AI-Powered Image And Video Editing Tools Because There Is No Universal Definition Of Beauty

There was a time when the web is full of text. Fast forward, with the growing internet and smartphones in our hands, we occupy the web with plenty of images and videos.

Then there was a time when those images and videos were edited locally. With editing tools like Adobe Photoshop for example, we could touchup our photos to create a little facelift, or do some alternations that make us the way we want to look.

Varied with taste, mood and situation, we want those edited images and videos to represent us.

The Three Types Of Chatbots, And Which One Is Better For Your Business

When it comes to technology, things can be automated. The same goes with web, as they too can have an automated customer service and salesman.

They are chatbots, which can be described as computer software or an AI that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. As time passes, chatbots have become increasingly convincing with their ability in mimicking how human speaks, and how humans would behave as a conversational partner.

Amazon Mechanical Turk, And How It Gamifies Crowdsourcing

From building, managing, and evaluating Machine Learning workflows, to evaluating business process, social science experiments, looking for missing person, educational research and more. There should be a lot of people involved.

While many organizations and companies can do all the above by their own resources, there is another method that has been proven to be more effective in both time and money.

It's called crowdsourcing.

Your Website On Alexa For Ranking Popularity And Comparison Purposes

Every website owner wants to get good results in any analytics tools available.

While most if not all websites rely on Google Analytics to get real-time analysis of their site, there are other tools to consider too. Those tools can be used to get a glimpse of websites popularity on the web, as well as their rank compared to competitors.

One of which is Alexa, which boasts a single metric that provides a quick summary of a site's popularity, relative to all other websites on the web.

'Social Engineering' Hacks, And What You Can Do To Protect Yourselves

There were days when everything was offline. Our computers should first be connected to the internet manually, and there weren't any smartphones around.

As technology evolved, it changes how we use devices.

Our computers, as long as they are on, they are also online, and so does our smartphone. In the era where everything is practically connected to the internet, the change should also evolved the way we interpret security and privacy.

Why You Should And Shouldn't Care About Your Website Speed Test Results

As the web grows, website loading speed is becoming more than just a necessity. It's a must for websites to load as fast as possible, in order to provide the best user experience.

While the global internet speed increases, some may say that websites will benefit as it is. This is wrong, because as internet speed increases, websites are willing to put more things into their pages.

As the number of websites on the web kept on adding, each of them are also competing against one another for a shorter period of time.