Samsung Browser Introduces A Bottom Address Bar, Tab Groups, Anti-Tracking, And More

Samsung Internet Browser

When something becomes big, it will eventually attracts others towards it. In the world of technology, Apple is one of the largest.

Safari is Apple's web browser. While it may excel at some criteria and failing in others, the industry knows that the product is Apple's. Others in the competition knows that the product isn't from a cheapskate company, and many amount of dollars may have been spent before certain features is implemented.

Even when the product has some controversial features, others in the industry may not be bothered by tinkering with new things because it can simply follow. Others can piggyback on the former's popularity, by spending less resources on the development part

That is at least what Samsung is doing with its internet browser.

Samsung Internet Browser is no slouch, and it is already considered one of the most popular browsers for users on Android.

This time, and apparently, the browser introduces a minor design change that can be significant.

And that is by moving the address bar from the top to the bottom, just like Safari.

Samsung's internet browser is fast, comes with built-in add blocker, allows numerous customization, and lots more.

In all, the browser is considered the choice of users who wish to stay away from trackers and Google's all-seeing eye.

And through Samsung Internet version 16.0.2, the browser brings the address bar to the bottom.

In the era where many smartphones have become too large, bringing the address bar to the bottom should make it easier for users to reach it with one hand.

Just like Safari, the address bar location can be changed and returned back to the top.

Users can do this by going through the browsers' settings.

It should be noted that despite Apple was the one that made headlines when it moved Safari's address bar to the bottom, it was actually Windows Phone 8 that introduced it.

Apple only followed, and Samsung too.

The version of the Samsung Internet Browser also brings many other to the table.

For example, Samsung introduces improvements in the usability or security of the internet browser, including its Smart Anti-Tracking capability, which prevents tracking by using small pixel images.

Then, there is the feature that prioritizes HTTPS connections.

Samsung Internet Browser, bottom address bar

In addition, the browser now has an improved search experience in the URL bar, in which it can provide search suggestions while users enter search keywords into the address bar.

On top of that, the browser also adds support for tab groups, so users can keep a set of tabs together. Users can easily rename, edit, or delete the tab groups.

Again, this is similar to what Apple’s Safari browser offers on iOS 15.

Besides that, the browser is not forgetting that Samsung is also a manufacturer of phones.

This is why starting version 16.0.2, the browser is also adding the foundation to better support foldable phones.

In this version of the browser, Samsung introduces Device Posture API, which promises to enable new user experiences on foldable phones.