How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Sales And Marketing For The Greater Good

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligence exhibited by machines. Yes, computers think and they can be smart. At first, making them able to learn unsupervised is like science-fiction. But the truth is not far from reality.

Our lifestyle is already detailed and curated down by buttons. Almost any digital activities involve a touchscreen or a simple click on keyboards. Automation is replacing the old hard word, putting practicality into our lives lesser and obsolete.

Customer Match And In-Store Conversions: From Targeting To Closing The Loop Of Measurement

Google thrives on search and advertisements are where most of its money comes from. For marketers, the science behind search advertising is complicated and technical.

From thousands of niche that are added and with technologies that come and go, the basic way in which ads are delivered haven't changed much. But when speaking about how Google displays advertisement, things can be more exciting.

Blogging For Money: Dealing With Frustration And Desperation

Blogging has a lot of uses. From personal interest to just a mere hobby, blogging can certainly be a great way to share knowledge, experience and get new friends and fans on the internet. While to some people it's the fun part they're after, to others, it's all about the money.

People can get income revenue from blogging that's for sure. But during the early days of blogging, many experience frustration. Many newbie bloggers get frustrated quite often for various reasons, and that frustration often leads to desperation.

Google RankBrain And How SEO Should Have Correlating Intentions In Mind

The advancing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) has helped us in making decisions by better predictions. AI has given an impact to the lives of many people in many industries.

To make use of AI on the web, companies need optimize their websites for those artificial beings. As for getting attentions, they need to optimize their websites for search engines that are using AI to increasingly create better results.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of DIY Website Vs. Professionally Developed Website

To have an official presence on the web, your business needs to have a website.

Whether you're creating a new website or updating an existing one, the choices you have to make is whether to create it on your own, or have it developed by professionals.

Before, people tend to hire professionals because the choices are obvious. But thanks to the number of courses and online tools, as well as website builders, people can create websites on their own without having to hire professionals.

Organic Content: Why It Can Be The Key To Your Search Engine And Social Media Success

Content is king. It has been the king and always will be. They are the ones that speak to your customers and spreads your word to the potential target audience.

The ever-increasing changes to search engines' algorithms are slowly but steadily reward people's efforts in creating good organic contents. You need to keep on creating great and quality contents because your organic contents are always more rewarding in a long term.