The 47-Second Sex Tape, And How It Became A Trending Topic That Shocked The Internet Of Indonesia


Ever since the very first viral sex tape, the internet has seen tons of others.

One after another, more and more sex tapes have been leaked, intentionally or not.

While some are legit, most others remain allegations. And the one that involved Rebecca Ayu Putri Klopper, follows a similar pattern.

Born in 2001 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, Rebecca allegedly had her sex tape leaked to the internet.

The sex tape initially spread through Twitter and instant messaging apps, most notably WhatsApp, before making its way to other social media platforms, and porn websites.

And Rebecca is not staying quiet about that.

Rebecca Klopper.
Rebecca Klopper

The sex tape is 47 seconds long, and it depicts a couple in what seems to be a bedroom.

The woman is seen lying on her back, with her arms up and toward the back of her head. With her black-colored, long-sleeve polo shirt (rugby shirt) and bra tucked up to her chest, the woman is seen giving a man fellatio.

Moments later, the man fondles one of her breasts, before he positions himself for a missionary-style penetration.

The video was recorded in the point-of-view of the man.

The woman is recorded without her panties.

According to Ahmad Ramzy, her lawyer who dealt with this case since the very beginning, it all started back in October 2022, when someone sent Direct Messages to Rebecca, sending threats to her through her Instagram account.

During the conversation, the suspect sent screenshots of the sex tape, and blackmailed her to pay up, or have the sex tape leaked.

Rebecca gave in to the demand, and sent the person Rp 30 million in several batches.

Soon after, Rebecca filed a police report.

But later, according to Ahmad, on Rebecca's behalf, he retracted the police report, because her client told him to do so.

He did it on November 28.

Ahmad said that his client chose restorative justice because she thought the culprit would stay true to their words, and thinking that the video won't ever spread.

"At that time, they agreed to destroy the video," he said, suggesting the possible cause of his client's considerations not to continue the case.

What's more, Rebecca allegedly refrained from going too far, afraid of the consequences.

But it turned out, the money didn't stop the video from appearing on the internet.

Soon after it leaked, and when people realized who the woman is in the video, the video quickly viral.

But the virality of the sex tape happened for a number of particular reasons.

First of, Rebecca is a soap opera star, a celebrity, and also a social media influencer with massive following on Instagram and TikTok.

Second, the video also quickly distinguished itself from other sex tapes because of Rebecca's age.

Some said that she was still at her late teenage years, or at least 20 years old when the sex tape was recorded.

What this means, she only had reached the age of consent just recently.

Among the comments, include netizens who made fun of her, and showed clear disgust. Some mocked her, and some called her names.

There are also people who debated whether she was drunk, with some responded with comments saying that she didn’t show any sign of intoxication, and was instead experienced in sex.

Some other netizens also commented about "full bush" pubic hair style. They commented that Rebecca should "wax," or at least "trim."

Regardless, many others sided her, and showed their support.

As for the man, it's suggested that Rebecca had sexual intercourse with Fadly Faisal, his boyfriend. Others suggest that the man could be Rizky Pahlevi, Rebecca's ex-boyfriend.

Both men denied the allegation and involvement.

Screenshots of Rebecca Klopper in her viral sex tape.
Screenshots of Rebecca Klopper in her viral sex tape (cropped, blurred and adjusted)

Because of this, and because how viral the sex tape is, Ahmad and Rebecca decided to file the case once again, in order to put the culprits behind bars.

This time, Rebecca also received help from Sandy Arifin, another lawyer.

Rebecca was furious because the hush money she allegedly sent the culprits, as a respond to the threat, didn't stop the video from being leaked.

The police then said that two people with the initial RFM and NR, were found guilty.

Later, it was realized that Rebecca knows one of the two.

It's worth noting that despite the fact that the 47-second sex tape went viral, some netizens said that the full length of the video is actually 11 minutes.

While a number of people argued that the woman in the video isn't Rebecca, many responded with some clues to prove that they were wrong.

From the mole below the eye, and another mole on her collar bone, for example. Then, there is the fact that the woman in the video has her navel pierced, something that Rebecca also has.

To add more evidence, a number of people who scouted Rebecca's previous social media posts, have reshared some videos of Rebecca, where she used a similar, if not the same sweatshirt polo.

Among people who was demeaning Rebecca, include Doddy Sudrajat, the father of Vanessa Angel.

Doddy said that Rebecca recorded the video on purpose, in order to boost her fame. He even said it would be wiser to Rebecca to admit that that the woman in the video is her, and not lie to the public, or avoid media's inquiries.

"It's better to be frank than to lie. But how can the woman want to lie, her face is very clear, her moles. Everything is clear," he said.

Doddy made the statement, because he's afraid that the case would affect his grandchild, Gala Sky Andriansyah, who survived the crash that killed both of his parents.

It's worth noting that Gala Sky Andiansyah is now in custody of his late father's larger family, which include Fadly Faisal, Rebecca's boyfriend.

Sex tapes are video recordings of sex acts, especially done by celebrities. They are one of the most sought after videos for several reasons.

First, the videos depict celebrities with their lovers in their most intimate moment; second, the videos almost always show the celebrities bare or partially clothed; and third, the videos can show how those high-profile and bankable individuals are just like anyone else when it comes to everyday life.

In the past, Indonesia has seen a number of high-profile celebrities having their sex tapes leaked to the internet.

Rebecca Klopper apologizing.
Rebecca Klopper (second from left), in a public appearance, apologizing for the commotion her leaked sex tape made. Her boyfriend Fadly Faisal (third from left), sits on her left.

" [...] Some time ago, the Indonesian community was stirred by news about me, Rebecca Klopper," Rebecca said.

"On this occasion, I, Rebecca Klopper, offer my sincerest apologies to the Indonesian community for the commotion."

Not only to the public, because Rebecca also apologized to her family, and her business colleagues.

"In this regard, I also apologize to my family, colleagues, and clients who have supported and worked with me," Rebecca said.

Also, she didn't forget to apologize to her boyfriend, Fadly Faisal, who was also inadvertently involved.

It's worth noting that Rebecca has only been with two men. Before dating Fadly, Rebecca was dating Rizky Pahlevi.

Among them, include Ariel 'Peterporn' who had his sex tapes involving two high-profile female celebrities, Gisel and her 19-second sex tape, Rinada, who was also civil servant at the time, and also Vanessa Angel, who later died in a tragic car accident.

Months later, "Part Two" of Rebecca surfaced on the web. It contains three videos of Rebecca, one of which is a then-viral 11 minute sex tape.