YouTube Introduces 'Continue Watching' Feature From Mobile To Desktop


The internet has evolved, and information is no longer restricted to just text and the abundance of images, as audio, as well as videos, are becoming increasingly popular.

And YouTube, the popular video platform, is among the most crowded place of them all. With hours worth of videos uploaded every minute, no one can ever keep up with the increasing amount of videos YouTube has in its massive database.

And with videos that can be hours long, there needs to be a way for users to continue what they're doing on one device, when they switch to another device.

That is what YouTube is introducing.

Calling it the 'continue watching' feature, users who watch YouTube videos on one of their devices, can continue watching the video from the exact spot on their other devices.

All they need to do, is sign in to the same account.

Previously, users could only do something similar by sharing a link, or manually browser their YouTube video history's Library. With 'continue watching,' users can switch from mobile to desktop playback instantaneously.

Initially made available to a number of users, the feature works when users watch any video on the YouTube app on Android or iOS, and exit before it finishes.

Signing in to the same account on a desktop computer and opening YouTube will open that same video as a mini-player at the bottom-corner of the screen.

Rather than showing the channel name as it usually does, however, 'continue watching" is displayed beneath the title.

If users wish to continue playback, they can select the play button and have that video continue in the mini-player.

Else, users can select the 'expand' button or the video title area to load that video on its own screen.

With the feature, users can switch devices, and load whatever video they were previously watching, and continue watching on their other devices, a second before the time they pressed the pause button.

This straightforward continuity feature also works if users paused what they were watching on YouTube for Android TV.

YouTube, continue watching

While YouTube remains the largest video platform on the web, it's having a tough competition from Facebook and its properties.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp aren't oriented to videos, but users are consuming videos on those platforms at an increasing pace.

YouTube is long known as the place where people can get lost in videos of every genre imaginable, from science and educational videos to video game streams, conspiracy theories, keeping up with their favorite vloggers, and the list goes on.

It's a rabbit hole, for both good and bad reasons.

And with 'continue watching', Google as the owner of YouTube, wants to ensure that users can have a more streamlined watching experience across all devices they have.

It should be noted that at this time, the feature only works one way.

What this means, users can only finish watching videos on desktop after they started on their mobile devices, and not the other way around, yet.