Choosing Between iOS And Android: Which Is Best For You?

And age-old question when it comes to choosing mobile operating system.

Usually when you're going to buy a new phone, it's recommended to use the same platform that you currently use. This is because switching operating system requires you to learn a few more things and potentially lose access to previously purchased apps, losing specific app-related data and others.

But if you really want to switch operating system, there is are whole new differences. To some, it may be a burden, but to others, it can be a fun experience.

The Reasons Why AI Won't Solve Cybersecurity Issues

The world is evolving, and it brings technologies to the next step.

AI is regarded as the answer to many problems. With computers becoming smarter and can decide on its own, their automation can offload many of humans' daunting tasks, including those in cybersecurity.

With the combination of technologies that have matured simultaneously with computing power, storage, cloud networks, math, IT and so forth. Some even said that the marriage between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence is a match made in heaven.

But it's actually far from that.

AI, Machine Learning And Deep Learning. What Are Their Differences?

In the modern days of computation, computers have become smarter by the days. And part of that, is because of AI, machine learning and deep learning.

When we first hear about the term "AI", some may refer it to something in science-fiction movies. Some others may heard it from the so-called "AI" in video games. Going forward, AI surfaced the term "Machine Learning" and "Deep Learning".

How To Use "Influencer Marketing" On Twitter To Benefit Your Business

Influencers are those who are capable of "influencing" others to do what they want them to do. And on social media, they can be a lot of help to boost your brand's visibility.

The reason is because people, or most notably their followers, trust the opinions and recommendations of these influencers.

As a modern day celebrities on the internet, they can be regarded as experts in their respective niches, despite the fact that they some may only have the slightest idea of what they're doing.

The Common Things That Cause Sudden Drop In Website Traffic

As the world' population on the internet increases, there is never a guarantee that your site's traffic continues to increase.

So here, no website is immune to traffic changes, including traffic drops that may be significant. Since the variables are too many, the causes can be easy to overlook. For you to find the source of the problem, you need to gather all the evidence, look closely to the statistics, and conclude whether the change occur seasonally or based on other patterns.

Using Memcached To Speed Up Your Website

Modern websites use a lot of data. Web applications and dynamic database-driven websites use a lot more data for a single page generation.

And if you multiply this amount by the number of your visitors, you can often experience an overloaded database, which would make your website a lot slower to load.

This is where Memcached can come to the rescue.