Flick, The Time Unit Twist From Facebook For Video And Audio Contents

There should be a measurement for everything. For example, some use metrics while some others use imperials.

But for audios and videos, there were some problems because "second" which is the Standard International unit of time, is not always used as measurements.

In order to make it easier companies developers and other visual content creators to work with individual frames on screen, Facebook has created a unit with which to measure time, that divides more neatly than seconds.

The Many Ways Your Smartphone And Apps Can Track You, And How To Control Them

Smartphones we have and use daily, are little computers which went far beyond just "phones."

With their increasing processing power and storage, do you know that smartphones you carry around aren't just helping or accompanying you with useful information? As long as they're on and running, they're also collecting a lot of your data and habit.

Not just once or twice, but the whole day. Anytime your smartphone has sufficient power and running, it's mostly working.

'Welcome Email' And 'Thank You Page' To Power Your Lead Generation Strategy

Getting leads is the way to succeed for businesses.

Leads are targeted audience that qualified, and eventually become customers. Getting leads is so important that powerful businesses have spent countless of hours focusing and perfecting their strategy.

While every business rely on different channels to generate their leads, or to increase their conversion rates, they tend to ignore the value of "welcoming" their customer using email, and "thanking" them by directing them to a dedicated web page.

Why Are Your Devices Getting Slower Over Time? It's Natural, And It's Because Of You

Everything that has moving pasts, will degrade when they get older. This is true because friction will eat away parts bits by bits. But how about computers and gadgets? They don't have "visible" moving parts, so why do they degrade?

It's universally acknowledged that things that age will deteriorate. In terms of computers and gadgets, they have a limited lifespan for optimum performance. But why is that happening? What are the factors that cause that inevitable sluggishness?

How To Make Search Engines Know What Your Business Does By Giving The Signals They Need

Every website that is online on the web, has a purpose. For businesses, it's to be seen, with an ultimate goal to make money.

The search engine market is occupied by players. But the most notable is Google, followed by Bing. They have become great tools that put together the web into one place. For businesses, search engines have proven themselves useful in bringing their websites to their desired audience.

However, there are challenges.