How To Optimize A Mobile Landing Page To Convert More Visitors

Traditional desktop PCs may still be around for years to come, but in terms of web browsing, people are using their mobile devices much more often than their PCs. In order to meet the shifting trend, websites need to adapt in order to reach most of those people.

While web design is one thing, experience is the focus. Designing for desktop should have mobile in mind, and this is where experience is the key.

Increasing Your Website Conversion. Personalization Or A/B Testing?

When a website is up and running, it must have at least one purpose to exist. Because there are many way to market your products and services on the internet, there should be also ways to convert those wandering visitors to leads and then sales.

In order to thrive on the web, your website should be able to convert incoming visitors. From registering to downloading, or signing up to a newsletter or clicking on advertising and buying something, conversion is the most important factor to the success of an online marketing strategy and goals.

The Challenges Humans Should Address To Make AI Work Like It Should In Our Society

Created from dreams and popularized by science-fictions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hit and a hint of what computers could and would be. Machine learning is starting to become part of what people do and it's becoming more like us in both the goods and the bads.

With its potential to aid humans in many fields, including finance, health, shopping, news and others, AI has expressed some concerns. While they are having the ability to ease many of the process, they also create new problems that were never there before.

A Blog For Your Business Website And Why It Matters

You have a website and you're selling something there. That's great. But why stop just there?

On the internet, your product is competing with many others that are similar. With many people using search engines to seek what they want, you need to get yourself seen when search engines answer their queries. One of the way is by using content marketing strategy.

And one of the focus of content strategy is to make your products to rank for more keywords. And this is where a blog can come in handy.

Creating A Strong Social Branding By Eliminating The Usual 'Noise' Most People Are Doing

On the internet that is growing, everyone wants to be seen. Thanks to the many things the web has to offer, many people that include brands, influencers, marketers, companies, organizations and many others are able to compete for their audience.

However, the internet has become a crowded place, and this is where the noise happens.

The noise comes as there are a lot of people doing the exact same thing over and over again. This echoes the network with information that clutters each other. For something to be seen, they need to fight the noise so they can be heard.

Hashtag Mistakes On Social Media You Need To Avoid When Promoting Your Business

Hashtags are one of the essential parts of social media marketing and growth. For this reason, you need to get them right.

Hashtags were initially introduced to Twitter to make ease in keeping track of certain types of content, and ease them in finding the people and topics most relevant to their interests. As the trend grew, hashtags have become a cultural phenomenon - they're almost on every social media, and are even used in everyday conversations.

How The Internet Of Things Aren't The Best Of Friends With Security And Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about making "dumb" devices "smarter," and it's connecting more of them to the internet every day.

The growth of IoT has many benefits, especially when it has the potential to change the way people carry out tasks. Having a smart home, for example. It's not just plain awesome, but it also can reduce energy consumption, lower electric bill and ease many tasks in household routines.