"Passively Consuming" Facebook's News Feed Will Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

The social giant Facebook has grown so large, and too large for even itself to manage. Facebook is at the center of the internet where most digital social activity happens, exposing itself to a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

According to a research, the danger of too much social media is present.

If you use Facebook without contributing, like if you scroll down the endless News Feed without Liking or commenting on others' posts, this will make you feel bad about yourself, that according to Facebook.

The 5 Common Design Facts That Web Designers Usually Ignore

Design spices up things. It colors the dark and gives life to the dull. When it comes to technology, designs play its part as the antihero: it's there but is rarely inside the bigger picture.

It may not alter the function of something, but when it does, it can be so groundbreaking that it creates an appeal that can be almost impossible to forget.

This is why businesses need to renew their understanding of potential designs, and see how they can influence success. Be it hardware or software, innovations in technology has always been accompanied by innovations in design.

Knowing The Differences Between Apple's Face ID And Samsung's Iris Scanning Technology

2017 sees the rising popularity of biometric scanner, from two rivals: Apple and Samsung. Apple has Face ID and Samsung lineup has Iris Scanning technology.

These two are upgrades from previous technologies (Face ID replacing Touch ID, and Iris Scanner replacing Android's facial recognition). And as expected, the two companies claim that their newer biometric identification technique is superior than previous technology, and better to the other.

So how do they differ?

Google Penalizes Many Websites From Time To Time. These Are The Ways To Play Safe

Google is not the only search engine, but it's the biggest and the most influential by far.

With its algorithms, Google has the ultimate power in deciding what to show on its search results' pages. Since many websites are depending on Google to widen their reach and visibility, the last thing they need is getting ousted by the search giant.

To those who have experienced Google’s wrath, the effects of being penalized can be devastating. From a sudden drop in traffic, decreasing revenue and a bad reputation on the overall web.

Is Your Website Hacked? This is How And Why It Happened

There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web, with each website shutting down will grow many new ones at any given time.

Among the most asked questions regarding owning a website, is how and why websites are hacked.

For too many reasons, websites should be accessible to anyone in the world, at any given time. This is a big advantage since information can be delivered instantly. But the problem with everyone has the access to see your website, comes with hackers that may have an eye on it.

Knowing How Long It Takes To Make A Good Amount Of Money From Blogging

Blogging is one the best way to get more traffic. Whether it's from big corporations, small businesses, or individual bloggers, everyone that has a website, generally wants more and more traffic.

But the question is: "How long will it takes before I can see good results?"

The answer for this question is fairly simple: it depends.