The Reasons Your Great Contents Didn't Get The Quality Backlinks They Deserve

On the web and in SEO terms, building backlinks is one tedious process.

From time to time, it can be as easy as snapping a finger. Not to mention that are a lot of places where you can create backlinks to your site by just submitting a form or filling our comments or write a guest post by just registering to a site.

But most of the time, the instances are getting rarer and rarer.

If you've ever tried building backlinks manually, then you know how cumbersome it can be. The reason it can be difficult is because you just can't get others' attention properly.

Chatbots In Changing UX For The Better, And The Reasons Why You Should Or Shouldn't Use Them

It's a UX designers' job to make interface appealing and intuitive. They need to minimalize complex things by bringing out only the most important ones.

But with chatbots, UX designers can focus on something else because users don't need to look for contents and information. What they need to do, is ask, and the chatbot will reply instantaneously.

In the world where personal digital assistants are already available on computers and mobile, relevant information is just a few conversations away.

Defining And Becoming A Profitable Influencer, By Calculating Your Potentials

With fame comes fortune. Is it true?

The internet is growing, and so is social media. An age old question about the internet is that, is it really worth your efforts to spend time and money to capture your audience? How much is needed?

The answer depends on your passion and drive. And of course, money.

Then there is the question, when will those efforts become profitable? How long should they keep going?

These questions are often asked, not only to individuals, but also to anyone including businesses that want to get into the influencer marketing industry.

5 Major Ways To Help Your Online Business Reach More People

When you create a business on the internet, whether it's a blog, an online shop, an online presence for your brick-and-mortar business or anything in between, chances are you're competing with probably thousands of similar businesses that came before you.

Coming with a great idea for your business is just the beginning.

You need to adapt to the trends, see what's hot in demand, have a solution, and give whatever you got to meet those potential customers.

The Ways To Maximize Email Sign-Ups and Mobile Purchases, According To Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media, and as part of its Facebook Journalism Project series, the social giant shared some tips on how to maximize the performance of sign-up and checkout flows for publications.

"For publishers, it’s the moment of truth: A reader has decided they want to become a digital subscriber, and they now just need to complete the purchase," said Facebook, before highlighting how outlets tend to create checkout flows that aren't mobile friendly or were originally built to support print, not digital, subscriptions.