Telegram Trolled WhatsApp On Twitter, WhatsApp Replied, But Failed


Tech business is still blooming. But in many cases, business is business, and business is hard.

And when it comes to conversations on social media networks, when things can sometimes get out of hand because those platforms allow casual talks, companies can troll competitors in a way that sometimes, they too become trolls. And this time, WhatsApp and Telegram are among those savages.

When WhatsApp first said that it wanted to introduce an updated privacy policy, people started to complain.

The popular messaging app, as well as its parent company Facebook, receive lots of criticism.

This started a massive exodus, which then forced WhatsApp to delay the update.

Knowing that all eyes are on WhatsApp, competitors are making the most of the opportunity to bring their brands forward, and mock WhatsApp in almost every direction.

Microsoft for example, couldn't help itself, and started promoting Skype.

Signal also trolled both Facebook and WhatsApp by allegedly creating Instagram ads that revealed the vast amounts of data the platforms collect about users.

And this time, it's Telegram's turn.

The privacy-focused messaging app started by mercilessly savaging WhatsApp on Twitter:

WhatsApp tried to fight back, but its attempt to troll Telegram simply backfired.

by making use of the "Milk Edinburgh" uncomfortable nightclub girl meme to show how Telegram users don't know that the service is not end-to-end encrypted by default.

This is true.

As a matter of fact, founder Pavel Durov has written a lengthy post in a dedicated web page to explain this matter.

But still, Telegram was unfazed by WhatsApp's tweet.

Telegram that took this opportunity to promote that its apps are open-source and support reproducible builds, replied to WhatsApp's tweet by saying that WhatsApp's iCloud and Google Drive backups aren't end-to-end encrypted.

And this has reportedly caused WhatsApp chats to leak in the past.