Apple launches 'Develop in Swift', Where Developers Can Learn How To Code For Its Platforms

Apple, Develop in Swift

As of its 2024 WWDC, Apple is getting ready for the big event.

And here, the company launched a webpage it calls the 'Develop in Swift Tutorials'. There, developers can get the tutorials they need to develop apps with Xcode, Swift, and Swift UI.

According to Apple, the tutorials that are available on Apple website's subdomain are "for everyone," even those who have no prior coding experience.

This is because the webpage is is packed with guides to guide new developers how to install Xcode and start their first Swift project.

According to Tim Sneath, Apple’s head of developer tools marketing:

"Today we’re announcing a new set of tutorials for students taking their first steps into coding with Swift and SwiftUI! You don’t need prior coding experience to use these tutorials, so they’re a great foundational."

The tutorials include:

  1. SwiftUI foundations, to allow developers to become familiar with the tools and technologies you’ll use to create apps. Chapters include: Explore Xcode, Views, structures, and properties, Layout and style, Buttons and state, and Lists and text fields.
  2. Data modeling, to teach how to use SwiftData to store and load information for apps. Tutorials include: Models and persistence, Data editing and navigation, and Relationships and queries.
  3. Spatial computing, to provide information about how to design app experiences for spatial computing. Tutorials include: Windows in visionOS. and Volumes in visionOS.

For starters, there are step-by-step tutorials showing how to download and install Xcode, create a new project, and even build a simple app.

Apple also encourages learners to change the code themselves to experiment with different results.

"The text and colors in the project are just suggestions, so feel free to make it your own by changing the words and style," the webpage reads.

Apple, Develop in Swift

What is worth highlighting here is that, there are tutorials dedicated to creating apps for visionOS, a mixed reality operating system derived primarily from iOS core frameworks (including UIKit, SwiftUI, ARKit and RealityKit), and MR-specific frameworks for foveated rendering and real-time interaction.

The operating system that is exclusive to the Apple Vision Pro, was first released during the shipping of the Apple headset device.

During the 2023's WWDC, Apple released 35 free virtual sessions covering visionOS development.

Later, Apple released Xcode 15 Beta 2, which was the first Xcode beta to include a software development kit for visionOS and Reality Composer Pro, a tool to create 3D content for visionOS.

Then, Xcode 15 was launched without these features, which were eventually added in Xcode 15.2 on January 8, 2024, the same day that Apple started accepting submissions for the visionOS App Store.