The 'Rebecca Klopper 11 Minutes,' The 'Part Two' Of Her Leaked Sex Tape That Went Viral


Ever since the very first viral celebrity sex tape, the internet has seen tons of others that followed.

One after another, more and more sex tapes were leaked, intentionally or not.

While some are legit, most others remain allegations. And the one that involved Rebecca Ayu Putri Klopper, follows a similar pattern.

Born in 2001 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, the young celebrity allegedly had her 47-second sex tape leaked to the internet.

The sex tape initially spread through Twitter and instant messaging apps, most notably WhatsApp, before making its way to other social media platforms, and porn websites.

This time, there's part two, and it's leaking on the web, making Rebecca's name a trending topic again in Indonesia's internet.

Rebecca Klopper.
Rebecca Klopper

Rebecca is the eldest daughter of three siblings born to the couple James Klopper, a father of Australian-Macedonian nationality, and Susana, a mother originally from Bali-Java.

Her first leaked sex tape, is a 47 seconds long video that depicts a couple in what seems to be a bedroom.

The woman is seen lying on her back, with her arms up and toward the back of her head. With her black-colored, long-sleeve polo shirt (rugby shirt) and bra tucked up to her chest, the woman is seen giving a man fellatio.

Moments later, the man fondles one of her breasts, before he positions himself for a missionary-style penetration.

The video was recorded in the point-of-view of the man.

The woman is recorded without her panties.

This time, three more of her sex tapes allegedly leaked.

The first one is about 40 seconds long, and it shows Rebecca is a black night gown. The clip doesn't depict nudity but is NSFW. Her face is not clearly shown.

Rebecca Klopper
Screenshots of alleged Rebecca Klopper in the first leaked "Part Two" video, showing her in a black, transparent lingerie. (blurred and cropped)

The second video, is little less than 2 minutes long.

It shows an alleged Rebecca in what seems to be a hotel room, quite messy as luggage were seen unpacked. The woman in the video wears a blue T-shirt and a white underwear. She is then seen lying on the web, having pulled her underwear off, and began doing suggestive poses.

The woman also fondles her own breasts, masturbated, and frontal nudity is clearly shown on camera.

Rebecca Klopper
Screenshots of alleged Rebecca Klopper in the second leaked "Part Two" video, showing her in a solo sex act. (blurred and cropped)

The third video, is what makes everything a lot worse for Rebecca.

This is because the video showed an alleged Rebecca and a man having sexual intercourse.

In what seems to be inside a dimly-lit bedroom with blue-colored wallpaper, on a bed adorned with a red bedsheet, a couple is seen engaging in a foreplay, before the man positioned himself for a missionary-style penetration.

The video was recorded in the point-of-view of the man, and both the man and the woman are totally nude.

The couple is then seen in coitus in several position, before the video ended at around the 11 minutes mark.

The videos were first shared on the social media platform X, the former Twitter, before making rounds on Telegram, WhatsApp and others.

The videos also made their way to porn websites.

Rebecca Klopper
Screenshots of alleged Rebecca Klopper in the third leaked "Part Two" video, showing her engaging in a copulation with a man. (blurred and cropped)

At first, people could only speculate, especially on the first video, where the face of the woman is not seen.

But on the second and the third video, most commenters believe that the woman is Rebecca due to how similar the woman is with the woman in the 47-second leaked sex tape. The woman in the second and third video bears extreme similarity with Rebecca.

From the woman's face contour, her appearance, the moles, the navel piercing, her pubic region, and more.

It's initially unknown whether the man Rebecca had sex with in the videos, is Fadly Faisal, or Rebecca's ex-boyfriend, Rizky Pahlevi.

The virality of the sex tape happened for a number of particular reasons.

First of, Rebecca is a soap opera star, and a celebrity. Having started her career in the entertainment industry since the age of 10, Rebecca is also a social media influencer with massive following on Instagram and TikTok.

Second, the videos also quickly distinguished themselves from other sex tapes because of Rebecca's age.

Some said that she was still at her late teenage years, or at least 20 years old when the sex tape was recorded.

What this means, she only had reached the age of consent just recently.

Among the comments, include netizens who made fun of her, and showed clear disgust. Some mocked her, and some called her names.

In the first leaked 47-seconds sex tape, people were debating whether Rebecca was drunk. But in this "part two" leaks, people are more certain that the videos were taken with her consent, and that Rebecca was not drunk.

Some other netizens also commented about "full bush" pubic hair style. They commented that Rebecca should "wax," or at least "trim."

Regardless, despite the many harsh comments, many others sided her, and showed their support. To some of those people, they considered Rebecca as a young woman exploring her sexuality, nothing more, and nothing less. It was only unfortunate that the videos were leaked.

Rebecca's response to the scandal, and the allegation, was disabling the comments section of her Instagram account.

But later however, she didn't seem to be bothered for too much because she reactivated the comment section, and began posting again.

Her first Instagram post after the 11 minutes leaked sex tape went viral, is an endorsement to the fashion and beauty magazine Bazaar Indonesia.

In three black and white photos in the post, Rebecca Klopper is seen wearing a black fur coat and a black leather jacket.

Following the scandal, Fadly Faisal's father, Haji Faisal, made comments on what he expects in a future partner for his three children during an appearance on a TV show.

During the session, he emphasized the importance of finding a good and morally upright partner.

"I'm not asking much, but the main point for me is to always advise my children to find a good partner for their future," said Haji Faisal.

And when asked about the possibility of his child falling in love with someone who has a questionable past, Haji Faisal hinted that he wouldn't approve of such a situation. The public concluded that Haji Faisal was simply hinting that he dislikes Rebecca due to her past.

It's worth noting that Haji Faisal is also the father of the late Febri "Bibi" Andriansyah, who was the husband of the late Vanessa Angel, an Indonesian celebrity who also had a sex tape leaked.

Besides Rebecca, a number of other Indonesian celebrities also have had their sex tapes leaked to the internet. They include the 'Ariel Peterporn' scandal, which involved three high-profile celebrities, and Gisella Anastasia, and the celebrity-turned civil servant Rinada.

A few weeks after the videos were leaked, Rebecca claimed the the leaked has been apprehended.

"The person has been found but is being handled by the authorities, so it's out of my hands, please ask them," Rebecca said in an Instagram Story.

"Pray that the extremely wicked person receives appropriate consequences," she added.

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Rebecca Klopper
Rebecca Klopper attends the hearing of the distributor of her alleged explicit videos.

As the case involving her explicit videos continue to unfold, the trial of the perpetrator who disseminated a video resembling Rebecca Klopper is being held on November 13th.

Rebecca attended the trial at the South Jakarta District Court as a witness examination was on the agenda.

Fadly Faisal also attended the trial.

The trial with the agenda of witness examination was held privately, so the media crew couldn't cover the proceedings.

"The trial was closed because it involved pornography; we were all outside. But during the first attendance, they (Rebecca) sat somewhat far and did not meet. They were not introduced, and they also sat far apart," said Sandy Arifin, the legal representative of Rebecca Klopper, who was encountered after the trial.

Sandy also said that Rebecca is not acquainted with the perpetrator, Bayu Firlen, the person who allegedly disseminated the explicit videos.

"I don't know, no one knows the perpetrator. Because the arrest took place outside the city, we don't know, and we also don't know after the investigator processes it, then it goes through the trial," stated Sandy.