Hashtag Mistakes On Social Media You Need To Avoid When Promoting Your Business

Hashtags are one of the essential parts of social media marketing and growth. For this reason, you need to get them right.

Hashtags were initially introduced to Twitter to make ease in keeping track of certain types of content, and ease them in finding the people and topics most relevant to their interests. As the trend grew, hashtags have become a cultural phenomenon - they're almost on every social media, and are even used in everyday conversations.

How The Internet Of Things Aren't The Best Of Friends With Security And Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about making "dumb" devices "smarter," and it's connecting more of them to the internet every day.

The growth of IoT has many benefits, especially when it has the potential to change the way people carry out tasks. Having a smart home, for example. It's not just plain awesome, but it also can reduce energy consumption, lower electric bill and ease many tasks in household routines.

Common Logo Mistakes You Need To Avoid

A logo is arguably the most important aspect of any brand. It's a short and often beautiful language, intended to show the personality of a brand and instantly convey what the company does at a glance. It gives identity - it's something that should be able to represent you professionally.

Speeding Up Your Website By Prioritizing Critical CSS

When you access a web page, your browser needs to process all the styles and layout information on the requested page before it can render its contents. As a result, your browser needs to block rendering until all external stylesheets are downloaded and processed.

This may require multiple roundtrips, delaying the time to render.

In order for a website to respond as quickly as possible, one of the ways is to know the critical rendering path and render blocking CSS to improve CSS delivery.

A Guide To Securing Your Website Using SSL Certificates

When it comes to securing your website, there is a full range of SSL products available. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, what it does is to protect the transfer of data from a user's web browser to the website's server.

While SSL can secure a website's connection for its users, it can also boost the website's ranking. For these reasons, there are many web owners and webmasters that explore the possibilities, hoping to get the best for what they pay for.