Paving The Roads To Artificial Intelligence: It's Either Us, Or Them

Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology, and it's becoming one of the most important topic that has been debated and argued more than many times.

As computers become smarter and able to decide things on their own, we are steadily seeing a shift of where us humans aren't anymore the most intelligent beings.

Know Your Website And How To Recover From Search Engine Ranking Drop

On the web that is growing, changes will happen. And when they happen, they happen frequently. In terms of search engine ranking, a change can either give you benefit or lost.

If you see website is losing rank or having a decrease in traffic, there should be a cause and you need to find the reason fast.

A drop in ranking can frustrate even veteran SEO professionals. There are so many things that could have gone wrong, and blind assumptions for the cause can waste you a lot of time before any correct procedures are commenced.

How Google And Facebook Have Reshaped Advertisement By Precision Targeting

As the internet advances, everything that comes with it is also improvised. And that includes advertising we all see on the web.

Advertising is seen as something that drives potential customers to become buyers. On the old days, the earlier forms of advertising were targeting generalized audience segments by broad demographic characteristics. To appeal the vast variety of people, ads were made colorful and attractive: memorable and often creative, clever and even emotional.

Angular Vs. React: A Full Framework Against A Library Built For Speed

When creating a front-end programming, developers will run across Angular and React. Both have great documentations and communities that are using them, and both can be capable to do anything you want. So which one should you use?

There are plenty of differences between the two. But comparing Angular to React is like comparing apples to apples. Comparing Angular’s syntax and component model and React’s, is like comparing an off-the-shelf computer's CPU to a raw CPU.

But nevertheless, they both can accomplish the same thing, using their own way.