TikTok Influencer And Her Mother Committed A Double Murder: Sex Tape Threat, Living Two Lives


Fame brings a lot of perks in life. But fame also brings its own issues.

Mahek Bukhari, a young woman who seemed to have it all. a social media influencer with striking looks, charismatic personality, and a growing presence. Known for her lifestyle posts, beauty tips, and a glimpse into her seemingly perfect life, she was on the path to becoming a significant influencer.

And one of her biggest supporters, her mother, Ansreen, often appearing together in social media posts.

The two shared a close bond, reflecting a picture of a loving, supportive family.

But in a shocking twist of fate, Mahek, once associated with promise and potential, and Ansreen, then became infamous for the extreme opposite reason.

The relationship between Ansreen and Mahek Bukhari was more than just a mother-daughter relationship, because the two women, who frequently partied together, ended up killing two young men.

Bukhari's murder.
Mahek Bukhari (left), a social media influencer, and her mother, Ansreen Bukhari (right)

Mahek Bukhari, also known as May B, was born in the United States in 1999, and moved to the UK in 2002.

She began her social media career while studying fashion at Manchester Metropolitan University, but later dropped out to focus on her online presence. Her dedication to being a content creator paid off, and Mahek got what she was after.

With hundreds of thousands of followers, Mahek inspired many.

Ansreen who was extremely supportive of her daughter, frequently appeared on posts made by Mahek. Seemingly piggybacking her daughter's fame, she too becomes known as well.

And this changed much of her life.

This was when 45-year-old Ansreen had an affair with a Saqib Hussain, a man much younger than her.

The relationship started in 2019. Ansreen ended the relationship in 2022.

21-year-old Saqib repeatedly tried to contact her after the breakup, but Ansreen avoided him.

This infuriated Saqib so much that he resorted to blackmail.

Saqib who possessed sexual videos and images of Ansreen when the two were still lovers, started threatening Ansreen.

Saqib said that he was going to upload the sex tape he and Ansreen made to the internet, unless Ansreen spoke to him.

Saqib also demanded money, which he said was spent on taking Ansreen out on dates and on gifts, as well as on hotel bills in Birmingham and London, where the two engaged in sexual intercourse.

Bukhari's murder.
Mahek Bukhari was a social media influencer with massive following. She and her mother did what they could to save her online reputation.

Ansreen’s daughter, Mahek, was made aware of the affair.

At first, this didn't bother her too much, until she learned of the blackmail plot.

Fearful of the impact on her family and social media career, she messaged her mother, showing her support.

Instead of paying Saqib the money he asked, Mahek had an idea of enlisting some people to "teach him (Saqib ) a harsh lesson."

But first, the mother and daughter plotted to seize his phone containing the explicit material.

To do this, the Bukharis arranged a meeting in Leicester to confront Saqib.

On February 10, 2022, Saqib arrived at the scene with Mohammed Ijazuddin, a friend of Saqib who agreed to accompany him meet the Bukharis.

Saqib was "lured" after he was made to think that Ansreen would pay the £3,000 he asked.

But when Saqib and Mohammed realized that the Bukharis brought people with them, and that the situation was made worse due to the tension between the two parties, Saqib and Mohammed fled with their car, a Škoda Fabia.

The Bukharis chased Saqib and Mohammed using their’ Audi TT, while their accomplices used a SEAT León.

The chase reached speeds upward of 160 kilometers per hour on public roads in the early hours.

In the high-speed chase, the car with the two women rammed the men's car off the road, to then hit a tree. Due to the high momentum, this ripped the car "virtually split in two," resulting in a fiery crash that was proven fatal.

Both Saqib and Mohammed died on the spot.

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Bukhari's murder.
Saqib Hussain (left), and his childhood friend, Mohammed Ijazuddin (right)

Following this, both Mahek Bukhari and her mother were charged with murder.

Others which were the two women's accomplices: Natasha Akhtar, Raees Jamal, Rekan Karwan, Mohammed Patel, Sanaf Gulammustafa, and Ameer Jamal, have also been charged in connection to the murders.

The trial took place at Leicester Crown Court, where prosecutor Collingwood Thompson KC told the court that an investigation over the men’s deaths ultimately uncovered a "story of love, obsession, extortion and, ultimately, cold-blooded murder."

The attorney claimed that Saqib "could not accept" that Ansreen, a married woman with a husband and two children, wanted to call things off for good.

Thompson said Saqib threatened to tell Ansreen’s husband about their affair, as well as leak sexually explicit photos and videos of her, prompting the mother to turn to her daughter for help.

"I’ll get him jumped by guys, and he won’t know what day it is," Mahek allegedly messaged her mother on WhatsApp.

During the trial, a recording made when Saqib called the police while he was chased off the road, was played.

"They’ve got balaclavas on. They’re trying to ram me off the road. They’re trying to kill me. I’m going to die!" Saqib told police.

Hussain screams "Oh my God!" before his screams cut off abruptly at the sound of the crash.

Bukhari's murder.
The Bukharis, during their trial.

The prosecution alleged that the two women plotted to kill or seriously injure Saqib, luring him to a Tesco car park in Leicester late at night where Karwan and his friends waited wearing balaclavas and carrying at least one weapon: a wheel brace.

When Saqib and Mohammed fled, they were all engaged in a high-speed pursuit.

Ansreen and Mahek both said that the crash was an accident, and that it was a result of the car being out of control.

The women said that they were chasing the men in hopes that Saqid would agree to sit down and talk to them.

But it was clear that the group had worked together, and that it was their intention to cause harm to Saqib.

And because Saqib was not alone, Mohammed who was with him, was also targeted by their wrath.

Bukhari's murder.
The unfortunate Škoda Fabia, spilt in half, before catching fire and killing Saqib and Mohammed.

When she gave evidence at Leicester Crown Court, Ansreen Bukhari described how her daughter’s fame on TikTok had completely transformed her life.

"When I got married I was like a housewife, but with this TikTok thing I was going out more. It was like two different lives,” the Pakistan-born woman said.

"It was more excitement. We were out and meeting people and stuff."

And as for Mahek, she told the court how she would take her mother along to events and parties she was invited to.

"She’s like a sister to me, we’re best friends, and I know I could only trust her for anything. That’s the reason I would take her," she said.

At first, Ansreen tried to lied about her extramarital affair with Saqib in order to save her marriage. But when the police were able to access Saqib's Apple iCloud account, and retrieved photos and videos of the affair, Ansreen claimed her relationship with Hussain was a one-off mistake

She claimed that she had tried to end the relationship multiple times, but Saqib couldn't accept her decision.

Ansreen went out of her mind, only when Saqib started threatening her, saying that he would expose their affair to her husband and son, by leaking their intimate photos and videos.

The police were also able to extract messages from Saqib's phone, many of which showed repeated threats, with words saying that "you’re pissing me off more and more by ignoring me," and that "I will do something you’re gonna regret" and "I’m a crazy bastard."

Bukhari's murder.
Mahek Bukhari with her mother on TikTok (left), and Mahek posting a joke about killing in another post (right).

Mahek said that she had been upset and angry with her mother when she found out about the affair.

She had a strong personal dislike of Hussain, claiming that at one point he had posted images online of her face superimposed on a naked body.

"He was a manipulative person and he was just pure nasty," she told the court, adding that he was "basically narcissistic" and "a stalker."

It was off the back of this new world of parties and popularity that Ansreen and her daughter ended up embroiled in a web of lies, and ultimately part of a plot to murder two young men who were killed in a fireball when their car was driven off the road.

It was these lies that led to the pair becoming unstuck and ultimately convicted of murder alongside their accomplices.

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Bukhari's murder.
Mahek Bukhari during questioning, trying to explain how the crash happened.

But here's the thing, Thompson argued that along with trying to save Ansreen’s reputation, the mother and daughter also acted to protect Mahek’s image on social media.

"Mahek Bukhari was an influencer on social media and the revelation of that affair might even have caused damage to her standing," Thompson told the court.

During sentencing, Judge Timothy Spencer KC said TikTok and Instagram were "at the heart" of the case, as Bukhari dropped out of university to pursue her career as an influencer.

He argued if she had not done so, she would be looking forward to the rest of her life.

The judge added Ansreen had made the "calamitous" decision of putting the response to the sex tape threat against her in her daughter's hands.

Leicestershire Police's senior investigating officer for the case, Detective Inspector Mark Parish, said: "This was a callous and cold-blooded attack which ultimately cost two men their lives.

"After setting Mr Hussain and Mr Ijazuddin up, chasing them at high speed and then ultimately ramming their car off the road, none of the defendants made any attempt to help the victims or to call for help.

"Instead they drove on and then even drove back past the collision site. Still no one attempted to offer any help.

"As the defendants found guilty were arrested, charged and stood trial before a court, lies were continually told in order to try and cover their tracks.

"Their only concern during the whole incident and investigation has been for themselves."

Bukhari's murder.
(left-right) Brother, Armaan Ali Bukhari; Mahek Bukhari; her father, Ali Raza; and mother, Ansreen Bukhari.

The Bukharis denied two counts of murder but were convicted by jurors after more than 28 hours of deliberations.

In the end, Mahek was sentenced to life with a minimum of 31 years and eight months in prison, while Ansreen also received a life sentence, and was jailed for a minimum of 26 years and nine months.

Rekan Karwan, who brought in Raees Jamal to help carry out the murders after Bukhari approached him, were also jailed for life with a minimum of 26 years and 10 months and 31 years respectively for two counts of murder.

Three others, were found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter.

Natasha Akhtar was jailed for 11 years and eight months, while Ameer Jamal and Sanaf Gulamustafa were jailed for 14 years and eight months and 14 years and nine months respectively for two counts of manslaughter.

Following the case, Bukhari and her mother were featured in documentaries that explored the influence of social media on their lives and the events leading to their criminal actions.

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