What's On Your Phone, Stays On Your Phone: Tips To Secure Your Digital Mobile Life

We store everything on our phones.

From emails, social media accounts, business-related documents, personal photos, to-do lists, and many more. With us becoming even more attached to our devices, the more data we store on our phones, the more vulnerable your privacy becomes.

It's fine if the data stays on your phone. But sadly, smartphones do connect to the internet, and apps may send information about usage and other data to servers elsewhere on the globe.

So no, your data may not be secured as you may have expected.

Why You Should Read Everything Before "I Agree To The Terms And Conditions"

On the modern days of the internet, it's very rare to see services that go without requiring users to first accept the Terms and Conditions.

Also referred to as T&C, ToS and ToU, Terms and Conditions are as old traditional contracts. As a matter of fact, they are actually contracts, as they can be composed of requirements, rules, special arrangements, provisions, and standards - which all make an integral part of a real contract.

The Reasons To Use Third-Party DNS Services: The Alternatives To Your ISP

Everyone using the internet must be using some sort of Domain Name System, or DNS for short.

Without realizing it, users of the web use DNS as a protocol which sets the standards for how computers exchange data on the internet as well as many private networks. Its basic job is to turn user-friendly domain names, such as into an Internet Protocol (IP) which computers understand.

These IP addresses are meant for computers to identify each other on a network.

How Publishers Can Personalize User Experience Using Real-Time Data

Advertisers and marketers have long been known to be able to personalize their campaign throughout different mediums. These personalized ads can deliver a lot more user engagements than non-personalized ads.

With this fact, many are prioritizing personalization to craft compelling one-to-one communication with consumers.

But just like these advertisers and marketers, publishers too can customize their contents to win over new readers and keep them happy.

The Rise And Fall Of Push Notification, And How "Anti-Notification" Wants To Replace It

Notifications can be either gratifying, or equally annoying. But in fact, there are very few tech inventions which affect our relationship with our devices, as much as push notification feature.

Before modern-day notifications, users of devices are the ones who decided whether or not they want to interact with technology. We at that time, were in control of accessing technology when we want. But with push notification, things changed.

Tech wants that role, and we surrendered.

AI-Powered Image And Video Editing Tools Because There Is No Universal Definition Of Beauty

There was a time when the web is full of text. Fast forward, with the growing internet and smartphones in our hands, we occupy the web with plenty of images and videos.

Then there was a time when those images and videos were edited locally. With editing tools like Adobe Photoshop for example, we could touchup our photos to create a little facelift, or do some alternations that make us the way we want to look.

Varied with taste, mood and situation, we want those edited images and videos to represent us.