'Made On YouTube' And How Google Wants To Empower Creators With AI And More


The web is growing, and YouTube is growing significantly with it.

As the largest video-streaming website, YouTube has become the place where creators of all different backgrounds and levels of experience have pushed the bounds of creative expression. And this constantly amaze the web, and even YouTube itself.

And to constantly empower them, Google has some new goodies.

According to Google in a blog post:

" [...] we're unveiling a suite of products and features that will enable people to push the bounds of creative expression yet again — by making the difficult things simple, and the impossible dreams possible."

First up, are tools that are enhanced with AI.

With AI, YouTube wants to give creators the tools they need to help them come up with new ideas and reach new audiences. These tools include:

  1. AI-powered insights: YouTube Studio plans to use generative AI to spark video ideas and draft outlines to help creators brainstorm. The insights can be personalized for each channel and based on what audiences are already watching on YouTube. YouTube said that it has been testing a version of AI-powered tools in YouTube Studio with creators, and more than 70% of them said it’s helped them develop and test ideas for videos.
  2. Assistive Search in Creator Music: YouTube also plans to introduce an AI that can make it easier for creators to find a soundtrack for their videos. YouTube wants to allow creators to simply type in a description of their content and AI will suggest the right music at the right price.
  3. Automatic dubbing with Aloud: To help expand creators' audience, YouTube wants to introduce an AI that can automatically dub their content into different languages.

"The future of creation on YouTube is bright as we start to see how AI-powered tools can help transform people’s dreams into reality," said Google.

Next, include tools that make it easier for creators to create YouTube Shorts. According to YouTube, the YouTube Shorts format is seeing 70 billion view daily, from over 2 billion signed-in users every month.

For a product that was introduced only in 2020, it has since become the popular destination for sharing ideas and inspiration. Here, Google want to introduce two tools to help them out:

  1. Dream Screen: Initially as an experimental feature, it allows creators to create AI-generated video or image backgrounds for their Shorts. All they need to do, is simply type an idea into a prompt.
  2. YouTube Create: The tool is meant to streamline the process of video production. As a standalone mobile app, initially in beta, it allows creators to make video production for Shorts or longer videos simpler and easier, by giving them access editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that creators can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software.

Made On YouTube is essentially where YouTube envisions itself. It provides insight into what YouTube is dreaming up next.

And the five aforementioned tools are just the start.