Google Search Stops Using Continuous Scroll, To Again Favor The Traditional Pagination

Google Search, continuous scrolling on desktop

Infinite scroll, or just "continuous scroll," is a feature that does exactly what its name suggests.

It allows users to keep on scrolling down to see more, as long as there is something to see. On Google Search, the feature allows users to keep on seeing its search engine results pages, as soon as user hit the bottom of the page.

This time, Google said that it's stopping this feature.

In place of it, users shall see the classic pagination bar at the bottom of the footer of the Google Search results.

Google starts removing this endless scroll feature on its search engine for desktop users, with plans to also remove the feature on mobile later.

Google initially launched continuous scrolling feature on mobile in October 2021, and later, on desktop in December 2022.

At the time, users had to tap on the 'See more' to load the next page after 10 links of search results.

"At Google, we’re always exploring new ways to help people find what they’re looking for quickly and easily [...] ," Google said that time.

"Today, we’re making browsing search results more seamless and intuitive with the introduction of continuous scrolling on mobile devices. Now, when you reach the bottom of a search results page on your phone, the next set of results will automatically load with relevant information."

While Google Search will always try to return results that is the most relevant, chances are, people just want to scroll down for more.

"Sometimes you want to keep looking," said Google.

With continuous scrolling feature, people who wish to venture for more can "seamlessly" see more results pages without having to tap on anything.

At the time, the company hopes that users will be able to look deeper into its search results, since a longer supply of results is better for more open-ended search questions.

Google Search pagination
Google Search switches back to pagination.

But this useful feature is going away.

A spokesperson for the company said that starting June 25, the search engine is removing the ability to continuously scroll on desktop Search results, followed by mobile.

The 'Next' at the bottom of the page will show on desktop search and the 'More results' button will show on mobile search, the spokesperson explained.

Google said this change is aimed to serve the search results faster on more searches, instead of automatically loading results that users haven’t explicitly requested.

After all, in the two years having this feature, Google found that loading more results automatically didn’t lead to significantly higher satisfaction with Search.