Is Your Website Hacked? This is How And Why It Happened

There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web, with each website shutting down will grow many new ones at any given time.

Among the most asked questions regarding owning a website, is how and why websites are hacked.

For too many reasons, websites should be accessible to anyone in the world, at any given time. This is a big advantage since information can be delivered instantly. But the problem with everyone has the access to see your website, comes with hackers that may have an eye on it.

Knowing How Long It Takes To Make A Good Amount Of Money From Blogging

Blogging is one the best way to get more traffic. Whether it's from big corporations, small businesses, or individual bloggers, everyone that has a website, generally wants more and more traffic.

But the question is: "How long will it takes before I can see good results?"

The answer for this question is fairly simple: it depends.

LinkedIn Is Not Facebook. But You Can Get More Reach By Becoming More Personally Human

Social media has long been known to be a place to share almost anything imaginable. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and many others, people talk about everything they see and hear. But things are a little bit different on LinkedIn.

For sure, LinkedIn is not like Facebook, and you shouldn't go all out there because it's a social media dedicated for professionals and businesses.

To Tweet To Then Retweet And Verify Later: Habit That Powers Fake News And Hate Speech

Twitter has been known to be a place where information piles up very fast. The good thing is that, pretty much of the 'real' world is there, but the bad thing is, many of them aren't real.

Social media is a place to share experience, express thoughts, opinions and feelings. Be it religious or political, to anything in between. social media is like somehow a haven where free speech happens, at any time.

But here is the catch: information are flowing too fast, faster than most people can digest. So to understand the truth, it's kind of murky there.

How The Internet Has Changed Our Sexuality With Porn Rewiring Our Brain

When the internet was still young, it was said that only three kinds people that were active: civil servants, academics and people looking for pornography.

It's not that there are specific people to blame, since sexuality is in our nature. But it was the internet that evolved it, through ASCII, bulletin boards and then file transfer protocol. In just a brief of time, many people, from youngsters and beyond, have access to those explicit materials.

Because demand was high, supply followed.

How To Create An Engaging Website Design By Moving Away From Complexity

When the internet was still young and there was little information available, we hungered for more and more. But when the internet matures and information is more than plenty, we want less.

"Less" information here means simplicity.

With the amount of information people can consume on the web, including from your website, don't make people overwhelmed with unnecessary things because clutter will put your visitors' brain into a state of confusion, driving less engagement and conversion.

Understanding The 'Six Stimuli" In An Era Where Attention Span Decreases

The huge amount of information the web has to offer, is shortening people's attention span.

Due to the massive amount of information, technology that serves the purpose to provide all the data, is intimidating our eyes, ears and brains. As a result, "humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish".

Attention span is the amount of time needed to concentrate on a single task, before becoming distracted.