MDPOPE, The Start Of The 'Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth' Saga


"The footage you are about to see is an electronic documentation of the worlds most darkest, obscene and shocking media. This film has been created to prove that my infamous name is not a joke. I set out to create the most disturbing place of media in the world and believe I have succeeded."

And certainly, it has reached that particular fame because MDPOPE, which stands for "Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth," is essentially a compilation of videos, meant to bring up the worst part of humanity.

Among others, it's created to induce the feeling of unfavorability, anxiety, hair-raising disgust, harrowing, gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing filth and distress.

None of the videos shown in MDPOPE is original, as all of them were gathered from existing footages, stitched together into long mixtapes.

At least to most people, MDPOPE isn't those kind of films people will like to see, alone or together, or ever.

MDPOPE first film.
The splash screen at the beginning of MDPOPE 1.

Among the many videos of MDPOPE, they include, and not limited to:

  • Elephantiasis of men's scrotum.
  • Coprophagia, or the consumption of feces, as well as coprophilia or scatophilia, or gaining sexual pleasure from feces, and urolagnia, which involves urine drinking, and more.
  • Emetophilia, or the act of being vomited on or watching others vomit.
  • Inserting fingers, hands, feet, or other objects, including living animals, into body orifices that include mouth, anus, penis, vagina, urethra and more.
  • Extensive penile, testicular and anal torment, as well as other forms of genital mutilation.
  • Footage taken from existing shocking videos, including 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, Funkytown, and 2 Girls 1 Cup, among others.
  • Accidents that involve decapitation, and results that depict the exposure of human flesh, blood, and organs.
  • Suicides as well as murders that are gory, or involving beheading, hanging, and firearms, including those at close blank range.
  • Mob lynchings and immolations.
  • A woman giving birth to a breech baby, all by herself.
  • The process of burial, like the Sky Burial in Tibet, where human corpses are prepared to be exposed to the elements or to be eaten by scavenging animals.
  • The mishandling of children.
  • A bunch of leaked sex tapes.
  • Sexual intercourse during period, and period blood consumption.
  • Animal cruelty, including Rabbit Crushing.
  • And many more.

While some of the videos can be faked, most if not all are certainly footage taken from either porn clips, leaked sex tapes, content from gore websites, amateur recordings and more.

Long story short, MDPOPE is a shockumentary.

Despite the mixtapes aren't actually more extreme than any other mixtape of its kind, it is considered by many, including its creator, to be the most disturbing film of all time.

This is because of its duration.

Whereas most shocking videos are only seconds or minutes long, distributed individually from one website to another, MDPOPE is a compilation of those short videos. What this means, the creator effectively creates a blend of pornography and gore that can be hours long.

1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.
1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.

There are at least three MDPOPE videos circulating on the web.

As the videos are meant to be shocking videos, MDPOPE videos are meant to disgust if not repel people.

Some people may find them interesting due to the fetish they have, but to most others, watching MDPOPE videos could just be an endurance test.

Funkytown murder
Blurred screenshots of Funkytown.

Since not that many people could literally stomach hours upon hours of viewing such shocking content, people have been referencing the so-called "dark web" as the source of the video.

Some people even said that MDPOPE videos include child pornography and other illegal material.

However, MDPOPE isn't entirely like that.

The only known entity behind the creation of the MDPOPE films, is the "director" who goes by the name Thomas Extreme Cinemagore, a name of an anonymous person.

2 Girls 1 Cup
A blurred screenshot of a scene at 2 Girls 1 Cup.

The first MDPOPE was released on February 13, 2013, and it consists of 61 clips. It was advertised as "147 minutes of insanely disturbing shock footage, all combined into one single piece of media."

The sequel of it, was released on March 2014, and has 115 clips. It is described as "Over three hours of the most disgusting and disturbing shock clips ever caught on camera. Guaranteed to be the sickest movie ever made in the history of cinema." S

The third film was released in 2019, and it consists of 325 clips. It's longer, and said to be even more disturbing than its two predecessors.

The first film is more into pornography, then gore, but the subsequent releases focus more on gore, then pornography.

MDPOPE 3, for example, is said to contain gore footage involving children, similar to Snuff R73, even more clips of necrophilia and zoophilia.

MDPOPE covers 1, 2, 3.
The covers for MDPOPE 1, MDPOPE 2, and MDPOPE 3.

MDPOPE films gained the attention of the general web population, when a Reddit user in 2021 uploaded a "Disturbing Movie Iceberg" which mentioned the series.

It's through this chart, that a number of YouTubers and other social media users, as well as bloggers started reviewing the films.

But again, due to the nature of the videos, MDPOPE videos went viral on the internet, but only to segmented groups.

Thomas Extreme Cinemagore effectively compiled two different genre, juxtaposing them, and blurring their boundaries.

It's worth noting that the second MDPOPE film had a trailer that contained audio from Daisy's Destruction, which has long been considered the infamous hurtcore child pornography series to have ever been uploaded to the internet.

Thomas Extreme Cinemagore planned to include the clip to their second film, but since the community begged them to remove the clip, Thomas Extreme Cinemagore finally agreed.

The iceberg shared on Reddit, showing some of the community's most disturbing films, ever.
The iceberg shared on Reddit, showing some of what the community regarded, as the most disturbing films, ever. And all MDPOPE films are amongst those at the very bottom.

However, Thomas Extreme Cinemagore was reported to the FBI, who then searched his place.

While the case was not made public, it's said that the person lived in his mother's house, and claims to suffer from edgy personality and being delusional.

Since none of the videos MDPOPE published are original, and that none of them are copyrighted materials, there is no way to clearly say how many MDPOPE videos are there, and whether anyone else has helped with the creation of the mixtapes.

Literally, anyone who can gather enough courage, can essentially download some gore videos, animal cruelty and animal pornographic clips, mix it with some Japanese scat pornography, and call it an MDPOPE.