Seeking Health From The Internet And Apps: A Line Between 'Patients' And 'Users'

"Fast", "easy" and "free" are three words that come with the modern internet and mobility. In the fast-pace connected world, we have all accustomed to conveniences.

With technology evolving, the ways we communicate, travel and see the world, have become a lot easier than what they used to. This is reflected to the many aspects in life, including how we maintain our health. And as for wellness, many of us are dependent on health apps we have on our phones or arms or wrists.

Preventing Potential Cyberattacks Using Fake Virtual Identity: Keeping Privacy To Yourself

There is no doubt that scams, spam, and phishing attacks are three of the most dreaded things on the internet.

In the modern days of the internet, many people are giving out their email address or phone number when signing up for a service. While these people for a multitude of reasons may not use their real names for registering, there are always some trailing security and privacy issues.

Understanding 'Ads.txt', And How It Can Benefit Or Hurt Your Website Earnings

The programmatic advertising industry is one of the things that powers the free information on the web. But unfortunately, the industry is just full of fraud.

While defining the exact number of loses due to ad fraud is difficult, publishers generally can lose a lot of money, with bigger publishers losing millions to billions of dollars a year because of this. And this is why the industry is bidding to bring more statistics to light.

Using VPN At The Comfort Of Your Secured Home Internet. Yes Or No?

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can be useful for many reasons. One of which, is when you want to connect to the internet using public Wi-Fi, especially hotspots without passwords.

But how about when you're connecting to the internet inside your comfort zone, let's say, your home and inside your comfortable bedroom?

To answer this, we need to first break how things work when you access the internet.

Managed Security Service For Small Businesses: Alternative To Automation

Big companies are targets of hackers because of the sheer number of information they hold.

But it also makes sense that hackers also love smaller-sized businesses, just because they are usually easy targets. In short no business on the web is safe.

Cybersecurity solutions usually involve: Automated Security, or Managed Security.

For the first, automated security uses automation and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically handle the routines and tasks that are essential to cybersecurity.