How Web Anonymity Became The Empowerment For Free Speech And Cyberbullying

What can't see you, can't hurt you. That is true for those cyberbullies out there.

In the age of online surveillance and self-censorship, anonymity has become the essential component of privacy and free-speech. As the consequences of such luxury, people are 'more than happy' to harass others, bully, and spread hatred.

What appears as the weakness of social media networks and messaging apps, the fact is that, it all goes down to the basic of humans.

We aren't afraid of anything or anyone that can't reach or hurt us.

'Post-Quantum Cryptography': How Today's Encryption Could Be Obsolete Tomorrow

See that little padlock icon on top of your web browser? That's a signal to tell you that online services are using, and have properly set up HTTPS.

This web protocol encrypts the data you send across the internet when using that online service, as well as protecting all the responses of your interactions. In other words, it's a form of encryption to protect things like passwords, digital signatures, and other sensitive information.

To Blog Or To Vlog: Choosing Your Online Money-Making Persona

For internet savvy people, they should be familiar with the terms "blogger" and "vlogger". But for those who are just getting started on the web, they should know that these two terms are very similar as they are very different.

Bloggers have been around longer than vloggers. These people write articles for the web around specific niche (called blogs), allowing readers to read those articles over the internet like a newspaper or a magazine.

Vloggers on the other hand, are associated with the more modern medium, in which they create videos for the YouTube culture.

7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourselves Before Rebranding Your Business

There are businesses that took off like incredibly fast, and there are businesses that run like snails. And there are businesses that were once successful, but later filed for bankruptcy.

It's a race against time. No business shall thrive without a good market, good people and good offerings. But if you think that your business is needing some new light, it may need a reband. This is something you should consider carefully.

The Coalition for Better Ads, And How To Comply With Its 'Better Ads' Standards

Advertisements on the internet, everyone should meet them in almost every places they go on the web.

Since everyone knows that ads bring money, the once-were-traditional static banner ads have evolved, with many becoming intrusive. They can show up anywhere, at anytime. For viewers, these ads disrupt experience, and many aren't liking them.

Because the web with ads is certainly the way to go, and there is no option for no ads on the internet, this is where the 'Coalition for Better Ads' steps in.