AI Processor Chips On Mobile Devices: From Performance To Security And Conveniency

Artificial Intelligence is still developing, and the field is still relatively young. Putting the technology to good use, AI has helped humans by aiding their tasks and automating them.

Looking at a more specific subject, do we really need them? It depends. But seeing how AI has developed and how many companies and products are depending on AI, the future of AI is certain.

The Reasons Why A Bad Design Is Not Just Ugly, But Also Expensive

We may all have bad hair days, but a poorly designed websites and apps hurts more.

From a poorly designed logos to outdated website can bring an uninspiring brand identity. Bad design is the main formula of poor brand performance.

For businesses, bad design can hurt and also expensive. If your competition is doing better than you do, design that is an integral part of your business, can cost you revenue and profit consideration. Furthermore, it can also create poor customer experience, a bad reputation and even carve your business out of your niche.

There Is No Perfect Design. It's The Imperfection That Should Make Designs Perfect

More than often, less means more. Many designer tend to lean to more details in order to get more results. However, they usually forget that simplicity can the best way to efficiently convey a message.

First of all, perfection in design is not possible. You can never simultaneously satisfy all of the possible objectives for any created design. For example, a pen can be an excellent tool for writing, until you did something wrong and need to erase.

A pencil can be a solution. It's erasable and cheaper. But it falls when you need to sign contracts, for example.

Cyberbullying And Online Harassment: How Bad Can They Be?

While technology has done wonders for our society, but unfortunately it also makes bullying easier, more anonymous, more permanent, and often also deadlier.

With the internet and the devices that connects to it become common, cyberbullying has become a common word that is somehow synonymous to the web. People are finding out that cyberbullying provides loopholes that often make victims to end up in tragic headlines.

The 3 Important Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website And Blog

If you are considering in redesigning your website or blog, you need to know the things you need to do to make sure that the redesigning process results a great update.

Your website, whether it's a business website or blog, are still popular despite the popularity of social media. They are still the best place for you to communicate professionally with your audience and build brand awareness through content marketing.

As time passes, or due to several circumstances, your website or blog may need a visual change and/or redesign on its interface.

How And Why A Complete Story Can Help Marketers Influence Their Readers

The power of narrative in marketing cannot be underestimated. To some, it can even be the sole predictive factor for a successful ads and/or sales.

Many successful marketing campaigns are based by marketers telling a story. A complete story can be an effective bridge that connects the gap between interest and action.

A story should not only be compelling and complete. But also tells a journey in which the readers can follow. It should has a beginning to articulate the importance of a thought, the middle part that moves, and an ending compels action.