Understanding Adversarial Images That Trick Both Human And AI

Experimenting with AI can be fun, especially when knowing that they can see what we cannot, or failed to understand what is apparent.

But when life is at stake, like for example on autonomous cars, the fun ends.

To understand how computers see the world, we need to understand visual classification algorithms powered by a computer model called a convolutional neural network (CNN), which are commonly used to recognize objects in images.

Socially Conscious Business By Giving Something Back To The Community: Creating A Better World

Every business on the internet aims to get the most revenue out of people, quickly. To do this, they are trying to differentiate themselves from another in order to get one or two advantage points.

As a result, the internet evolves to become a better place for everyone.

But the thing about companies is that, they should not always look up. Because people are looking forward towards frequent innovations, businesses should also looks beside them and those down below. This can be possible by implementing strategies to give something back to the community.

Choosing The Best VPN: Know How To Protect Yourself

Spies aren't anymore close to your vicinity. With the mobile device you have on your hand connected to the web, spies can be half way across the globe - gobbling up any information you may have, including your activities and whereabouts.

Every website you visit, your Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or anyone connected to your network for that matter, can see your browsing activity through your computer's IP address.

One solution out of a few, includes using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How AI Poses Malicious Threats When It Turns Its Back On Humans

There is two side on a coin. To some, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can dramatically improve our lives in the future. But to others, it's paving the end of humanity.

The debate about AI warns that malicious uses of AI is a "clear and present danger" to society. While we're not there yet as the future is yet to be written, the discussion about the technology has gathered some of the greatest minds in the world pitted at opposite ends of the spectrum.

While AI, or just about any technologies out there, has undoubted benefits, there are also drawbacks.