Instagram's Stories Add Live Video Replays: A Complement To The 'Hide Story From' Feature


Since people can't control the world they are in, live broadcasting can go to waste if few people actually tune in.

Instagram is popular for its photo-sharing platform. Having both Stories and Live video features increasingly popular, the company is adding a feature that allows users to replay their live videos for 24 hours. This can be useful when they're recording something interesting, but knowing that their audience is missing the action.

Instagram Stories boast more than 250 million daily users. Getting better with every updates, the feature is a mere copy from Snapchat.

In the age where blatant mimickry is rarely a crime, Instagram is able to make the feature work; competing in an even better league that Snapchat's own product.

In comparison, Instagram had 200 million Stories users in April 2017, and Snapchat which pioneered the feature, only had 166 million as of Q1 2017 withno dramatic increase.

Live Replay

Instagram's Stories are those ephemeral clips and pics that will disappear after just 24 hours. Shamelessly copied from Snapchat, the feature has become one of the best selling points of the platform.

The company also has a feature where users can hide Stories from specific people. Using a filtering feature, users can block one of more people from watching their Stories, without having to block them from the rest of their posts.

To use the feature, users can go straight into the 'Options' menu, tap the 'Story Settings', and select the 'Hide Story From'.

What users need to keep in mind is that, Hiding Stories is different that blocking people.