Keep Your Website's Design Updated To Satisfy Users By Following The Trends

Trend changes, and so is design, If your website has outdated design, it won't be able to provide a good user functionality and satisfaction because people are expecting you to be better than that.

While many websites are able to keep up with the growing and changing design trends, most actually failed. Most of those brands don't realize that their design is out-of-date, not that they don't care about customer satisfaction, it's mostly because they just don't follow the trends.

Everyone should follow the recent trends because it simply describes what's today's needs.

How To Use Trends To Improve Your Business Campaign

Trends change, and when they do, they change frequently. For a business to meet the whatever demands the market is asking, they too need to change.

Trends are what made people notice. They make consumers want to pay more just to engage with whatever is viral. Getting into the minds of consumers may not be an easy task, but merging marketing to go in line with trends always have benefits.

Leveraging trends requires both visibility and existing contents to start with. With all that matters, they should be tailored to meet the trend itself.

China's BAT: The Three Kingdoms At War To Rule Them All

China is one of the largest market in Asia, and a target to the western society to market their goods. But not that China's economic is trailing close behind the west, it's also gaining an upper hand with a potential to be the largest.

In terms of technology, China's big three are usually referred as BAT. They are China's Google (Baidu), China's Amazon and eBay (Alibaba) and China's Facebook and messaging platform (Tencent). These three companies are much similar to their western equivalent, but against time, they thrived to become even more than that.

Protecting Yourself From Ransomware: Keeping Your Data Safe And Sound

People have data. When it comes to storing them, the more valuable they are, the more they attract the eyes of the unwanted. Ransomware has been used by plenty of times to hold people's data hostages.

In ransom for money, ransomware not only pose privacy concerns, but also catastrophe to businesses.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that threatens the owner of the data, or blocking access to it, unless a ransom is paid.

Lazy Loading And Progressive Loading: Taking Image Optimization Further Up

Visuals play important roles in websites. Their presence helps improve conversions, user experience and increase engagement.

Images compromise more than two-third of a website's bandwidth. Because images dominate page weight, image optimization can have a significant effect.

For the best user experience, each image you have on your website should be enhanced and optimized to meet viewing context. This includes adapting the image to fit the layout of the page and selecting the optimal quality and encoding settings.

The Ways To Optimize Your Mobile App To Rank Higher In App Stores

Having a mobile app can be one of the best way to reach your mobile audience.

If creating and developing an app isn't hard enough for you, marketing is another story. Google Play Store and Apple's App Store are two of the most well-known mobile app market. With so many in the competition (millions), do you really get what you deserve? Are you getting enough downloads?

Creating an app and the process of uploading it and optimizing it for users are all important tasks.