Anthropic Introduces Claude 2.1 With 200,000 Tokens: Nearly Doubling GPT-4

Anthropic Claude 2.1

When piggybacking a hype, the only way to thrive is by moving fast.

At this time, the leader in terms of generative AI, is OpenAI. When it kickstarted the trend using ChatGPT, it literally created a new industry, where tech companies, old and new, compete in the newly lucrative market.

And Anthropic is one of those that wants to bring generative AI to more people.

Founded by former members of OpenAI in 2021, Anthropic has what it calls "Claude", which can do everything ChatGPT can, but without the "harmful outputs."

After upgrading to Claude 2, this time, Anthropic is updating to Claude 2.1.

And interestingly, the release coincides the implosion of its rival.

Claude 2.1 delivers major improvements to accuracy, honesty, and capabilities. In the announcement:

"Claude 2.1 delivers advancements in key capabilities for enterprises—including an industry-leading 200K token context window."

Since its launch, Claude has been a fierce competitor to ChatGPT.

As the industry advances, people start demanding for a larger context windows and more accurate outputs when working with long documents.

In response to this demand, Anthropic doubles the amount of information users can relay to Claude.

With Claude 2.1, the limit goes up to 200,000 tokens, which means that users can translate roughly 150,000 words, or more than 500 pages of materials.

This vastly outpaced OpenAI's GPT-4 model, which only boasts 120,000 token.

"Our users can now upload technical documentation like entire codebases, financial statements like S-1s, or even long literary works like The Iliad or The Odyssey," said Anthropic.

This way, users can deal with larger amount of data.

"Claude can summarize, perform Q&A, forecast trends, compare and contrast multiple documents, and much more," Anthropic added.

Claude 2.1 is also more "honest" than previous model, in which Anthropic said that it has a 2x decrease in false statements compared to the previous Claude 2.0 model.

According to its tests, "Claude 2.1 was significantly more likely to demur rather than provide incorrect information."

Anthropic Claude 2.1.

What's worth noting here, Claude made its move during the time OpenAI was facing an uncertain future.

After the surprise ouster of its CEO Sam Altman, the company literally imploded with internal protests and the resignation of some key people.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the tech industry, given OpenAI’s meteoric rise created by the launch of ChatGPT.

While Microsoft, the tech giant that is one of the biggest investors, stepped in to help settle things out, and that Altman is said to return to the company, competitor Anthropic is seizing the moment to release its own updated large language model.

Amid the turmoil surrounding OpenAI, Anthropic wants to present Claude 2.1 as a stable alternative.

Anthropic appears keen to capitalize on the instability at its main rival.

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