Big As Whale, Small As Plankton: Explaining The Cryptocurrency World That Has Animals As Names

Cryptocurrencies are those digital assets that boasts transparency and anonymity. Designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, cryptocurrency has a world on its own.

And with its wide adoption throughout the world, there are terms that some may find confusing.

For example, there are what people call cryptocurrency “whale,” “bear,” and “bull".

Explaining 'Spoof Emails', And What To Know About This Scamming Method

Scammers are smart. They can use their knowledge and experience, as well as all the available tools at their disposal to trick victims to do their bidding.

One of the methods of scam, is called 'email spoofing', which can be described as the fabrication of an email header in the hopes of tricking the recipient into thinking that the email originated from someone or somewhere other than the intended source.

Another way of saying it: email spoofing is when someone sends an email with a forged sender address.

Domain Age And SEO: Is Older The Wiser?

The older the wiser. Or to be more precise, 'another year older, another year wiser'.

On the internet, the older a domain name gets, the more it should be respected. According to SERPWoo, an search engine results page checker, the domain age for the top 20 websites on the internet hardly had any domains that were under 1 year old - like almost zero.

"The thing is, it was rare the domain was within the top 10."

'Digital Zombies', And How The World Can Fight Or Embrace Them

In the modern era where people are always connected to the internet, the society has changed dramatically.

With more capable internet connection and an increasing amount of devices to choose from, practically everyone wants to have their own smartphones and dedicated internet connection, just to enjoy the abundance of 'activities' that can be done on the internet.

And with the more and more devices put online, and more and more people connected to the internet, the more information would be shared. As a result, we became dependent of the technology.

How Owning Old And Cheap Smartphones Can Expose You To Privacy Nightmares

Old may not be obsolete. But when it comes to smartphones that hold sensitive information, old translates to troubles.

Smartphones as we know them, didn’t exist when computers were as huge as en entire room. Decades later, mobile phones were created. But since mobile internet was not yet available, those phones were literally "dumbphones".

At that time, tech evolved slow, as years can pass without significant innovation.

But when "smartphones" hit the market, like all in a sudden, mobile technology started to speed up tremendously.

Time-Of-Flight Sensor, And How It Takes Invisible Light For Depth-Sensing Capabilities

Smartphones have multiple cameras for reasons. For example, a telephoto lens for long-focus, or a wide-angle camera for better landscape shots.

But with the demand of the market that hunger for innovations, smartphone makers were ramping up their efforts to improvise the existing, and introduce new technologies as they say fit.

In the camera sector, one of which, is the Time-of-Flight camera.