Twitter Becomes 'Chirpier', Encouraging Healthy Conversations By Starting Them First

Twitter is where many things happen. In real time, anything that happens in the real-world, can end up in Twitter.

But as a platform, Twitter has long used its official account with the handle @Twitter in a professional manner, meaning that Its tweets were mostly to address concerns and to introduce new things.

While the account has been posting almost comically remedial education to its user base since 2016, it rarely engage users to do something the platform really needs: healthy conversation.

This time, Twitter is changing, and that is by becoming 'chirpier'.

It's like Twitter in transforming by becoming a role model that encourages healthy conversation, by starting them first.

One example was when Twitter tweeted:

Users quickly followed by replying it a story one word at a time, with the rest left a bit confused. But what Twitter was actually doing, was tweeting a series of word, one thread at a time, to encourage conversation. Eventually reading: “The beginning of the end is near. Yay.”

Simple, but somehow hilarious, for a handle that rarely engage with users in a fun way.

Another example was when the Twitter account started a service-wide conversation around the meaning of users' Twitter handles. The tweet quickly went viral, with generating 7,000 replies. In a later tweet, a simple "tweet, tweet" tweet got tens of thousands of likes.

Twitter's Twitter account is handled by the company's marketing department which is led by Leslie Berland. It was Berland who spearheaded the effort to refine the company’s voice.

"We’re listening and learning a ton, and the team is having a blast," said a spokeswoman. "The goal is to have fun, bring everyone into the conversation, and celebrate the best of Twitter. It makes the world feel a little bit smaller."

More or less, Twitter is copying the trends that happened on its platform. While it never meant to be a place for people clowning around, Twitter always wanted a healthy platform where users can talk freely without hate. For this reason, Twitter is following the moves made by some popular accounts that use Twitter in a fun way.

This strategy should be useful since it also addresses a longstanding deficiency in the company, which is that Twitter employees generally do not post on Twitter very much.

The chirpier version of Twitter also comes at a time when the company's executives, led by CEO Jack Dorsey, are exploring more ways to make Twitter a better place.

Here, Twitter remains the old Larry the bird it used to be. But this time, it has a new character, and people are liking it.