'These Nudes Do Not Exist' Is Meant For Those Interested In AI-Generated Nudity

These Nudes Do Not Exist

The 'doesnotexist' suffix has been used for quite some times to show how AIs can imagine non-existing things and characters.

From 'This Fursona Does Not Exist', to 'This Meme Does Not Exist' and 'This Word Does Not Exist' and many more.

Not to mention 'This Person Does Not Exist' that was considered one of the earliest that started the trend.

Taking cues from them, a website was created to showcase how an AI can generate nude photos of women, posing as if for a mugshot.

At 'These Nudes Do Not Exist', the website showcases algorithmically generates photos of nude women who simply don't exist.

And people can buy them for $1.

"We knew that we had the technical expertise and self-funding capabilities to succeed in bringing GAN technology to nude content, and wouldn't find ourselves in a crowded space with a lot of competition, and as such the opportunity was pretty attractive," said one of the founders of These Nudes Do Not Exist (TNDNE).

The founders wished to remain anonymous because he and the other co-founder didn't want to be publicly associated with the creation.

To use the website, users can click on the 'Click Here to get started' button, to then choose one of the three hair color options.

Users will then shown a photo of woman that doesn't exist, with a watermark.

Paying $1 dollar will remove that watermark.

"I think this is probably the first chance that anyone in the world has ever had to buy AI generated pornographic content, so in a sense each customer gets to be a part of porn and AI history," the co-founder said.

To create the nude women, the AI model was trained using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), which pits two neural network agents together.

The first agent creates the nudes, with the second agent deciding whether the image passes as the real thing. If the first agent manages to fool the second agent, the model succeeded in achieving what it's supposed to do.

And in this case, the model was trained with photos of nude women.

'These Nudes Do Not Exist'
Some examples of the said non-existent women. (Credit: 'These Nudes Do Not Exist')

The TNDNE's co-founder didn't say anything about the dataset being used, but only mentioned that it contained photos of women that are mostly 20-40 years old, and white.

Many images of nude women can be found online. And many datasets have been created by compiling those imagery in one place, and mark them as public domain. Those images are frequently stolen from the women themselves, which are mostly sex workers.

This isn't anything new, as on the web, many people steal these kinds of pictures all the time, and uploaded them on adult websites, or even dumping them into databases links for anyone to see and download.

"The verification process for public domain [images] centers around running public domain data through reverse image searches," the co-founder said, explaining the dataset being used to trained the AI.

"If we notice that the results are from paywalled/monetized websites, revenge porn websites, online forums, or behind paywalls, we on the side of caution and exclude that data since it may not have been gathered ethically."

TNDNE said that it has plans to expand the website's feature to include more poses and also video options.

But in the meantime, the pictures that are for sale "mostly serve as a novelty."

While it can be difficult to ensure that the AI can indeed create non-existing female nudes, TNDNE guarantees that every woman the website can generate is unique.

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