Mobile Phone Recycling To Preserve Earth And Help Save A Lot Of Money

While people know that newer devices are packed with better technology, more features and functionalities, lesser know that their old items should be properly taken care of before being sold or disposed.

During its usage, your mobile phone will store personal and sensitive information such as contacts; messages, documents web browsing and GPS locations; photos, music and videos; and even other sensitive and personal information that includes login ID and passwords to emails, websites and social media accounts.

The Things That Make A Great Remote Team, According To Google

Google is a giant company. Thriving on the web, it's no stranger to employees working in remote places.

The company has nearly 100,000 workers spread over 150 cities in more than 50 countries on five continents. In its quest to create the perfect remote team, researchers at the company spent two years studying more than 5,000 employees for solutions.

Here, the researchers measured well-being, performance, and connectedness among other things, and came up with recommendations on how to keep things consistent, even if employees are spread out across the globe.

'Pixel Binning' In Improving Smartphone Photography, With One Big Disadvantage

There was a time when cameras on mobile devices were less than 1 itty-bitty megapixel. But fast-forward, people have smartphones with multiple cameras, each with huge megapixels.

A megapixel consists of one million pixels (picture element), The unit has been used for image sensing capacity in digital cameras. In general, the more megapixels a digital camera has, the better the resolution when printing an image in a given size.

With more and more megapixels packed into a camera sensor, what more can companies do to further improve the quality of pictures?

The Ways Social Media Can Do To Stop Hateful And Bad Contents From Plaguing The Web

The internet is good for many reasons. But it's also bad for the same amount of reasons.

With the technology being available in more places, people have been given the power of speech. Not anymore that thoughts are restricted and limited to media publishing only, as with social media platforms, everyone with an internet connection can deliver their opinions.

In a good and bad ways.

While the web in general has documented the human knowledge, it has also created toxic environments where hate speech and fake news spread like wildfire.

How 'Kidfluencer' Is Both A Gold Mine And A Minefield For YouTube

With their clumsiness, out-of-this world imaginations, innocently mischievous smiles and their oversized eyes and tiny little mouths, children can bring joy to anyone seeing them.

This includes YouTube, the streaming giant of the web owned by Google.

With the many young YouTube influencers, or 'kidfluencers' appearing on the platform, with some having hundreds of thousands to even millions or even tens of millions of subscribers, they are the gold mines for YouTube.