Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO process. Customers search with keywords for a specific product or towards a website. If a site exists without SEO optimization there is every possibility that site's marketing efforts will fail as a result business objective is tough to meet and return on investment gets delayed.

Keyword research analysis should be done carefully. Say for example if a site is selling designer items a thorough study should be done on peoples search behavior based on parameters like country, cost, specific product, people’s attitude and a host of factors.

There are heaps of tools available in the market to do best keyword analysis. An effective keyword is the key to any successful SEO campaign. Free tools, which are available in the market, are to give only instant results not a long lasting result. It is advisable to always select keywords based on research and analysis done by a SEO professional.

Long tail keywords are less competitive while short keywords are more popular, less generic terms bring more traffic to the site than keyword phrases. Niche keywords for each pages of the website are the need of the hour. People get carried away in selecting the right keyword. One should avoid keyword stuffing to avoid getting lesser rank in search engines.

Keyword research should be focused and specific with two to five keywords on every page of the website. People use same keyword and put Meta tags on every page of the website, which won’t yield any fruitful results. Even though English is spoken in countries like United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, they way people pronounce and write words differ which have an impact on selecting the appropriate keyword.

Once when effective keywords are narrowed down the effectiveness of the keywords is measured by doing competitive analysis and position. Do the other sites with keywords are truly your competitor's.Are the keyword relevant to industry standards. Does the keyword listed matches with the services of the website? Are the questions to be asked. These analyses are must for the website, which are often not considered during appropriate keywords selection.

Keyword research is an ongoing process. Keyword position varies in search engines based on peoples search. One should closely watch its position. Accurate keyword analysis is the need of the hour. Website owner should keep track of a keyword apart from SEO expert to have first hand knowledge of what’s happening behind the marketing efforts of the site.

An optimized site with effective keywords is the need of the hour to yield desired result for a keyword. Professional web developers has an expert team in SEO which provides effective keyword research and analysis.