The Redesign Google Account Sign-In Page: Underwhelming And Not So Exciting

Google redesigned sign-in page with Material Design

Google is one of the platforms on the web that has the most amount of users.

And because of that, it's certain that its sign-in page is also one the most visited pages on the web. After almost a decade, the page is finally getting an official make over, which introduces way too little.

It all began moments back, when users might have seen a message that "a new look is coming soon."

This time, the "more modern look and feel" is officially introduced.

The redesigned sign-in page boasts and slight Google’s Material Design 3 (also called Material You) refresh, and that things are made to align horizontally than vertically.

But that is just about it - the steps are pretty much the same.

The page also prompts user for their passwords, passkeys, or other authentication, which is just like the old one.

The change is so minor and introduces nothing significant, which signals that Google isn’t going fully passwordless just yet.

So here, though underwhelming, the update is just a refresh to make things a bit "new."

According to Google in a dedicated support page, the steps to sign in haven't change, and that users "enter the same information you usually do, like your email address and password."

"You use your account to sign in securely to the same Google services as before."

What's changed, is that "the new sign-in page has a better layout for all screen types, which includes large and wide screens. The sign-in page adjusts to your screen’s size."


The result of this, is an improved experience across many screen types, including large and wide screens, like the ones found inside a Pixel Fold or on a Pixel Tablet.

The change is strictly a visual change and does not affect any functionality in the sign in process.

Overall, this change should be less controversial than other Google changes that happened recently, like the addition of generative AI to its various products and services.

The redesign, which is introduced after almost six years of no change, is rolling out gradually to all users on both the web and mobile devices.

As explained on the FAQ page, both Workspace admins and users with personal Google accounts have no control over the rollout, which starts on February 21st, and is scheduled for completion on March 4th, 2024.