This AI, Powered By GPT-3, Can Generate New Blog Post Ideas In Seconds

A Writer's Block

Even the greatest writers can experience what's called the writer's block. When it happens, writers lose their ability to write, as their creativity slows down.

There are ways to treat this occasional condition. But what if a writer experiencing a writer's block wants to write, like right now? Well, there is an AI that can help with that.

It's called the 'AI Blog Idea Generator', and what it does, is sprinkling some inspiration onto writers' empty pages (or screen).

Users just need to enter some keywords into the search bar, click on the 'Generate Idea', and let the system scouts Google to see some top-performing content on the subject.

It will then use OpenAI's controversial GPT-3 text generator to produce some new data.

This AI Blog Idea Generator tool is targeted at content marketers who want to create posts that can rank high on Google Search using targeted keywords, but struggle with that writer's block.

According to Ryo, the co-founder of Topic, and also the developer of AI Blog Idea Generator:

Most blog content on the web sucks.

And it's our fault. Because as content marketers, when we focus too much on the results we need to achieve, we forget about the reader.

And that’s a big problem, because when we forget about the reader, our content fails to add value, Google notices, and it gets sucked into a black hole, destined to never be read.

That’s why I built this tool, to help you break out of that cycle and re-connect with your reader.

While some of the results the AI provide may be clichéd and/or somehow gibberish, some can be relevant and somehow useful.

Blog Idea Generator

Nikhil Aitharaju that is also the developer of the tool, acknowledges this, and understands that not every idea can be a winner:

It's a tool to help you brainstorm quality blog post ideas in seconds [...] It can admittedly go off the rails occasionally (as it's an automated system), but the fact that you can generate more ideas in a click means that you're bound to get a clever idea eventually!

The idea here is that, the AI could help marketers write by giving them some inspirations.

But the thing about the system going to Google to know some of the top-performing contents, can backfire. The reason why some of the results are too common or clichéd, is because the AI looks at top-rated contents, and create ideas based on those popular contents only.

What this means, the AI may be able to create something unique, but may not create something that is always original.

This makes the tool kind of out of reach for journalists.