The Ways Social Media And Email Co-Exist By Changing Each Other

Email was once the medium for digital information transaction. It was there and still is the powerful way for marketers to reach their audience. But with social media, things are changing.

But will email die when people can do practically anything with social media?

Quick answer: no.

There were questions that predicted something will kill email, and the best answer for that is social media. However, social media isn't at all killing email, nor is email dying because of the popularity of social media.

The Reason Why You Should Not Use Emoticons In Professional Email Messages

Emojis, or emoticons, can be a great way to express feelings in a casual and friendly manner. But in email, especially for work and professional usage, the ":)" can give a negative impression rather than a positive one.

In a research published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal revealed that sending that 'friendly' smiley-face emoticons in business message can decrease perceptions of competence.

While emoticons do express warmth or friendliness, in emails, they don't behave the same way.

Social Media And Apps Are Killing Personal Websites? Or Not?

In the modern age of the internet, social media is somehow at the center of the sphere. Competing for attention, they are powerful enough and highly reputable. Some can even be used as a blog, just like Medium, and even competing your .com website.

With that in mind, do you still need your own website?

Usually, personal websites are made to advertise something, or someone as professionals or hobbyist, or something in between. Keeping all the information inside one website, was and still is the great way to create a professionally made presence on the web.

Paid Links And Advertising: How Can They Affect Your Website In A Good Or Bad Way

Advertisements are all over the web. There are usual and in fact a normal way of things on the internet. It's not against any search engines' policies or against any rules for that matter.

Advertisements and paid links are the life blood of the web. Advertisements and paid links are those that you can put on your page that point to another page, owned or controlled by the person who is paying them. That link can be an image and/or text, or anything others that will link your page to another.

Creating A Marketing Strategy And Customer Connections Without Invading Their Privacy

Personalized and targeted messages are important in getting higher engagement and making better sales. But in the modern digital age, privacy is one part that should never be ignored.

The internet has revolutionized how people communicate and conduct businesses, and it's the internet that also made people more accustomed in sharing personal information for the benefit of better services from companies they choose to trust.