On The Modern Internet, Should Web Designers Learn How To Code?

Design and development are two different things. While development is all about things that are invisible to the ordinary users' eyes, design is all about the looks and feel, the appearance of something that is plainly visible.

Then comes the question: "Should a web designer learn how to code?"

To code or not to code, the question remains a topic of debate with strongly opinionated advocates on both sides.

Evolving Offline Retail Stores To Compete With E-Commerce Shops

Brick and mortar stores were here and still here. And they will probably thrive for years to come. So they are here to stay.

But what they have, is a fierce competition from online retailers: e-commerce shops that are thriving with evergrowing number of consumers.

For brick and mortar retailers, it has become more difficult for them to compete with the more saturated omnichannel retail market. While most shopping still occurs offline, the pace where consumers are purchasing their goods, are steadily going to online.

Apple's Facial Recognition Technology 'Face ID': Unlocks iPhone And Some Scary Questions

When Apple introduced the iPhone X on September 12th, 2017 at the Steve Jobs Theater, the company revealed a facial recognition technology it calls 'Face ID'.

Face ID was created initially for the iPhone X because the device doesn't have that famous rounded physical button at the bottom due to its no-bezel appearance. Since Apple has yet to implement a touch screen display that works with Touch ID, Face ID is to replace Touch ID in the iPhone X.

How Blockchain Technology Can Change The Way Modern Businesses Work

Traditional processes in conducting business in the digital world doesn't offer great transparencies and security. Because of the centralized design, it's controllable, but information and data manipulation are common.

This is where blockchain technology is gradually transforming peer-to-peer interactions in the modern digital world. Many large businesses are looking to this technology to improve the systems they are using.

Using RSS Feeds To Increase Your Website's Traffic

On the internet, there are a lot of competitions, all competing to be on the first page on search engines. Many websites are willing to do almost anything to get and maintain this position.

Among the difficult ones, there are also easy ways to do it. One free method is by using RSS Feeds. An effective use of RSS submission can boost your website's ranking on search engines.

How To Renew, Refresh, and Recycle Old Contents To Increase Their Reach

The internet was, is, and still will be the internet. If you've created posts for your website or blog, it's a waste if you don't reutilize them.

Refreshing, renewing or recycling your old contents can certainly make them reach more audience. While the internet was and still is the internet we know today, people do change.

While you certainly need to continue creating new and fresh contents, the landscape is constantly reshaping itself , and recycling your content, as well as creating evergreen ones, could be the key that benefits your internet marketing strategy.

Live Streaming And Short Video Clips As Social Media's Economy

Social media is one of the places that trend starts. There, interactions between friends, businesses, people and culture in general, are constantly changing.

When text posts were the thing, images started to occupy social media. Not long afterwards, audio and video came in and became popular. After they became the biggest appeal that made people to stick around longer on social media, then came live streaming.

It was born as a concept, but years later, it became a reality.