To Have A Worthy Audience, YouTube Marketers Need To Track These 5 Metrics

Video contents on the web has evolved and became one of the most popular way to deliver information as well as entertainment. And on YouTube only, there are more than a billion hours worth of videos added each day.

Since video consumption rises, nearly every social media networks are giving their specialized video feature, packed with algorithms to target the audience better. For this particular reason, video marketers need to know how to ace the algorithms in order to champion their videos.

On The Internet, This Is Why Social Media Age Restrictions Matter

Short answer: bullying and harassments.

There are plenty of news of young children as well as minors that experience traumatic events due to them not complying to certain rules. Some of them even committed suicide, While most media focuses on the tragedies that happened, not many blame the children (or their parents)..

What has been largely overlooked is that many of the victims were under the minimum age required to use social media sites, where some of the bullying took place.

The Brief History Of Microsoft Internet Explorer And Google Chrome: A War For Monopoly

A web browser is the tool we use to navigate the web. Before Google, Mozilla, Safari or Opera came into the market, there was the time when the browser market was dominated by Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

It was an innovative browser more than capable at that time. It was the first that implemented the new web technologies that allowed for greater interactivity; it had a striking interface and could do what others couldn't. What's more, IE was pre-installed on all Windows operating system, making its reach even wider.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Tricked And Fooled By 'Adversarial Examples'

Algorithms can be so sophisticated that they can exceed humans in tasks. However, unlike humans, they are prone to a type of problem called an "adversarial examples."

These are specially designed optical illusions that fool computers into doing things like mistakes in understanding a picture. The adversarial examples can be images, sounds, or even a paragraphs of text.

What they do, is acting as hallucinations for algorithms, by altering the inputs to the machine learning models so make the model make a mistake. Adversarial example works on across different mediums.

How To Make Your Website Ready For Mobile-First Indexing, According To Google

With more internet users browsing the web using their mobile devices, webmasters and web owners should anticipate these people with careful planning.

Google's crawling, indexing, and ranking systems typically look at the desktop version of a page's content. But this may cause some issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version.

With mobile-first indexing that was introduced in 2016, Google uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking, to help meeting the increasing demand of mobile users.