'Load Rage', And How People On The Internet Are Becoming Less Patient

Back in the late 1990s, the time when early generations of netizens started to know about the internet, the world was very different.

Using telephone number on a conventional telephone line, people use modems to 'dial' and connect to the internet using a mere speed of 56 kbit/s (using the V.90 or V.92 protocol), although in most cases, 40–50 kbit/s was the norm.

Fast forward to the matured internet, where netizens are pampered with fiber optics and megabits to gigabits of data per second, they are accustomed to speed.

The Reasons Why Super-Pricey High-End Smartphones Are So Good They Hurt Their Makers

When the world first experienced the internet and mobile phones, this created the hype where people spend their money to buy smartphones. But of course, at that time, high-end phones were cheaper, with the modern mobile future yet to be written.

Apple which was the one that sparked this trend, has used the demand to propel its business ahead, piggybacking the trend and became a $1 trillion company.

Anonymized Data Cannot Protect User Privacy, Researchers Said

In the world where data is transacted all the time, the cost includes unveiling user privacy.

This is regarded as a necessity in living in the modern connected ecosystem. From searching the web, using social media networks, to routine visit to the doctor, people are handing over an increasing amount of personal data to whoever they are interacting with.

From a privacy point of view, this is concerning.

How Blockchain Can Create Reliable Database That Cannot Be Corrupted

The problem with database is that, it needs to be accurate, with all of its transactions matched up. Then there are security issues needed to be addressed, access, reliability and cost.

With cloud computing and storage replacing conventional servers, database hosting has become increasingly cheaper, and yes, also more reliable. But when it comes to disaster recovery and permutability, the cloud may not be capable enough.

As a solution, blockchain can play its role.

How To Improve You Windows PC Performance, By Troubleshooting It Yourself

Your Windows computer should be one of the most versatile piece of machines you have.

Turn it on, connect it to the internet, and you should be able to do everything you need to fulfill your digital needs. From browsing the web, creating/editing/reading documents, play games, edit photos, use utility apps and almost anything in between.

But what if you have an old PC? If you have one that you bought like years ago, or if you use your PC quite too often, it will slow down.

Smartphone’s In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner. How Does It Work?

If companies want to thrive, they need to understand want customers want, create products to answer that demand, observe the competition, and keeping up with the trend.

The same goes for smartphone manufacturers.

Phones were once half numerical pad with the rest lesser part as screen. When communication in form of texting became more common, the traditional numerical pads were replaced by small keyboards. Then after the internet became popular on mobile, streaming media, and powerful cameras have been adopted, larger screens with touch capabilities were supported.

Understanding 'Click Farm', And Why This Shadowy Internet Activity Is Lurking

In the world where competition is high, things are more intense at each coming day.

Not only that products are experiencing the burden to please the ever-changing needs of users that are keeping up with the trends, people and companies are also competing against each other for users, viewership and likes/followers.

When browsing for something, things should be transparent where things are straightforward. Like for example, searching for something using a search engine should land users on choices.