How AI Can Help Reduce Digital Advertising Waste

In terms of digital marketing, the cost of a click marketers pay should get meaningful engagement.

However, most of the time, this is not true. This is because most people bounce out of a page in just a few seconds. Only a small percentage of those visitors can really translate to leads.

This is called digital marketing waste, and it is something inevitable in the growing web.

The problem for marketers isn't limited to that, since they are less likely to know which part of their advertising budget is wasted.

The Ways To Use LinkedIn Professionally To Generate Leads

If LinkedIn is the social media of your choice and you want to be an influential person on the platform, it all comes down to you.

While LinkedIn is indeed a social networking platform dedicated for professionals, and it's a lot quieter there than it is on Facebook, but still, it's more than just what it seems. If you use it well, LinkedIn can be one great way to generate leads. To some, it can even be the greatest among all other social networks.

And the best of all, it won't cost you anything.

The Ways To Make Your Website Target Country-Specific Audience

One of the advantages of digital ads is that we can target them geographically, and save a lot of amount of the digital spend. And for multi-lingual and multi-country marketing, there’s a whole industry for them to thrive.

Most marketers know that traffic from developed nations, such as the U.S., converts better in terms of advertising revenue and affiliate sales. The reason is simple: users in those places have higher "purchasing power" and are more open to internet commerce.

How To Increase Your Pageviews Per Visitor By Leveraging User Experience

For a website to thrive, it needs visitors.

While many webmasters spend their efforts in getting more and more visitors, lesser number of them are trying to lower their bounce rate.

While it can be either easy or hard to get more visitors, it's definitely easier to get a visitor already on your site to go on other pages. The reason is because the hardest part has past, and all you need is to persuade them to venture more.

Knowing The Differences Between 32-Bit And 64-Bit Computing Architecture

Humans have lots of ways to count. But computers can only count in binary: 0 and 1. This is called a 'bit'.

In computer terms, 1-bit computing means that the computer can only show two possible values. What this means, 2-bit computing means four values (2^2); and 3 bits is eight (2^3). And if we keep calculating that, we reach 32-bit (2^32) which is 4,294,967,296; and 64-bit (or 2^64) that is worth 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 values.

How Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon And Twitter Comply With GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced by regulators across 28 countries.

The data regime increases protections on EU's citizens' personal data, and left many companies targeting Europe to struggle meeting its requirements.

For that reason, many had to revamp their privacy policies - planning the change months ahead of the date, to make sure their business model remains intact.

Using "Referrer" Statistics To Better Understand And Benefit Your Visitors

Everything on the internet is connected. This is one main reason why it's called the "web".

Just type any keyword on a search engine, and it will return results that contain the information you need. Those results come from websites. And when you visit those websites, the search engine you use becomes the "referrer".

Links move people from one website to another, all with just one click (tap). What this means, referrer drive traffic to websites.