Understanding The Waterfall Diagram To Improve The Speed Of Your Website

On the web, speed is everything. From SEO to user experience, faster web pages have a higher chance to appeal search engines as well as satisfy viewers. Users will visit more pages that are fast to load, making those pages have a higher chance to convert.

In short, squeezing out every drop of speed out of a website in order for it to load as fast as it can, is a strategy that is well worth an effort.

Using Defer And Asynchronous For A Non-Blocking JavaScript Execution

On websites, JavaScript or JS, is the high-level interpreted programming language that makes pages more interesting to see and interact with. Alongside HTML and CSS, it has been one of the three core technologies that power the World Wide Web.

With the majority of websites using it and all modern web browsers supporting it, JS has long been inside the spotlight. With its functions supporting object-oriented, JS supports an array of capabilities to make web pages better.

Until there is that time when JS becomes be a trouble to work with.

Choosing Your Web Server: Apache Vs. Nginx

When it comes to the age-old web question, there should be the one that asks the differences between an Apache HTTP server and Nginx, the two most popular open source web servers powering the internet.

Both are solid and powerful, and both are built using any technology developed on any occurring time. But just like any products out there, there are advantages and also disadvantages.

Improving Your Server Response Time: Every Millisecond Matters

Many website owners, webmasters, web developers and others have struggled to reduce their servers' response time to improve their website's performance. The reason for this is because everyone on the web wants a fast loading website. Speed matters and speed is the key.

Server response time is the amount of time it takes for a web server to respond to a request from a user's browser. This includes the time to load HTML for necessary rendering, subtracting out the network latency between users and the web server.

How To Make SEO And Content Marketing Work Together: Know Then Act

"What is the role of SEO in content marketing?" Usually this question is followed by another question that sounds like: "How can SEO and content marketing work together to achieve success."

When SEO is one thing, the other would be content marketing. SEO should be viewed as something that reinforces content marketing. While the two can benefit each other when working together, things may go wrong if they don't follow the same thought.

This is because SEO and content marketing that share the same philosophy, but have different character.

Speed Up Your Website By Knowing And Optimizing Its Server-Side Components

There are a lot of reasons that may have impacted the speed of your website. Before digging deeper into the cause, you must first know that data needs to travel from one place to another, and for that reason a certain amount of time is needed to complete the operation.

To break speed down, your website's performance is made up of both its front-end and the server-side components. These two are the parts work closely together to either make your website loads fast, or make it loads slow.