The Three Ways Governments Do To Temporarily Disable Their Internet

With the internet coming to more places, more and more people are connected.

In a good way, this empowers knowledge to spread easier, and makes people more aware of the situations the world is experiencing. But in the bad way, some information may not be acceptable by some regulations.

As the internet continues to gain considerable power around the world, many governments have moved to control it.

How To Optimize Your Website Contents For Voice Search

Whether people are searching for something from their mobile devices, their car's satellite navigation system, or a voice-controlled digital assistant inside their homes, it's becoming more common for people to speak rather than typing.

As the largest search engine on the web, Google is paying close attention to this trend. And here, the company is making continuous adjustments to be able to provide the most relevant answers to these people.

Using Embedded 'Session Replay' For Developers To Monitor Users' Behavior

For developers of any kind, knowing how users use their product is one of the necessities.

One of the ways to do this, is by using what's called 'session replay'. This technology can be embedded inside apps, allowing developers to "replay" users' interaction when using their products.

In definition, session replay is the ability to replay a visitor's journey on a website, web application of mobile app.

Android And iOS Memory Management, And How Are They Different

Android and iOS, two popular operating systems that power almost all mobile devices on the planet.

While they have many similar things, with one copying another, the two can't be anymore different. Not necessarily because one operating system is better (or worse) than the other, but differences do exist in their memory management.

Before digging any deeper. memory management here means how the two operating systems make use of their RAM (Random Access Memory).

Server Log Analysis To Understand The Behavior Of Search Engine Crawlers

Websites on the web can collect a lot of data from search engine crawlers. The information can be compiled inside a log file, something that many webmasters overlook.

Most if not all websites use analytics tool track and report website traffic. In real-time, the tool can show detailed information about activities the website is experiencing.

This information can be a treasure when used properly.

The Two Common Security Threats Unique To Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the greatest invention in the modern world of technology. But just like any others that came before it, artificial intelligence has weaknesses.

First of all, we must know that people generate a lot of data. With smartphones and computers becoming everyday objects, users are relentlessly doing their things.

Uploading and sharing the data to the internet, we are all adding up to the pile of data tech companies store on their servers.