervix.

Because that was not enough, one of the culprits then kicked the blade part of the hoe as hard as he could, impaling Eno, killing her.

Eno Farihah
A censored photo of Eno Farihah on her bed, where her leg was found protruding beneath a pile of clothes to mask the scent of her death.
Eno Farihah
Eno Farihah, censored, with a garden hoe impaling her from below.

After the three confirmed that Eno has died, they raided her belongings, and took her mobile device. They then took turn to wash themselves in the bathroom to get rid of Eno's blood.

Then, they took out Eno's clothes and others from the closet and her room, and pile everything on top on Eno's body, in order to mask the scent.

After that, the three locked the door from the outside, and threw the key to room back inside through an air ventilation located near the door.

The three killers then fled the scene as if nothing happened.

Fortunately, Rahmat, Arif and Imam were easily tracked down and arrested a few days later.

The police managed to gather enough evidence to bring them to custody, including witnesses’ accounts and remnants of her blood in their house. The police also found that one of the murderers was keeping Eno's mobile phone.

It's worth noting that the investigation would have gone much longer had there not been an abundance of sperm left in Eno’s room.

A photo of the X-ray image of Eno Farihah's torso, showing how far up the hoe went.
A photo of the garden hoe. From the discoloring of the handle, it can be seen how far up it went inside Eno Farihah's body.

"During my work homicide, this is the most sadistic," said Police Director Krishna Murti.

Krishna also revealed that the autopsy report from Tangerang District Hospital, confirmed that Eno's death was caused by a blunt object puncturing her internal organs.

"From the results of the X-rays we can see how the position of the handle of the hoe that damaged the victim's organs inside," said Kasubdit Resmob Ditreskrimum City Police Superintendent Eko Budi Santoso.

Chief of Unit V Subdit Resmob Ditreskrimum City Police Commissioner Handik Zusen said that in addition to damaging Eno's genital, the hoe's handle also punctured her pelvis and abdominal cavity, and also ripped her heart, tearing her right chest cavity, and went straight through her right lung, with the wound accompanied by bleeding in the chest cavity.

"Judging from the results of the CT scan in the hospital, the hoe's handle went straight up to the right chest, as high as fifth rib," Handik said.

It was reported that the three culprits didn't know each other before the murder.

The three murderers of Eno Farihah detained by the police.
The three murderers of Eno Farihah detained by the police.

One was Eno's boyfriend, the other was just another person staying at the boarding house, and the last was an admirer of Eno. The three men however, were heartbroken by Eno for different reasons.

Rahmat admitted that his motive for torturing and killing his girlfriend was out of jealousy over her arranged marriage with another man, and that he was only further angered by her rejections to his sexual advances onto her.

They only planned the rape and murder after the three met each other, and realized that Eno had hurt them all.

The Tangerang District Court rendered death penalty to two suspects of Eno's murder case, Rahmat and Imam.

"[The court] imposed death penalty to two of the defendants, Imam and Arifin," panel of judges chairman M. Irfan Siregar said during the reading of the verdict, on February 8th, 2017.

The decision followed the judges who said that the two men were legally proven to have committed premediated murder and rape. The defendants’ legal counsel attempted to appeal the sentence, but the verdict remained the same as the prosecutor’s demands.

The judges considered death penalty since the defendants were sadistic and vile, caused trauma to the victim's family, refused to plead guilty, and did not regret their action.

There is no way for them to be proven innocent, considering that the crime scene were filled with fingerprints, saliva, sperm and others that point to the culprits.

According to reports, it was said that the two defendants seemed calm and did not even show any emotions.

People demanded death sentence for Rahmat
People demanded death sentence for Rahmat.

As for Rahmat, he was also legally and convincingly involved in the murder of Eno. However, he was legally not of age, and because of that, he received only 10 years of imprisonment.

This angered Eno's family and hundreds of others, who were mostly youths and Eno's friends.

They swarmed the court, in search for Rahmat. They considered 10 years punishment for Rahmat not enough, and because of that, they want to bring justice to their own hands.

The police rushed to protect the courtroom, where angry mobs started hurling rocks in anger. The police quickly escorted Rahmat and his lawyer out of the building, before attempting to calm the crowd.

After the case was closed, things got eerily quiet.

The same goes to the boarding house where Eno was last seen alive.

Eno's death promptly emptied out the female-only dormitory. None of the residents wanted to stay there as their thoughts often strayed to Eno and the pain she went through. Some of the residents opted to move to nearby dormitories where they say they felt safer there.

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Eno Farihah
Some people recreated the scene as memes, and posted it on social media "just for laughs."

Eno's death was made an intense national debate, as her killing was one of the most sadistic murder cases in Indonesia.

It also brought the dated notion of sexism and violence against women in the country.

And because the case was made public, and also published by many foreign news agencies, the case also went viral on the internet.

Using several superficial aspect of media coverage on Eno’s case, many have made the case a meme, simply because of the murderers' utilization of a hoe for the murder.

Particularly from social media users in Malaysia, many have recreated the scene, by using household objects, and lying on them as if the objects are impaling them.

Some of the meme creators said that the memes basically imply that any women who violate practices identifiable with certain religion is subject to similar act of violence which befalls Eno.

But in reality, the memes were made just for laughs by the creators.

This was something considered heartless and senseless by many others, especially by people in Indonesia.

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