The Leaked Sex Tape Of 'Vina Garut' Became A Trending Topic On Twitter


Netizens in Indonesia have made 'Vina Garut' a trending topic on social media Twitter.

What began as a private sex tape between Vina and three men, the footage was leaked to the internet and spread through social media and messaging apps.

The sexual acts which were made in Garut, West Java, were discussed by tens of thousands of Twitter users who are mostly from Indonesia, making #Vina one of the most widely searched term in the country.

There were around 22 to 44 videos in total, with each around a minute long.

What further fueled Vina as a trending topic, was because people were exchanging links for the videos, with some trying to monetize it by uploading the footage to cloud storage, like Dropbox and Google Drive.

According to the news, the acts were made in four different locations, one of which, was at a resort near the popular hot springs in Cipanas, Garut.

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Vina Garut
Vina and Rayya during their wedding ceremony.

Following the viral news, the Indonesian authorities tracked Vina and the three men, and made them suspects.

As for who spread the videos, the authorities have assembled a team to track the people who are accused of uploading the videos to the internet.

Vina's lawyer said that his client is actually the victim, considering that she was "forced" to engage in the group sexual acts by one of the men, who was none others than her husband at the time.

"Her ex-husband forced Vina to engage in the acts, including forcing her to smile," he said.

The lawyer added that Vina was first forced to engage in extramarital sex since she was just 17 years old, and that happened for a whole year until 2018.

Her husband was financially motivated.

Because of this, he had the idea of sharing his wife with two of his friends.

This was when he planned the unprotected group sex, where Vina was literally gang-banged.

As for the price, it's reported that each of the men paid Vina's husband less than $100, per "session."

Vina Garut
Vina during her trial (left), and a screenshot of her sex tape (right, blurred)

In a later investigation, one of the men was HIV-positive, and the other two were negative. This was discovered after the authorities conducted a medical checkup on those men.

"Yes, it is true that Rayya (one of the men) is HIV-positive," confirmed Armin Mapaseng, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Garut.

On September 7th, Rayya passed away, also because suffering from stroke and Hepatitis B.

The case was then closed, and Vina had to spend some time in prison, before she was released in 2021.

It was reported that she started working at a café in Garut, shortly after the release.

It's worth noting that the leaked sex tape, that is about half an hour in length when combined, is not everything.

According to police reports, before his passing, Rayya had plenty more stored on his Google Drive account, but were never published.

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