How Color Affects Readership

When it comes to creating a successful website/blog, you should be careful to consider all the important components. Color is one of them.

While we all know the fundamental, blue is cool and red is warm, there is more to this story than that. The sensation a color creates within your reader can have a great affect on how they contextualize your website/blog. “Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. That means color could have a significant effect on how well visitors to your website/blog remember and recognize your it on future visits.

Not to mention that color holds your reader’s attention two seconds longer than black and white. What are the most popular colors? Red, along with blue, are the predominant colors found online.

  • Light blue will evoke a sense of calm, trust and security. Because this color is also used in a variety of popular logos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, it is also associated with important aspects of your readers’ lives.
  • Red is aggressive, and will cause stimulation and excitement. This color is known to induce a reaction, both positive and negative.
  • Citrus colors such as yellow and orange are associated with fun and excitement. In fact, Gunelius also points out that yellow is the first color a person sees, before any other.
  • Pink is associated with femininity and youthfulness. This color has its place in many places across the blogosphere, yet with such a specific meaning it should be used carefully.
  • Although white does represent simplicity, it can also be seen as boring. If you are going for a clean look, I suggest having strong pops of bright red or orange, which elicit excitement. You could also add in bright greens, as this is also associated with simplicity.