The Ways To Become A Credible Blogger Than People Will Like

Blogs are everywhere. From personal to small businesses and even large corporation, they all may have blogs that are meant to highlight certain things they want to show off.

With more people using the internet, blogs still have a special place in the ecosystem. Becoming more influential than traditional and non-informative websites, blogs can relate knowledge and experience in a way that is more personal and appealing.

To become a credible blogger, you need to first make yourself "credible".

Netizen, Internaut And Cybernaut: The Analogous Slangs To Describe Who You Are On The Web

As the internet expands to more places, more people are becoming increasingly aware of the technology and information it brings. These gave birth to terms like "netizens, "internauts" and "cybernauts".

The three words are analogous, but they have their own connotations. They are meant to describe the population of the internet, based on their skills, knowledge and experience, as well as referring the users on different occasion and audience.

Befriending Encryption: Playing Safe On The Web

There was a time when personal and private things can be stored offline behind doors, locked inside closets or inside a safe box. But data, that seems to be impossible, especially with the increasing amount of them generated, and with the availability of the internet.

We're creating a massive amount of data, whether we want it or not.

From our smartphones, PCs, laptops, thumb drives to practically dozens of online services we've registered ourselves. They all contribute to how and where our data and information are stored.

Submitting Your Website To Search Engines. Should You Or Shouldn't You?

It's worth wondering whether you need to submit your newly made website to search engines in order for them to know its presence.

For a quick answer, it's a no. You don't need to submit your website manually to search engines because they have evolved to become better, making that task not anymore necessary. There was a time when you manual submission was recommended and worth doing.

But not anymore.

Do You Really Need To Separate Social Media Accounts For Your Personal And Professional Life?

Social media is a booming trend, a powerful tool widely used to connect people from around the world in a fast and easy manner.

Many people use their social media account for various things: from sharing their personal lives to the friends and to the wider public, as well as connecting with colleagues and also family members. Not limited to them, they are also using social media for their professional lives.

With billions of users actively using them, anything is there. For that reason, anything can also go wrong.