'Funkytown' And How It Becomes One Of The Goriest Videos The Internet Has Ever Seen


What is expected from human beings, is being human, and do humane things. But sometimes, humans can be even more inhumane than those that aren't humans.

And 'Funkytown' is one of that example.

Or also known as Funky Town, it's a name the internet has given to a viral video, where members of a cartel in Mexico carried out an execution inside a room.

The name was given because the song "Funkytown" is audibly heard in the final 10 seconds of the gory clip.

What is considered a shock media, FunkyTown is considered by many, as one of the worst gore videos that have ever hit the internet.

Funkytown murder
A blurred screenshot of the video, showing the shoe of one of the torturers.

The video starts in the middle of a torture.

In what seems to be a room with white tiles, splattered with blood all over the place, a man is seen tied with his arms across the chest, and already has his hands cut off at the wrists.

The unfortunate man who was only wearing black trousers, is restrained by a few men, who were continuing to work at the flesh of the neck with a sickle and a boxcutter.

The man is seen struggling as he was restrained by the men.

But what makes it even disheartening, is the condition of the man.

The men involved in the torture seemingly prolong the torture as long as possible, by not severing any major artery or vein, so the unfortunate man would feel the agony and not die too quickly. They did this by peeling the skin little by little.

What's more, the man that is seen fully conscious, had his face already peeled off, with the skin literally flayed, revealing the surface of his skull, as well as his nose cavity.

The man also had his eyes removed, from the looks of his empty eye sockets.

To make him stay still, one man even used a rod, and stuck it to the man's throat, past his lipless mouth, through his still-visible teeth, making the man gargle on his own blood.

While the torture was commencing, "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc plays, as well as some other songs, like "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N' Roses and "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

The man was quite resilient because he was still alive when the video ended.

The clip was named "Funkytown," because the one of the members was heard whistling part of the bridge.

Funkytown murder
Blurred screenshots of the video, showing one unfortunate man being tortured, while writhing in pain.

In short, he man barely resembles a person anymore.

The video shows how the torturers were hurting the man for no other purpose than to cause pain while keeping him alive for as long as possible, pre- and post-video acts.

Due to the amount of violence and gore, Funkytown is commonly referenced in discussions forums and memes online, further prompting people to look for it and view it.

The mysterious nature of the video has sent some of the curious viewers into looking for answers to questions such as where this video was filmed and who the man being tortured was.

But due to the amount of violence and gore, many copies of the video have been uploaded and then removed from various websites.

While many people have thought that the video was circulating on the dark web, copies have eventually maintained their presence on the surface web, particularly on gore websites, which allow such content to exist.

It's worth noting that the Funkytown torture clip was included in one of MDPOPE's videos.