Optimizing Long-Tail "Low-Hanging" Keywords To Build Short-Tail Rankings

For a newly-created website that has just went online, or for low-authority websites that have been around for a while, ranking high for high-volume short-tail keyword can be difficult.

So here, the fastest way to do it, is by aiming for low-hanging fruit of keywords.

Not that you should spend your time and money to rank best at those specific keywords, what you need to do is to make that low-hanging fruit keywords to pave your way to more competitive phrases.

Marketing On Reddit To Drive Traffic To Your Website: Understand And Engage

On the internet, there are many ways to get traffic to your website. From the most obvious to the most insane, the web has it all. All you have to do is find the ones that suit your website well, and start promoting.

But the thing about marketing is that, not everyone is going to buy it. You have to make sure that your marketing material is delivered in the correct way, to the correct audience at the right time when they need it the most.

Out of the plenty of places you can market your website to get more traffic, is through Reddit.

How A Bad Company Domain Name Can Hurt Your Business

A name is name. So a bad name, is a bad name.

Almost every bad naming decisions can be traced back to either: people don't care about their business name, thinking that there is a shortage of names, unwilling to spend registration fees, too tired to get inspirations, too egoistical, not prioritizing their business, too naive or just plain stuck.

To a varying degree, all those are just excuses.

In the Age Of Mobile Computing, Cybersecurity Is All About Hardware, Software And You

As networking expands to more places due to enterprise data that continues to evolve, people generate more data than ever before.

We become more dependent on these digital data, as data transactions happen at every time throughout cables, empty space and "clouds".

With data transactions happening at every moment, changes in technology to secure data is inevitable as mobile computing becomes more scalable.

What makes it a concern is that most of the data we send, are vulnerable. And most of our data are sent without being encrypted.

Business Partners Are Like 'Friends With Benefits', But With 'Commitments'

When a business wants to evolve, it needs to cross its own boundaries to venture onwards.

More than too often, businesses focused on tools, process and technologies that can help them succeed in creating a channel that converts to revenue. But there's also an important area to focus on. And that is to get partners.

Business partners can either be people or other companies that your business choose to help. At the very minimum, you want them to help you to the path of transformation so your business can be a better one in the future.

Cyber threat For Small Businesses: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When we're aiming at big targets, they're easier to hit than smaller ones for sure. But in cybersecurity, the exact opposite is true.

While cyber thieves are constantly attacking corporate computers and servers of big companies to steal financial information and personal information, but small businesses are the ones that are impacted the most when data breach happens.

More than often, the results are devastating.