Using "Referrer" Statistics To Better Understand And Benefit Your Visitors

Everything on the internet is connected. This is one main reason why it's called the "web".

Just type any keyword on a search engine, and it will return results that contain the information you need. Those results come from websites. And when you visit those websites, the search engine you use becomes the "referrer".

Links move people from one website to another, all with just one click (tap). What this means, referrer drive traffic to websites.

The 5 Attributes Of Useful AI, According To IBM

With people becoming dependent on computers to do their job, there is an increasing number of data generated. With these, there should be adequate amount of resources to train AI. But there is a problem: as the world changes, so will data.

Building an AI or machine learning model means building a way for us to look at the world we're in. But as the world and the data change, AI models need to adapt.

There is a gap between great AI prototypes and AI in operation. And according to IBM, the attempt to build a great AI model is just the first step of creating a useful AI.

How To Use The Inverted Pyramid To Write An Appealing Online Content

There are several ways to win search engines, and the best that has the longest lasting results, is to create intentional, compelling, rich content that will help you rank for multiple queries.

This approach is organic. What this means, you're leveraging you website's resources, credibilities and your SEO methods to appeal search engines.

As a content marketer, there is a trick you can use. If used properly, it can be effective in your content strategy in writing questions and answers.

How To Use Technical SEO As The Backbone Of Your Website

As long as there are search engines around, SEO will always thrive.

Generally, there are two types of SEO: on-page SEO which deals with contents and page optimizations, and there is off-page SEO which establishes relations with other websites. However, there is a fact that no website can stand without a strong backbone, and apparently, that backbone is technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the structure of your website. It's the thing that's keeping your website together, so you can do on-page and off-page SEO on it.

Without technical SEO, your site should fall apart.

Understanding "Customer Experience", And How It Involves Personalization And Emotion

Customer experience, or just CX, is described as how your customers perceive their experiences with your company.

For example, if your customers values fast customer service over the quality of your product. This means they are more likely to have a positive CX when your company can quickly respond to their inquiry. On the other hand, customers that value quality greatly, are more likely to give negative CX if your product is bad, despite you have an outstanding customer service.

So here, CX is like a metric which suggests experience based on interactions.