The Internet, Bromidrophilia, And The People That Sell Their Used Underwear For Fetishists

It's normal for anyone to feel insecure about the way their body smells.

And judging but the amount of cleaning products for vaginas, it seems that the female genitalia is one of the major sources of that insecurity. But the thing is, unless a medical condition is changing the way it smells, there's no reason not to embrace that scent.

Not only is it natural, but it's probably a turn on.

Not for just their sexual partner, but also to fetishists out there.

Due to this fact, people have been using the internet to sell their used underwear to those who want them, most of which are unwashed, to earn money.

The stinkier, the more it's stained, the higher the price tag.

Panty smelling

The business that is based on a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ basis, is win-win solution.

However, there is more than just that, because selling used underwear to provide odor to the besniffer, involves gambling with privacy, and providing an answer to a big question mark from to those who aren't familiar to the darker sides of humanity, and the relatively unknown corners of the web.

One of the earliest documented cases of bromidrophilia, the paraphilia is where individual finds the natural body odors of people to be the most arousing erotic stimulus imaginable, would be Napoleon Bonaparte.

The famous French emperor and military commander who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars, is said to once wrote his wife to keep her underside as it is.

"Coming home soon; don’t wash," he said.

Those people with bromidrophilia love to have their sense of smell to be to be tickled by pungent effluvia.

From the smell of the crotch, to the vagina and its natural discharge, to the anus, some people are aroused by the scent.

This is because to those people, the smell is not supposed to smell like skin, an arm, or an elbow. To them, it’s supposed to smell like the inside of a person’s otherwise unseen. And that is the intimacy of it.

When it comes to sexual fantasies and kinkiness, and some of those involved may border on certain mental illnesses, some of the people simply love sniffing genitals because the scent is natural, and can bring up their primal, animalistic urges.

To some people, it's also arousing because there's taboo involved: the society has taught that bodily smells are bad.

To those who wish to smell the scent of others they don't know, the most obvious thing they can do, is to get their hands, or nose, on the closest thing a genitalia gets in contact with: the underwear.

However, this can be dangerous, since there are many cases when someone's nasal affections for strong-smelling individuals led to some serious legal troubles.

To ensure anonymity, and safety, people have to resort to other means.

Pubic hair illustration.

While bromidrophilia is quite common, it's pretty much unknown.

The sale of used panties online gained popularity in the early 2000s, primarily in Japan, through what's called burusera..

When the phenomenon started, it quickly became a niche market within the broader adult entertainment industry.

What began as shops selling used girl's gym suits and school uniforms, they began selling other goods procured from schoolgirls, including undergarments, school swimsuits for physical education, socks, stationery, sanitary napkins and tampons.

The clothes are often accompanied by ostensibly genuine photos of the girls wearing them.

The clients are typically men who use the items for sexual arousal or stimulation, or gratification.

Then, after mobile phones came into play, many "sellers" could directly reach their "buyers," and vice versa.

Then, after the internet became an emerging technology, websites were set up, and online platforms emerged to aid these individuals, predominantly women, so they could sell their used underwear to buyers interested in this specific fetish.

The practice gained attention due to its unique nature and the anonymity provided by the internet, allowing sellers and buyers to connect without revealing their identities.

Over time, the trend expanded beyond Japan and became more prevalent in other countries, facilitated by the global reach of the internet and the growing acceptance of various adult-oriented markets online.

Panty smelling

According to claims from those who sell their used undies, they can earn thousands of dollars per month.

Prices vary, and custom requests can make the prices go a lot higher.

The anonymous, low-hassle nature of the work can be especially appealing to those looking for a side hustle.

But there are a few things to consider.

First, the sale of used panties online exists within a legal gray area in many jurisdictions, as regulations regarding the sale of personal items, adult content, and potential health concerns vary widely.

As such, individuals interested in participating in or exploring this market should exercise caution and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Second, some dedicated websites and platforms that provide the marketplace often operate using a subscription model, or revenue-sharing model.

Third, privacy can also be compromised. Like when the buyer is willing to buy the undergarment via cash-on-delivery, dealing with stalkers, or when someone who is eager enough to analyze the DNA to trace the owner of the used underwear.

But for those who don't care much about privacy, some models have been selling their used undergarments on the internet through social media, marketing them through platforms, like OnlyFans.

The more famous the models are, the higher the demand, the higher the price.