The Popular Strategy and the Best Strategy

Some can probably say that the best strategy is always the best. This is because the more people use that strategy, means that it does have many advantages. This can be quite true to most people. But some others realize that the most popular strategy is not always the best because the more popular it is, the more people understand how it works, making it easy to identify and counteract. And the more people use that popular strategy, the more of its disadvantages are discovered, making the chosen strategy more vulnerable.

Which is one is best to choose? This depends from which aspect and criteria the person is looking. Popularity is made by seeking attention and succeeding it, while the best is what can solve a specific problem better than others. Choosing the best strategy for a business, depends on how people approach the market and how they target their customers. Not every strategy is best for one and best for others. Businesses should implement the strategy accordingly and decide whether it is good for the business prospect or not.

In this modern day, the internet has entered to almost everyone's life. More and more people are connected to the internet with the rise of affordable handheld devices and the increase of internet access throughout the globe. The internet has changed many aspects of marketing and has delivered a phenomenal increase of word-of-mouth marketing especially since the popularity of social media networks. Information has never been able to be delivered easier, making people around the globe have the ability to have an updated information about their surroundings, social life and almost whatever they need. The internet has given another step in making a difference between the most popular and the best.

If someone for example entered a keyword to a search engine, the most popular can possibly be on the top of the page while the least popular can be below it or somewhere on other pages. But does that first entry in the search engine result page is the best? Most people will say that it has the slightest chance from being possible.

For a business to grow rapidly and to be successful, it should be popular among the market. Popularity will make it own more share of the market. If a business wants to be popular before becoming the best, it should have a great marketing strategy while still in research for giving the best to the market. On the other hand, if a business wants to be the best before being popular, it should be able to give the market what other of its competitors can not while building its interest on the marketing strategy. Every business has its own strategy, and every business is trying to be popular by giving what they think its best to the market.

If popularity shines and kept climbing through time between the competitors, always delivering what is up-to-date to the current needs, it can surely be seen as the best. If the popularity decrease after an amount of time, people can conclude that a good marketing approach is behind something that is not at all as it seems to be.