The Ways To Manage Your Business When Your Employees Are Working Remotely

As tech evolves, allowing people to connect anywhere they are at anytime, working isn't anymore requiring people to be "physically present" at the office.

This has given a rise of remote working, where employees can work in places other than the office. It has become a commonplace in many countries around the world, especially at tech companies and jobs which require more internet and screen time than traditional paperwork.

On The Internet, Be Very Careful: Maintain Privacy By Limiting What You Give

Gone are the days where brands rely on the media industry for visibility. This time, the information age has delivered innumerable wonders, as it churns out numerous innovations on a daily basis.

One of the reasons that the society can enjoy such convenience and awesome technologies, is because of users in providing endless strings of personal information. Companies that got their hands on user data, can gleam into our habits, needs, passions and many more.

Put that all with vast arrays of datasets, together, companies have raked huge amount of profits.

The Differences Between 'Permissioned' And 'Permissionless' Blockchain

A blockchain is cryptography-based technology that uses tamper-resistant distributed ledger to store data in a consensus driven, peer-to-peer network.

It enables the process of transferring value between two parties without having to rely on third-parties. Decentralized, the blockchain network has no governance by a hierarchical authority. This is a contrast to the likes of banks, credit card companies and so forth.

The Most Common Social Media Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Business

Businesses can use social media to amplify their reach. It can be either easy or hard to get the best results, but it's definitely easy to make mistakes.

For the most part, minor errors can be forgiven. Your business is run by humans, and so are your audiences. We're all humans, and humans make mistakes. However, there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all cost.

Human-Sourced Biases That Would Trouble The Advancements Of Artificial Intelligence

With people creating and generating more information, we can certainly conclude researchers have sufficient training materials for AIs to be smart. But there is somehow one problem that seems to never go away.

And that is bias.

Bias in AI is a common thing because data are collected, processed and analyzed differently. For example, words with multiple meanings, can cause machines to misinterpret commands. Bias can also come from humans who delivered those materials to computers, as well as from the algorithms themselves.