The Viral 'Baby Alien Fan Van' Sex Video Because The Internet Is Drawn To Peculiar-Looking People


In the world of social media, it's all about visibility and fame, and post engagement.

Sometimes, people would do anything to get views and likes. And in the vast landscape and tough competition, one particular social media celebrity stands out.

Yabdil Cotto was born in 1999. Also known by the name 'Baby Alien', Cotto is a unique man.

On the web, he's famous for being humorous, and enjoying life as it is. He first became active on Instagram in 2021, and on TikTok in 2022.

But what further put his name higher up, happens when he found himself engaged in a conversation that put him in the adult entertainment.

In 2023, a short video featuring Cotto by Fan Van (FanBus) made him viral to a whole different level.

FanBus, where people confess their sexual stories, Cotto said that at 23, he was still a virgin because he is very short and people "underestimate" him.

In the video, he couldn't help it due to his appearance.

FanBus agreed and made a deal with Cotto, saying that they would find him a girl to help him lose his virginity.

He could only wish to have a woman that would give him the sexual encounter he longed for.

Then, Cotto was invited to hear that a lot of women actually wanted to help him lose his virginity, and one in particular, was Ari Alectra.

In a video provided by FanBus, the woman said that she would love to help Cotto out.

Cotto was asked what would he do if she was there, to which he flicked his tongue in a sexually suggestive manner.

The adult content creator was actually hiding behind the seat Cotto was sitting, and surprised him when she came out from her hiding.

This made Cotto nervous that his hands were shaking.

He even ran outside to calm himself.

A clip of Baby Alien bursting into tears upon hearing the news went viral as well.

In the world of digital canvas, when contents are the brushes that color the internet, Baby Alien likely drew the attention of internet users due to the internet's tendency to be drawn to peculiar-looking people.

And in this case, he and FanBus made use of the story that he had never been intimate with another woman before, to make a content that is highly sought-after.

Here, FanBus supposedly arranged for Baby Alien to "lose his virginity" with the aid of the adult actress.

Baby Alien
Screenshot of the viral video, showing Cotto giving Ari Alectra from behind in FanBus' van (blurred and cropped)

When the moment came, FanBus did what it promised, in which it hosted the van as the place where Cotto supposedly lose his virginity.

In the video, which took the internet by storm, showed how Cotto engaged in various sex acts with Alectra.

The whole video is about 16 minutes long, and on social media, the video has been broken to shorter parts.

Since the video was uploaded, the video titled 'Baby Alien Fan Van' quickly became a hot topic on various social media platforms, particularly on Twitter and Reddit.

It's worth noting that the virality of Baby Alien Fan Van coincides with the revelation of two alien corpses in Mexico, which also made headlines and went viral.

The virality of the Baby Alien Fan Van' sex video that shows Cotto and Alectra engaging in coitus enticed FanBus to create yet another video of Cotto.

For the story part, it's said that Cotto is no longer together with Alectra, since she was jealous of the attention Cotto received. They broke up, and Cotto is single again.

FanBus arranged another session with Cotto, for him to make another video

But unlike the first one, this time, Cotto stars in the pornographic video with two women, simultaneously.

The video shows Cotto engaged in sex acts with Gem Jewels and Lacey Jayne.

The video in question, stitched with the one that co-stars Alectra, is around 45 minutes long.

There is also another video, where Cotto stars with both Big Dlow and Diamond Franco.

Unlike the first video, the second and third video received much less attention.

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Following this, FanBus made another hit, by having "Baby Alien’s sister" onboard, named Kelsey Lawrence.

Baby Alien has maintained a high level of privacy when it comes to his family. But despite rumors circulating online, and whether or not Kelsey is Cotto’s sister. Kelsey is an Instagram influencer and TikToker.

Kelsey regularly collaborates with other content creators and is recognized for her expertise in beauty-related content.

She is said to be Cotto's sister because she also has dwarfism disorder, a condition she openly discusses in a video where she addresses others’ comments about her height, expressing her resilience against such judgments.

Due to their shared physical condition, some individuals may have speculated that Kelsey is related to Cotto.

And this is taken into advantage by FanBus.

Kelsey Lawrence meets Dabb for the first time inside the FanBus van.
Kelsey Lawrence meets Dabb for the first time inside the FanBus van.

It's said that Kelsey is sexually attracted to a man called Dabb, and that they are then engaged in intimate activities inside a van.

In the video, Kelsey eagerly waited on the bus while Dabb entered through the back door. Their initial interaction appeared warm and friendly, although just like Baby Alien's videos, their sincerety exchange was questioned, with some people suggesting that it might have been staged for attention.

Following their conversation, they proceeded to film explicit content.

Fan Van is again criticized for exploiting influencers and their followers to garner views and profits.

But regardless of the attempt, this video didn't get that much traction either, and still cannot compare to Cotto's first video.